50 Hottest New Chevy Parts for 2014

New Product Overload - The Top 50 Products for your Super Chevy from the 2013 SEMA show.

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Circle Racing Wheels just finished whittling out these aluminum beauties. The Corvette-style rim is a two-piece billet aluminum wheel is based on the '61-62 Corvette hubcap and is available in 17x7 to 17x10 widths. The construction allows for larger brake clearance for modern brake systems and modern car applications. The two-piece construction allows for custom backspace options to fit a larger market.

Classic Dash Abs Gauge Panel 2/51

Circle Racing Wheels Inc.

Classic Industries expanded its offerings to now include some fourth-gen Nova products. These reproduction '75-79 headlight bezels, taillight housings, and taillight assemblies are manufactured to factory specifications to provide an authentic replacement for damaged or missing equipment. Each component is designed to duplicate the fit and appearance of the original.

Classic Industries Headlight 3/51

Classic Industries

Classic Instruments has a new line of easy-to-use gauges featuring the company's Zeus Speedometer Technology, or ZST. Classic Instruments' speedometers with ZST offer the easiest calibration: just drive the vehicle 30 miles per hour and push a button. That's it, it's set. The speedo is stuffed full of cutting edge electronics to accept any known speed signals (pulse generator, VSS- Vehicle Speed Sensor, ECM- Engine Control Module, or GPS- Global Positioning System) with no additional interface necessary between the sending unit and speedometer.

Classic Instruments Gauge 4/51

Classic Instruments

Coker Tire just completed production on a brand new American Classic bias-look whitewall radial tire for early Bow Ties. The new tire offers the tall and narrow profile of a bias ply, combined with the modern qualities of a radial tire. Coker Tire's new radials are made in the USA, and are available for 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels. If these are successful, look for more applications to come, perhaps some for mid-to-late '60s vehicles.

Coker 5/51

Coker Tire

Comp Cams wasted no time, and already has 2014 GM Gen V LT1/L86/L83 high performance camshafts. This series will significantly increase torque and power throughout the rpm range, while maintaining excellent off-idle responsiveness and drivability. They are designed to utilize the latest OE technology, including direct injection, active fuel management, and variable valve timing. They are engineered as a system to work without major modification.

Comp Cams 6/51

Comp Cams

Sometimes big horsepower comes at the cost of available vacuum, yet the car needs better brakes to slow down all that power. Classic Performance Products (CPP) has a great looking solution for this dilemma. The Show Stopper hydraulic brake assist system is a direct bolt-in designed to upgrade your manual or vacuum-assisted brakes with a powerful and compact modern hydraulic assist unit. Using all new parts, this unit puts out 1300psi at the wheels, and will look great on the firewall.

Classic Performance Products Hydraulic Brake Assist 7/51

Classic Performance Products Inc.

Thanks to the engineers at Dakota Digital, you can now use a cable-driven speedometer with a transmission that only provides an electric VSS output. The ECD-100 electronic cable drive unit is built in a waterproof case, allowing mounting anywhere. It has a powerful motor with PID control of the cable that prevents overrunning the speedometer and potentially breaking off the needle. Smooth, steady needle movement and a simple calibration process make this a user-friendly unit.

Dakota Digital Cable Driven 8/51

Dakota Digital

Eagle put together a complete stroker kit for the 4.8 or 5.3 LS engines, so you can turn these little truck plants into your own 6.0L or bigger powerhouse. The stroker kit includes: forged 4340 steel stroker crank, H-beam rods with ARP bolts, forged Mahle pistons and rings, and racing bearings.There are several compression and bore size pistons available to fit your build requirements. Also, there are crankshafts with either the early 24-tooth or later 58-tooth reluctor wheels.

Eagle Stroker 9/51

Eagle Specialty Products Inc.

Eastwood has made painting at home much easier, thanks in part to the company's 2K Aerospray paint. Inside the can is a two-part paint that you mix by pushing a button on the bottom. 2K Rat Rod Matt Black Aerosol allows you to paint with the durability and precision of a two-component coating without the paint gun. Formulated with Eastwood's proprietary Nano-Ceramic technology to provide a long-lasting and durable finish, it sprays like a gun with a broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols, with no mess to clean up.

Eastwood Company 2k 10/51

Eastwood Company

The Edelbrock Total Power Package concept of selling dyno-matched components has been popular since the '80s, but now Edelbrock has raised the bar a notch. New for this year is the EFI Total Power Package. This new package has the same components as the popular carbureted kits, but with E-Street EFI system included. You get everything you see here in one part number. All the parts are matched and work in conjunction with each other. It will need to have a fuel system that can handle the increased demands of EFI, and an O2 sensor put in the exhaust. But other than that, it's ready to be installed.

Edelbrock Total Power Package 11/51



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