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Chevy High Performance Products - January 2014

Manley Performance Products, Inc.

Manley Connecting 2/7

Manley Performance is proud to announce that they've expanded their range of connecting rods for Chevy LS "tall deck" engine applications. With a 4.250-inch stroke crankshaft, these tall deck blocks (GM LSX, RHS, and World Warhawk) require longer length rods. Manley has added three; a 6.300-, 6.350- and 6.460-inch, in both their H-Beam series as well as their top of the line Pro Series I-Beam design to handle the demands of these high powered engines. Manley also manufactures and stocks the ideally matching pistons to perfectly complete your powercell (piston/rod) assembly with the correct compression heights and compression ratios.

Real Deal Steel, LLC

 Camaro Body 3/7

Real Deal Steel, known throughout the industry for their high-quality USA assembled 1955-57 Chevy bodies now offers a USA built 1969 Camaro body skeleton. Real Deal began with a rust-free no-hit original 1969 Camaro Coupe body and painstakingly built their own assembly platform and fixtures in order to produce an exact copy of the original. The new skeleton is fully spot welded together, just like the original for maximum strength and correctness. Real Deal's new body is available as the skeleton only or partially to fully skinned using panels from Auto Metal Direct (AMD). AMD panels are used exclusively as they are known for having the best fitting, true-to-original 18-gauge steel panels on the market.

Painless Performance

Painless Performance Products 4/7

The final touch for wiring on any classic car or truck! This cloth-look wrap looks like OEM harness wrappings, but is made of strong, fine mesh materials. Laterally split for easy installation, ClassicBraid resists abrasion, metal cuts, and retains shape beyond 300 degrees F. Currently available in 3/16-, 5/16-, 3/8-, ½-inch diameter.

Strange Engineering

Strange Pro Hd Aluminum Case 5/7

The new Strange Pro HD Aluminum case bridges the gap between their popular Lightweight Aluminum case and the race proven Ultra Case. The Strange Pro HD Aluminum case is designed for Drag Race and the most abusive Hi-Performance Street/Strip applications. The case is crafted from superior 206-T4 heat-treated aluminum, which has a 32 percent higher tensile strength than the commonly used 356-T6 aluminum. The billet aluminum support is held in with 7/16-inch ARP bolts and contains a unique oil channel to maximize oil flow to the pinion bearings for extended use. The robust billet caps and 9/16-inch through bolt design compliments the case to significantly reduce gear deflection and extend the life of the gear. The Strange Pro HD Aluminum case is available in 3.062-, 3.250-, and 3.812-inch bore sizes.

Auburn Gear, Inc.

Auburn Four Pinion 6/7

Auburn's four-pinion gear design is engineered to exceed the capability of the Chevrolet Camaro's two-pinion OE stock differential, making the Auburn differential the right choice for those who want to upgrade their drivetrain. The new Auburn differential harnesses the separation forces that occur within the differential gears as torque increases. Separation forces increase the torque capacity of the clutch, providing bias torque to the high-traction wheel. The new differential boasts an impressive bias ratio, capable of delivering tire smoking torque to the tractive wheel. Auburn's new Camaro Gen 5 differential utilizes aircraft quality, 9310 heat-treated billet steel, giving it unparalleled strength and endurance characteristics. Under the terms of the new D-REX Program, Auburn will replace any differential within the first four years after purchase, regardless of circumstances. The replacement differential is one-third of the original cost, or the equivalent of the price of a competitor's clutch pack. The replacement differential comes fully assembled, tested, certified and ready for installation. Auburn Gear's new differential supports 3.27, 3.45, and 3.73 gear ratios.

Classic Industries

One Piece Chevy Bumper 7/7

Designed without bumper bullets for a custom, streamlined appearance. These one-piece bumpers enhance the design of the 1957 by simplifying it. These custom smoothie bumpers are manufactured in steel and feature a triple chrome-plated finish, as original. Current offerings include; one-piece Smoothie Front Bumper without bullets, grill for 150 and 210 models with bullet-delete Smoothie Bumper, and a grill for Bel Air models with bullet-delete Smoothie Bumper. Best of all, these unique bumpers are in stock and ready to ship.



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