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Accessory Drives and Billet Manufacturing - How It Works

Joe Rode of Eddie Motorsports explains what’s new in the world of accessory drives and billet manufacturing

Stephen Kim Aug 29, 2014
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Some hot rodders have an inherent disdain for billet; in truth, garish billet dress-up bits aren't for everyone. But when doled out in tastefully restrained quantities, billet looks sweet. More importantly, billet is the material of choice when low mass and high strength are the top priorities at hand. That's why everything from ultra high-end blocks and crankshafts to connecting rods and wheels and brake calipers are all carved out of billet.

Few companies know the performance and aesthetic benefits of billet aluminum better than Eddie Motorsports. While the company is a fresh face in automotive circles, it traces its roots to the marine industry and has been around for quite some time. After working in the parts distribution business in the marine industry for several years, Ed Borges founded Eddie Marine to try his hand at the manufacturing side of the business. As the economy tanked in 2008 and custom boat sales dropped significantly, Borges wasn't content to merely scale back his business. Instead, he identified a new business segment where his company's manufacturing capabilities could be adapted to, and that segment happened to be the automotive aftermarket. Eddie Motorsports was born, and today the company offers a diverse product line of billet serpentine accessory drive systems, pulleys, hinges, and dress-up items.

To learn more about the nuances of billet manufacturing and the latest in serpentine drive systems, we solicited the expertise of Eddie Motorsports' Chief Operating Officer, Joe Rode. Here's what he had to say.

Aluminum Billet 2/10

Billet Advantages

Billet aluminum is increasing in popularity in everything from connecting rods to wheels to pulleys to brackets. So what exactly is billet, and what advantages does it offer over metal that's cast, stamped, or built from pot metal? "Billet aluminum is a solid block of extruded aluminum, the purest form of the metal. Extruding is a metal-forming process that uses high pressure to push hot metal through a die," Joe explains. "In its molten state, before it is extruded, the aluminum is treated to ensure that it is clean and free of any impurities or porosity. It is then heat-treated for strength. We use only 6061-T6 billet aluminum for our parts because of its superior strength and brilliant finish when polished. Knock-off billet parts are made from inferior forgings so the finish will be cloudy and dull. That is why most imported billet parts are usually chromed, since they can't be polished to the same brilliance as true American billet. Cast aluminum can be porous and contain impurities, so it will not have as nice of a finish and will not be as strong. Castings are generally cheaper, but the higher quality of billet often makes it worth the added expense for many hot rodders."

Manufacturing Billet

Most people know that billet is lightweight and looks cool, but the manufacturing process necessary to achieve those end results is anything but simple. Transforming a block of billet into a finished part requires substantial time and effort. "A billet part is first designed using a software program. We usually start with the original part to get the basic parameters, and then refine it to look the way we want it," says Joe. "Our programmer will tell the software what tools he wants to use to cut the part, and in what manner he wants the machines to operate in terms of the tool path and cutting speed. The software program will take all of this information and develop the code that we then send to one of our computer-operated machines, either a mill or lathe or sometimes both. Our programmer also designs the fixtures needed to hold the raw aluminum in position while it is being machined. We don't use a 3-D printer for the first prototypes, but rather prefer to machine them from aluminum. No matter how much time you take to engineer a product, you never completely know how it is going to look until you make one. Many times we think we have a home run, but the first prototype, for whatever reason, just doesn't look as expected. As such, we'll tweak it and continue to make revised parts until we get it to look just the way we want. To simplify the process, we buy the raw aluminum in an extruded shape that is close to the size of the part we are making. When we are ready to go, we attach the aluminum to the fixture in the machine using clamps or fasteners. As the CNC machine runs, it will whittle away layers of the aluminum a little at a time until it ends up in its final shape. We call this process ‘cutting chips,' and there's no better sound that a bunch of CNC machines singing along and cutting chips. Most parts are made in several operations, which includes flipping the parts over to machine the other side."

Billet Accessories 3/10

Domestic Material

Eddie Motorsports prides itself on manufacturing its parts in the USA. According to Joe, machining products in the USA offers several distinct advantages. "Starting with superior raw materials is the first and most important advantage we have. With billet aluminum, there is just no way to make as nice of a part with inferior imported metal," he says. "Our company is concerned with our brand and the reputation. We put our logos on our products and focus on quality first, so the product we offer will always be produced with that in mind. The overseas guys care only about price and you usually don't know who the manufacturer is. They have no brand to concern themselves with, and wash their hands of any product liability once they sell the part. Whenever we do a cost analysis for a new product, we always look at what similar knock-offs are selling for. We can usually match these prices with high-quality American-made products, and because we control our own manufacturing destiny, we can react quicker to changes or problems. No matter how much time and care we take to manufacture a new product correctly, parts will inevitably change and evolve. When something is produced overseas, it can become outdated very quickly. And because those guys have very little concern for the end user and their distributors, once they make a bad part and flood the market with it, they are not going to spend the time or money to make them right. We can also offer the various custom finishes that you can't get on overseas products."


