Camaro Steering Column Upgrade - Tilt And Twirl

We Replace And Update The Steering Column In A Second-Gen Camaro.

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Ergonomics is all the rage these days, especially in the automotive arts. Having the various controls we use to interface with our classic Chevys in just the right spot really adds to the overall driving experience. Having them in the wrong spot, for lack of a better term, blows. The steering wheel is how we become "one" with our cars and having it positioned correctly makes a huge difference, not just in performance driving, but even cruising down to the local Dairy Queen.

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This whole concept is really nothing new. Back in the day, the General offered tilt columns as an option for those that didn't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for some added driving comfort. Today it's nearly impossible to find a car that doesn't have a tilt column as standard equipment.

Adding a tilt column to a non-tilt car isn't rocket science, but there is one problem: Availability. Twenty years ago, you could just hit up a salvage yard and find a good OEM unit, but over the years these carcasses have been picked clean and it has become increasingly harder, and more expensive, to find factory tilt columns. Also, given that most of them are over 40 years old, they're typically suffering from the ravages of time.

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Unless you're building a concourse restoration, there's a better way: The aftermarket. Companies like Flaming River are making retrofit tilt columns, and the best part is that they're brand new and made from modern components. This lets you upgrade your ride without getting tetanus at a local scrapyard or having to deal with a factory column and all of its worn out components.


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