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Chevy Parts Department - June 2014

The Latest Offerings for Your Street Machine

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Launch Harder, Go Faster

New Double adjustable struts for ’82-92 & ’10-14 Camaros

Strange double externally adjustable coilover steel struts are designed and valved to satisfy the needs of the most competitive racer. Drag racing can be won or lost by narrow margins, making suspension tuning and consistency critical. Strange double externally adjustable coilover struts easily permit independent control of both extension and compression, which allows you to optimize your car’s performance. The wide range of adjustment can be used to adapt to changing track conditions, control weight transfer, and improve down track stability ultimately resulting in reduced e.t.’s and more consistent performance. Each strut is manufactured with a premium steel body, a robust 22mm rod and large 1.375-inch diameter piston. These struts are fully rebuildable and can be set-up with custom valving.

Chevy Parts Department June 2014 Double Adjustable 2/7

Strange Engineering
847.663.1701 •

Factory fit

Quick connect adapter fittings

When you’re running a late-model engine with factory fuel rails in a performance application, you’ll inevitably be faced with the challenge of connecting to AN fuel lines. The adapters connect to popular GM fuel lines and provide a secure connection to AN-6 and AN-8 fittings. The adapters utilize dual O-ring seals with an OE style steel inner snap retainer that clicks to the original lines. To ensure a secure connection, the engineering team at Earl’s incorporated a redundant retaining system. There is the factory style internal retainer along with an external retaining clip to provide safety and peace of mind. The adapters are also available in Earl’s Ano-Tuff black finish, which provides superior resistance to wear and corrosion. This unique hard anodizing process forms a thick, hard coating that will not de-bond from the aluminum surface over time.

Chevy Parts Department June 2014 Adapter 3/7

Earl’s Performance Plumbing
866.464.6553 •

Easy Upgrades

’10-12 Chevrolet Camaro Front & Rear Polyurethane Control Arm Bushing Sets

Maximize performance suspension components with firm, yet compliant polyurethane control arm bushings by Energy Suspension. Stock rubber control arm bushings wear out and limit any shock, spring, or brake upgrade on your fifth-gen Camaro. Energy offers durometer specific front and rear control arm bushing sets designed and formulated to improve your Camaro’s cornering control and alignment stability, optimizing OE or performance suspension and big-brake kit upgrades for a street and track friendly modern muscle car. Front and rear sets are sold separately and are available in red or black polyurethane.

Chevy Parts Department June 2014 Control Arm Bushing 4/7

Energy Suspension
888.292.1250 •


Conical valvesprings

Built for street and race applications, the new line of conical valvesprings from COMP Cams represent a revolutionary advancement in high-performance valvespring technology. Expected to become the new standard in high-performance valvespring design, COMP Cams Conical Valve Springs utilize round wire and feature a diameter-driven and progressive pitch-driven natural frequency. The progressive natural frequency design increases the valvetrain rpm limit while reducing resonance concerns and decreasing dynamic spring oscillations. The result is longer spring life and the ability to run more aggressive camshafts. The constantly decreasing diameter of the spring from bottom to top reduces active mass, thereby decreasing applied dynamic valvetrain forces, which translates into an increased life span for all valvetrain components. The design lowers horsepower losses and nets more power as well. The conical design accomplishes damping without wear, heat, and friction, or risks such as flat dampers from interference contact. Superfinish surface processing adds even more to the lift capability and spring life without the extra mass of increasing wire size. COMP Cams Conical Valve Springs are available individually or in full sets of 16.

Chevy Parts Department June 2014 Conical 5/7

800.999.0853 •

Secured parking

Rear parking brake kit for 12-bolt rearends

The D154 Pro Series rear disc conversion kit with integral parking brake provides high-tech styling for the street and track. Experience big brake stopping power from 12.19-inch diameter rotors and two-piston floating mount calipers for ultimate control with big wheel and tire packages. Application specific engineered kits feature bolt-on installation and full compatibility with the OE master cylinder output. Kit part number 140-13025 is applicable to the 12-bolt Chevy rearend with staggered shock mounts. This kit not only provides better performance, but also the advantages of a parking brake for situations where parking brake functionality is needed. Custom forged billet aluminum alloy two-piston design GM D154 metric style calipers in black or red powdercoat provide correct rear bias and improved clamping efficiency with balanced pad loading over OE cast iron single-piston calipers. You can also upgrade to the optional SRP drilled and slotted rotors and the Wilwood BP-10 compound “Smart Pads” round out the kit, which provides a very unique rotor friendly metallic composite that offers low dust and quiet engagement with higher friction, heavier load capacity, and increased fade resistant over regular OE style or ceramic compound pads. Other brake pad compounds, including those for track day and off-road applications are also available.

Chevy Parts Department June 2014 Rear Parking Brake 6/7

Wilwood Engineering
805.388.1188 •

G-Body LS Engine Conversion Package

Bolt-in LS series engine swap kit for ‘82-88 Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regal, Malibu, & El Camino

It’s now easier than ever to get the mileage and performance gains from the LS engine series. Muscle Rods’ G-body LS swap kit includes everything you need to drop an LS series engine and late-model transmission into your G-body. The mount kit includes powdercoated engine mounts, frame brackets, transmission crossmember, polyurethane bushings, transmission mount, and all hardware. The kits are available for all popular transmissions. The aluminum oil pan kit comes with windage tray, sump, dipstick, dipstick tube, and hardware. They’re also available machined for the active fuel management oil bypass valve used on late-model engines. The headers are available in both mid-length and long-tube, with primaries from 1 3\4- to 2-inch to match to your horsepower level. All gaskets and hardware are included.

Chevy Parts Department June 2014 Ls Engine Conversion 7/7

Muscle Rods
770.751.0687 •



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