As a company that cut its teeth in the marine industry, Eddie Motorsports has a wealth of experience manufacturing parts that can survive in extremely unforgiving environments. "Billet parts on boats are exposed to a much harsher environment than those on cars. Our experience with building parts that are polished, anodized, or powdercoated has made it easy to apply the same techniques to car parts," says Joe. "Every part that we powdercoat or anodize is bright-polished first. It's like painting a car. The final product is only as good as its prep work, and we perform all our powdercoating in-house."

Accessory Drives 4/10

Serpentine Accessory Drives

The multi-belt accessory drives used in factory muscle cars are a disaster in terms of packaging, reliability, and complexity. Likewise, piecing together belt-driven accessories one by one, and trying to integrate them into the accessory drive system, can be a real pain. As such, serpentine belt systems not only look better, they provide headache-free performance as well. "I would venture to guess that every person who purchases a serpentine-belt kit has owned and struggled with the installation or operation of a traditional V-belt system. When you buy nice-looking aftermarket components to build a V-belt system, the fit and alignment almost always presents some degree of challenge, and this is not necessarily the fault of the manufacturer," Joe explains. "When you are trying to adapt bracketry to your existing components—which could be from any number of manufacturers—and factor in the variances in the mounting holes in blocks and cylinder heads, you are going to have issues. And once you do get it all together, there's a very good chance that you are going to have at least some minor misalignment, which will probably lead to performance issues. And at the end of the day with a V-belt system, even if all goes well and the kit was affordably priced, you will have spent good time and money on a system that employs old technology that will not perform as well as a serpentine system. It will not be as compact or clean looking on your engine, either. With a well-packaged and prepared serpentine pulley system, you are going to get everything you need to easily bolt on your components in a concise, perfectly aligned system."


Unlike traditional V-belt accessory drive systems, serpentine belt systems utilize tensioners that significantly improve performance. "By employing a single, six-ribbed serpentine belt along with a spring-loaded tensioner, the chances of belt slippage are greatly reduced. Besides making things quieter, it will also increase belt life and make for more mechanically efficient operation," Joe explains. "You also won't have to worry about the belts flying off or flipping over, either. For a serpentine system to function properly, some pretty smart OEM engineers determined that it must incorporate a spring-loaded tensioner. If it doesn't, you will have problems. A serpentine belt without a spring-loaded tensioner will be noisy, it will experience premature belt wear, and it will also throw belts. Due to the length of a serpentine belt, during engine operation there is a slight wave that travels through the belt. If you've ever watched a tensioner while the engine is running, it bounces. This is necessary to absorb that wave and keep the belt properly tensioned. Also, as rpm and load increases and decreases, the belt tension will vary and again requires the assistance of the tensioner to keep things in check."

S Drive System 5/10

S.Drive System

For a relatively young company, Eddie Motorsports has already drawn lots of praise for its serpentine belt systems. "Several things set our S.drives apart, and first and foremost is the fact that our system incorporates a spring-loaded Gates belt tensioner. We utilize an off-the-shelf product that you can find at any good auto parts store should it fail while you are on a road trip," says Joe. "With our S.drives, all of the brackets are indexed off of the water pump so nothing attaches to the cylinder heads, and you don't have to worry about whether or not you have the right head with the correct mounting holes. Likewise, everything is mounted within the width of the cylinder heads so our systems are very compact. We also offer the most options for power steering pumps. All of our kits come standard with late-model GM Type II pumps, and we can supply them with attached reservoirs—which are the simplest to plumb—or remote reservoirs should you have clearance issues and just want to utilize a separate reservoir. We also offer the pumps with different pressures and flow rates to accommodate your particular steering system, whether you are using a standard gearbox or rack-and-pinion steering. Every bracket and pulley in our kits is billet aluminum. We don't mix and match chrome steel components to cut costs."

