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GM Performance Parts - Cutting Edge, April 2014

D.J. Randall Mar 19, 2014
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With the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra models taking over and populating nearby streets, Airaid Filters has recently introduced its newest product, aimed at sucking in all of the surrounding oxygen. The Airaid MXP Cold Air Intake System is designed specifically for the 5.3-liter V-8 Silverado and Sierra 1500s. The cold air intake replaces the OEM intake tube to ensure better airflow, while optimizing the MAF location. Surrounding the tube is a one-piece roto-molded box that is made to use both the factory cold air scoop, while also using an additional large cold air scoop beneath the intake box. On the top, blade-style weather-stripping keeps out hot air, and protects the massive 1300 cfm filter, available with either the oiled composite filter, or a dry SynthaMax non-oiled version. All necessary hardware is supplied, allowing for simple bolt on installation.

Airaid Cold Air Intake System 2/7

Airaid Filters, 2688 E. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85050; 602/443-3333;

RAM the ZL1

The LSA under the hood of the Gen-5 ZL1 begs to be modified. With that being said, RAM Clutches has introduced two new upgraded 10.5-inch dual-disc clutch-flywheel assemblies to transmit modified ZL1 horsepower. Thankfully, for you, the units are direct replacements for the original equipment, offering greater clamping power (2,400 psi), lighter weight (50 lbs compared to 65.5 lbs), and special friction materials, named the 300 series and the 900 series. The 300 series (PN 80-2112) is an organic friction type, transmitting up to 800 hp. The 900 series uses metallic friction materials, transmitting up to 1,100 hp. Urethane encapsulated springs resist four-times the compression rate of uncoated springs, residing in the hub of the outer clutch disc. A billet aluminum flywheel is provided with dimensions that properly position the clutch discs on the original transmission input splines.

Ram 300 Series Clutch 3/7

RAM Automotive Company, 201 Business Park Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29203; 803/788-6034;

Nice and Cozy

Keep working in the winter, by warming up your garage or shop, with a Convection Shop Heater from Mr. Heater! Using propane, unlike conventional space heaters, the 360-degree directional heat flows out quickly, making your shop nice and cozy. Electricity is not required, increasing mobility while not taking up another electrical outlet from your power tools. With a sturdy base preventing tip-overs, stability is not a concern. However, should the heater tip over, an automatic shut off feature is triggered when the pilot goes out. There are multiple settings, high, medium, and low, all effortlessly started with an easy-start pushbutton igniter, and a standing pilot for increased safety. The 75,000-200,000 btu/hr heaters warm up 4,700 square feet, running for 29 hours on a 100-pound propane tank (low setting). The 30,000-80,000 btu/hr heaters warm up 1,900 square feet and run 14 hours on a 20-pound tank (tanks not included).

Summit Racing Convection Shop Heater 4/7

Summit Racing Equipment, 1200 Southeast Avenue, Tallmadge, OH 44278; 800/230-3030;

Economic Workspace

Why would we put a table in the parts section? Well, everyone needs an effective and efficient workspace to keep productivity up. Whether at home in your garage, or at work, Summit Racing Equipment is offering up the Nomad Economy Welding Table to streamline workspace adaptability. Much more than just a table, it's ideal for on-site and home-garage use. Strong Hand Tools Nomad Economy Welding Tables have two lower casters to make moving the table's position easy. The table also has retractable guide rails on two sides that can be used as a fence, guides, stops, or clamping edges. The 1.1-inch slots on the tabletop are perfect for use with clamps. The Nomad table is mobile and adaptable, adjusting from 26 to 32 inches in height, and in one of three positions: horizontal, 30-degree, and folded. (Dimensions: 30 inches x 20 inches). Make your workspace adaptable!

Summit Racing Workspace Table 5/7

Summit Racing Equipment, 1200 Southeast Avenue, Tallmadge, OH 44278; 800/230-3030;

All Staged Up

Keep that battery charged-up through the winter, with a Samlex America Three Stage Battery Charger. The charger will safely charge and condition flooded, AGM, or gel-cell batteries. The robust battery charger will also charge two or three banks of batteries, simultaneously, while not requiring isolators. The unit comes with either an ammeter or LED power indicators, and they are protected from short circuit, overload, and reverse polarity. The product is based on switching power-supply technology with a clean, well-filtered output, meaning the unit can also be used as a power supply. The Samlex America Three-Stage Chargers are configurable for 120 or 230 volts AC, in ratings from 10 to 80 amps. Twenty-four volt systems are also available. Get yours today, and insure that the battery in your ride is always charged up!

Samlex Power Charger 6/7

Summit Racing Equipment, 1200 Southeast Avenue, Tallmadge, OH 44278; 800/230-3030;

Meth Head

AEM Electronics is introducing two new water and methanol injection systems, precisely for high-boost and high-compression performance, racing applications. The units feature updated controllers, using large, positive-action knobs, and large numbering for easy setup and calibration. The systems employ AEM's “Boost Safe” injection failsafe system, activating if there is a short, loss of continuity, low/high voltage, or low fluid condition. The Boost Safe function can be used to activate a warning light or tell your engine management system to retard boost, pull out ignition timing, or switch to a default fuel map. One, (P/N AVM-30-3300) is for vehicles running up to 35 psi of boost. The other (P/N AVM-30-3350) is for engines making more than 35 psi of boost.

Aem Electronics Water And Methanol Injection System 7/7

AEM Electronics, 2205 W 126th Street Unit A, Hawthorne, CA 90250; 310/484-2322;



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