Pozzi Racing Camaro Safety Tips - Safety Dance

Follow Along As We Show You The Right Way To Safety-Wire Your Bolts.

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•There are some things done in the racing world that translate well to our street cars, and many of these involve safety. After all, it’s just as bad to have something go wrong when cutting though a mountain road as it is on the back straight of a racetrack. While our weekend-warrior Camaros don’t require the same level of preparedness as a full-tilt race car, they can still benefit from borrowing some tricks that have been staples of the race scene for decades. One of these is the use of safety wire.

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As the name implies, a wire is used to prevent bolts and other fasteners from backing out from where they are supposed to be. It’s a practice that’s especially useful in critical areas such as suspension and brakes, and it’s also effective at more mundane duties like keeping header bolts from loosening up.

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Much like tying shoelaces, the process for wiring up bolts seems complicated at first, but once you do it a few times it’s ridiculously simple. To show us the right way to twist up safety wire, we hit up David Pozzi of Pozzi Racing for some tips. After all, the phrase “safety first” was coined for a reason.

We also took a moment to secure a few other key fasteners like this one holding the lower shock mount in place. In this case, David drilled out the bolt and secured it to the shock collar.

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