Accessory Drive Parts 2 6/10

Complete Kits

Whether the product at hand is a supercharger or weatherstripping, no one wants to buy something labeled as a kit yet requires purchasing additional components. Consequently, Eddie Motorsports strives to offer the most complete serpentine drive kits available. "Besides supplying a brand-new, name-brand water pump; power steering pump; 140-amp alternator; and A/C compressor, we include all of the billet pulleys, brackets, and covers with each of our systems. We also include every bolt, nut, and gasket necessary for installation," says Joe. "The only thing you'll need to provide is your power steering and air-conditioning lines. We don't want a customer to ever have to make a trip to the auto parts store, grind a part, or fit a shim. This makes our kits extremely easy to install. We even pre-install the power steering pump and alternator pulleys so you don't have to fuss with them. It is our belief that for the price you pay for a serpentine drive system, the kit should almost install itself. Someone who has never touched one of our kits before should be able to install one in a little over an hour. We currently offer kits for small-block, big-block, and LS applications. They are all available in a bright polished or raw-machined finish, as well as a variety of coated or anodized colors."

Supporting Hardware

When assembling complete serpentine accessory drive systems, designing quality pulleys, brackets, and belts are just part of the battle. As such, Eddie Motorsports has teamed up with leading aftermarket suppliers to ensure that its systems are fitted with high-quality supporting hardware. "As the saying goes, your part is only as good as the weakest link, so the last thing we want to do is to mess with cheap components. We get approached all of the time by companies trying to sell us the cheap Chinese alternators, power steering pumps, and other components, but our mission is to offer premium products," Joe explains. "Why would we ever devalue our product by using these components? The funny thing is that when you get right down to it, the cost difference is unbelievably miniscule between high-quality parts and cheap imitations. We've chosen to partner with Powermaster for alternators, Maval for power steering pumps, Edelbrock and Tuff Stuff for water pumps, and Sanden for A/C compressors. Needless to say, we have been extremely happy with these relationships."

Accessory Drive Parts 7/10

Hard lines

Since A/C and power steering lines operate at very high pressure, installing a serpentine drive system often requires building custom hard lines. Fortunately, Eddie Motorsports has taken the guesswork out of the equation. "We offer power steering line kits for most common applications," says Joe. "When you are using a remote tank, there is no way around doing custom-routed lines. The same goes for the A/C lines. Depending on the car and level of customization, it's best to have your builder or installer handle the routing."

Accessory Drive Parts 1 8/10


Billet hood and trunk hinges don't just look nice, they offer practical advantages as well. In addition to its complete line of pulleys and serpentine drive systems, Eddie Motorsports offers hinges for most popular Chevy muscle cars as well. "The big advantage of billet hinges is that they utilize a stainless steel nitrogen-filled strut to control the actuation. This makes for very smooth operation that's much more pleasant than the wobbly springs that your stock steel hood hinges use," says Joe. "Our trunk hinges do away with the torsion rods, which are extremely ugly and notorious for breaking. And because hood weights vary greatly, even on models that look exactly the same, we offer 10 different strengths of struts to accommodate most applications. On our hood hinges, we also use sealed roller or needle bearings on all of the pivot points. If you've ever worked a hood with these hinges, you'll be amazed at how much smoother the opening and closing action of the hood feels. We manufacture 10 different models of trunk hinges and 36 different models of billet hood hinges that fit most muscle car applications."

Steering Wheels 9/10

Custom Look, Volume Pricing

Those that have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw at a project car can afford custom dress-up bits to set it apart from the pack, but what about the rest of us? With the ability to produce just about anything out of billet, Eddie Motorsports thinks that rich dudes aren't the only ones who should have some fun. "We love the modern Pro Touring style of car. They have stances that look spectacular, and we enjoy going to shows and seeing the crazy custom stuff being built by guys like the Roadster Shop and Troy Trepanier at Rad Rides (by Troy)," Joe opines. "Obviously, the average guy cannot afford the stuff they are doing, so we try to bring parts to the market that emulate a custom one-off piece that is both affordable and easy to bolt on. We also like to offer parts that are clean and classy looking and not too gaudy. Examples include our billet door handles, steering wheels, valve covers, hood vents, fire extinguisher brackets, battery hold-downs, and taillight and marker light bezels. We are also finding a demand for replacement parts made out of billet. This is a great time to be in the automotive aftermarket because you can buy just about every part you need to restore a muscle car. Unfortunately, many of the parts are cheap pot metal imports. In contrast, we offer an American-made, high-quality billet part that looks very similar to the replacement part, but can also be polished and dressed up."

Hinges 10/10


Eddie Motorsports
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