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Window Indexing on 2005-’17 Corvettes

Technically Speaking

James Berry Nov 13, 2018
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Question: I have a C6 Corvette and the windows will not go up automatically when the doors are closed. This problem started after the car was stored in the garage for a few weeks and the battery went dead. After I jump started the car I noticed the problem. I hope I did not burn up a module when I jump started the car.

There is also another possibility. My son slammed the door hard. Is it possible the door latch was damaged?

I can hear the relays working and I can use the door window switch to raise and lower the windows normally with no problem. I really don’t want to take the car to the dealer if I don’t have to, so thanks for any help.

Answer: Clay, I am going to put your mind at ease. I think you are experiencing a common and easily fixed problem with just a few easy steps. I believe all you will need to do is reset the power window indexing feature on your Corvette.

The window indexing feature has been around for many years on high-end vehicles such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes.

If the windows are not indexed on some Corvette models there may be a message on the Vehicle Information Center that reads “Open Then Close Driver / Passenger Window.” If you have a convertible you may find that the convertible top will not go up or down until the windows have been indexed correctly.

How the System Works
The window indexing feature is used to lower the window approximately 1/8-inch when the door is opened. This allows the top edge of the window to clear the window weatherstrip that it’s seated into. Once the door is closed the window will raise into its fully seated position.

The down direction of the window is enabled by an input from either the interior or exterior door handle switch. The appropriate door module will then drive the window motor to lower the window.

The up direction of the window is enabled by an input from the appropriate door switch when the door is closed. The door module will then drive the appropriate window motor to raise the window.

The C5 and earlier generation of Corvettes had constant problems with water intrusion and wind noise, but with window indexing a complete weatherproof seal can encompass the window by allowing the window to fit into a groove built into the window gasket.

Indexing the Windows
Get into your vehicle and make sure both the driver and passenger doors are closed.

Turn the ignition switch to the On position, but with the engine off. On some Stingray models I have found if the following procedure fails repeat the procedure with the vehicle running.

Start with the driver-side and put the window all the way down and then back up. Now put the passenger-side window down and then back up.

Hold the driver-side window switch up for 3-5 seconds and then release the switch. For a second time hold the driver-side window switch up for 3-5 seconds and then release.

Repeat this process for the passenger-side window. Hold the passenger-side window switch in the up position for 3-5 seconds and then release the switch. For a second time hold the passenger-side window switch up for 3-5 seconds and then release.

To make sure the windows have indexed correctly, check your windows to see if the window lowers approximately 1/8-inch when opening the door and the window will go up into the window weatherstrip after closing the doors.

Now raise and lower both the driver and passenger side windows to ensure they work correctly.

Repeat the steps above if this feature has not been reset. Put the windows in the up position, turn off the ignition, get out of the vehicle close the door, get back in the vehicle and repeat the steps above starting with holding the driver-side switch up for 3-5 seconds.

Clay, it is very common for the windows to lose their indexing if the battery voltage becomes low. I hope this helps and keeps your car out of the dealership. Let me know how this works out. Vette



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