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1968 Chevrolet Camaro Power Windows and Tinted Glass - When Good Cars Go Bad Part 6

Wrapping Up Project Karma With Power Windows And Tinted Glass. Part 6

Chuck Vranas Apr 1, 2010
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It's been a long road for Tony Rose and his project Karma Camaro over the last year. His car has finally emerged from the boulevard of broken dreams with a vengeance, thanks to Peter Newell and the team at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts. With the body glowing in fresh vibe, it was time to dial in the last few updates before hitting the road. With the car's interior gutted from the rebuild, this closing segment focuses on giving the car its last bit of personality before it gets shipped back to Rose for final assembly.

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There's no way that a car of this caliber could settle for roll-up windows, so a call was placed to Electric Life for one of their power front and rear window regulator systems. The system is well known for being a direct bolt-in replacement for the manual factory units. To compliment the new electric's, Rose decided to incorporate dramatic smoked glass into the mix, so a complete replacement glass package was ordered from Prodigy Customs. The order from Prodigy included their signature smoked glass for the sides and rear, along with a windshield featuring a matching top tint band. To bring it all home, Marquez Design was called upon for some of their classy interior components, including a package tray, trunk lid cover, and sculpted door panels.

Using many of the '68's original GM components, such as window tracks and hardware, the install was a breeze. It's always a solid idea to work carefully with any glass installation due to the fragile nature of the job. Peter exercises caution when lowering window tracks and regulators into confined spaces so as not to dent or damage outer panels, and to properly tape mask the outer surfaces in case of any handling mishaps.

With Project Karma rescued from its checkered past, we can hardly wait to see it emerge on the scene next year as it tears up the asphalt from coast to coast.


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