1983 Chevy Camaro Rearend - Posi-tive Performance

We Opt Out Of Our 10-Bolt Contract In Our Third-Gen With A Beefy New 12-Bolt And Posi Rearend.

Joe Rode Jan 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Moving forward with our Project Crossfire Z, an '83 Camaro, we are slowly but surely repairing or replacing most of the worn, abused, and neglected parts on the 140,000-mile beauty. In preparation for the arrival of our 400hp Dart SHP engine (complete details in an upcoming issue), and having our third-gen previously outfitted with a new Phoenix trans, it was time to finish updating our "beast's" drivetrain.

Camp_1001_06 1983_chevy_camaro_rearend Rearend_lift 2/24

Of course, the plans called for a positraction unit for the rearend with a full complement of stiffer gears, new axles, seals, and bearings. Oh, and let's not forget a cast cover with bearing supports to button up all the beef. But, after a couple of hours of filling up our Summit Racing shopping cart, and adding up all of the parts needed to get our factory 71/2-inch 10-bolt up to par (see side bar), we decided that stepping up to the Moser 12-bolt package we'd been eyeing would be money well spent. It was hard to vote against the durability and coolness of Chevy's tried-and-true 12-bolt.

Is it worth it?
In an attempt to keep the costs of our project down, we fully intended on a nice build of our stock 71/2-inch ring gear-equipped rearend. But in trying to keep it simple, we ran into a full plate of "as long as you have it apart, you might as well ..." to the tune of about $1,400. While considerably less than the Moser package, when all was said and done, we would still have a 71/2-inch ring gear-equipped rear end, albeit one that would probably handle our 400 hp forever. But what if someday we found 500 or 600 hp to drop in? It's just another thing to consider.

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Parts Inventory
Eaton Detroit Truetrac, 28-spline, GM, 7.5 inches, each PN: DTL-912A317 $375.95
Moser Engineering aluminum differential covers PN: MSR-7105 $159.95
Moser Engineering axle bearings PN: MSR-9563 $29.95
Moser Engineering replacement C-clip axles PN: MSR-A102804 $244.95
Summit Racing Street &Strip ring-and-pinion sets PN: SUM-741011 $149.95
Summit Racing ring-and-pinion installation kits PN: SUM-G7821 $79.95
Total Parts $1,040.70
Labor $350
Total $1,390.70
Moser Engineering 12-bolt GM housing and axle packages, bolt-in, Truetrac, 33-spline axles, 3.73:1 ratio, Chevy/Pontiac, Camaro/Firebird
PN: MSR-12BHBFCBBDXX $2,707.95


Hotchkis Performance
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Summit Racing
Akron, OH
Inline Tube
Shelby Township, MI 48315
Inland Empire Driveline
Ontario, CA 91761
Eaton Corporation
Moser Engineering
Portland, IN 47371




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