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Chevy Resto Tech - September 2014

Mark Lundquist Aug 6, 2014
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Tip of the Month

Home Depot to the rescue again. This project was going to be challenging and required a portable workbench. Having a set budget for the project was a major concern. The bench needed to be cheap, sturdy, portable, and storable. Style points really didn’t matter. While cruising through our local Home Depot, we noticed a wooden bench on sale that piqued our interest. The cost warranted a second look at only $70. The bench folds up for storage by removing the lower shelf and folding the legs up inside the top. The best part is it comes fully assembled. Just pull it out of the box, fold down the legs, install the lower shelf, and it’s ready to go. With its modest price and tough design, it can take a beating and be easily repaired if damaged. We actually copied the design with some spare lumber on hand, but it would be hard to purchase new lumber and replicate the bench for the same price. So far, the cheap unit has proved to be a worthwhile purchase for many projects, including automotive, shop, and equipment repair.


I realize this question may be too specific to publish, but I can really use some advice. I am wrapping up the restoration of a ’68 Chevelle. I have taken it on a couple of test drives and discovered I really don’t like the external sideview mirrors (the round, chrome ones). I really like the racing-style mirrors like the ’69 and ’70 Mach 1 had. I am hoping someone can help me locate an aftermarket set that will bolt on to my Chevelle.

Kolin Porter
South Jordan, Utah

Other than the usual aftermarket sources specializing in Chevelle parts, like National Parts Depot (nationalpartsdepot.com) or Original Parts Group (opgi.com), we really don’t know of any retailers that specialize in a bolt-on racing-style mirror for the ’68 Chevelle. However, two companies come to mind that may come close to what you are looking for. The first is Andy’s Auto Sport at 800-419-1152 or andysautosport.com. The second is Vintage Auto Garage at 800-516-4461. Both sources carry a variety of choices for mirrors that can be adapted to your mirror mount with some modification. Usually, the modification would involve drilling new holes. When you choose a style of mirror you like, just make sure the mount will cover the old mirror mounting holes.

What's it Worth to You?

I am hoping you can help me out or lead me in the right direction. I know of a one owner, always garage kept, 15,000 mile, never been hit, no rust, not show room mint but close condition, 1969, post, bench seat COPO 427 4 speed, Chevelle. I actually got to drive this car a couple of times and rode shotgun several times. This car will be up for sale in the near future. The question is how much is it worth and are there any production numbers. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Nickas
via email

Good question, Jim. If it is a real '69 Chevelle 427 COPO it would depend on the care itself. Does it have authentic documentation like a bill sheet? What accessories were ordered when new, and is the drive train original? Unfortunately, the engine number was not included in the vehicle VIN in 1969 so documentation would be critical in the equation. The accepted number built for the 69 COPO is 323 units. However, there is some evidence that 113 were actually 396 engines and the rest were the 427, leaving 210 actual units. Hard to say which is correct but either way the car would be worth a lot if the paperwork proves to be correct. Perfect examples have sold at auction for over one hundred thousand but that is rate. The only true way to come up with a workable figure is to have the car professionally appraised. Not sure where you live, but you could try Classic Auto Appraiser at 800-454-1313. Jeff Hyman can either help you with an appraisal when the time comes or refer you to somebody in your area.

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