50 Hottest New Chevy Parts for 2014

New Product Overload - The Top 50 Products for your Super Chevy from the 2013 SEMA show.

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Towards the end of the year, Las Vegas gets packed to the gills with all kinds of gearheads. The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts the largest aftermarket trade show in the country and it's called the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, or SEMA for short. Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, we are sure you know what SEMA is and does. If you don't, SEMA is the aftermarket industry's trade organization and government watch dog (among other things). This year the show was awesome; we got to see the some of the best custom cars, along with all the newest in vehicle upgrades and high-po parts. The show goes on for four days and we were there the whole time walking mile and mile of aftermarket goodness. We don't have enough pages to bring you everything that was showcased; instead we picked 50 of the top products geared towards the Chevrolet owner. So sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy our peek at what could be the next modification to your car.

The Phantom 200 Stealth Fuel System from Aeromotive is a complete drop in, retro-fit fuel system that places a high performance fuel pump and baffle system into almost any gas tank. Its modular design can be cut-to-height for any fuel tank or cell from 5-20 inches in depth. It's a perfect solution for EFI conversions and engine swaps. It eliminates hot fuel handling issueslike cavitation and vapor-lock, while keeping a stock, stealthy appearance, with all the advantages of a modern fuel tank.

Phantom 200 Stealth Fuel 2/51

Aeromotive Inc.

Air Flow Research showed a new dual plane upper to add to company's killer modular Titan intakes. The composite intake system features a two-piece design that has three different configurations available (see last month's issue for a dyno test of the single-plane uppers on a 383). The line already had two single plane upper sections, but now there is a third option that has a dual-plane design for more street friendly manors. All the Titan manifolds run cooler than aluminum and in dyno tests perform on par or batter than any of the aluminum offerings.

Air Flow Research Dual Plane Upper 3/51

Airflow Research

American Autowire brought two new wiring solutions that are ideal for resto-mod, pro-touring, or mild custom '65 and '66-68 Impalas. Both feature an ATO-style fuse panel with extra circuits for power accessories, extra long wire lengths for custom or stock routing, and a gauge disconnect system. You get new headlight, ignition, and dimmer switches, along with a steering column adapter and full color instructions and schematic.

American 4/51

American Autowire

American Powertrain introduced a line of Ballistix body mounts with a complete kit for '67-81 GM F-bodies. Constructed from solid military grade ballistic shock armor, Ballistix body mounts offer better isolation than aluminum, are far less expensive than Delrin products, and won't squeak or compress like polyurethane might. Ballistix mounts can be ordered with stock or lower heights, and come with a lifetime durability warranty.

American Powertrain Ballistix Body Mount Kit 5/51

American Powertrain

Now you can virtually guide your transmission into place with the new transmission mounting kits from ARP. Made from the same tough bolt technology that ARP puts into all their hardware, these can be ordered in multiple finishes for big- and small-block applications with auto or manual transmissions.

Arp 6/51

ARP Inc.

The B&M Console QuickSilver shifter's high-performance ratchet action provides precise shifting without a trigger. Designed to specifically mount into a '68-69 Camaro console with the TH-350/400 transmission. The easy to install cable-operated shifter includes a neutral safety switch and reverse lockout feature, along with a chrome plated bezel to add a bit of style to the center console.

B M Console Quicksilver 7/51

B&M Racing

Billet Specialties is now manufacturing all-new B-Forged wheels. The B-Forged line features forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum centers bolted to spun aluminum rim halves in a modular three piece construction. This offers shallow and deep concave profiles for the ultimate in stagger. Multiple finish options and extreme caliper clearance complete the package. Shown is the XF375, which is available in 19- thru 22-inch diameters with 7.5- through 16-inch wide widths.

Billet Specialties B Forged Wheel 8/51

Billet Specialties

Centerforce's DYAD Drive System is for '97-11 Chevrolet LS Engine vehicles with a manual trans. The dampened disc and ball-bearing designs allow for smooth engagement and pedal modulation, reducing the on and off feel of most small diameter clutches. The DYAD system features better holding capacity with less pedal, and still yields a competitive feel and daily-driving capability. The patented floating multi-disc design allows for high torque capacity up to 1300 lb-ft at the flywheel.

Centerforce Dyad Drive 9/51


CFR Performance came to keep things cool with a new direct fit, chrome and polished radiator module. The module is a high performance radiator with two 1-inch rows for most early GM cars making 850hp or less. It comes fully assembled with a chrome fan shroud, 2500 cfm chrome electric fan and chrome billet CFR Performance radiator cap.

Cfr Performance 10/51

CFR Performance

Classic Dash came with a gauge solution for '88-94 trucks. The molded ABS gauge panel is made to replace the original gauge housing, and allow for a clean installation of performance gauges. The panel can be ordered empty or pre-loaded with Auto Meter gauges, sending units, complete wiring harness to hook gauges to stock loom, turn signal and hi-beam indicators, and easy to follow step by step instruction booklet.

Circle Racing 11/51

Classics Dash




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