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07. Chassisworks' g-Machine sculpted two-piece spindles feature a 2-inch-dropped ride height, but are taller than commonly used OEM spindles. This provides a lower center of gravity and quicker camber curve for improved cornering traction. Made from high-strength ductile iron (and cast for Chassisworks by a foundry with over 50 years of experience) the spindle yields an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. They also used finite element analysis (FEA) software to eliminate stress concentrations for even more durability under hard use. The spindle axles are machined from special high-strength alloy steel (tensile of 150,000 psi), then inserted into the machined upright forming a shrink-fit pressed assembly.

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08. Most subframes utilize some sort of reworked OEM rack-and-pinion, but Chassisworks makes their own. This way they are able to dial-in the front suspension geometry by ensuring the correct hub-to-hub width. The rack is mounted forward of the axle centerline (i.e., front steer) for more oil pan clearance, and the rack can rotate to help eliminate a sharp universal-joint angle and offer a bit more exhaust clearance. The rack is held to the frame by using interlocking billet mounts that won't flex under hard cornering.

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09. One of the option boxes we ticked was for Chassisworks' bumpsteer kit. This replaced the outer tie-rod with an adjustable billet steel sleeve and high-strength, Teflon-lined 4130 rod end. The tapered Grade 8 stud, along with a selection of shims, will let us vertically adjust the outer pivot point at the steering arms and correct any unwanted toe-in changes during suspension travel. With this kit there should be virtually zero bumpsteer in 6 inches of suspension travel.

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10. Our subframe was one of the first offered with Chassisworks' new splined sway bar option. It's a 33-inch long, 1.25-inch OD gun-drilled bar, and we were pretty impressed with the bar and the hardware, especially the zinc-plated billet steel lever arms, which incorporates multiple endlink mounting holes. Teflon race, spherical-bearing endlink assemblies create deflection-free pivot points and help the bar react quicker and be more predictable. Endlink length is also adjustable to eliminate static preload.

Ca Chassisworks Splined Sway 5/18

11. The bar was mounted to the frame with billet aluminum bearing housings and 3⁄8-inch socket-head bolts. The low-friction bearings will allow the bar to pivot freely without introducing off-axis free play.

Ca Chassisworks Sway 6/18

12. The billet aluminum hat and hub assembly helps to reduce weight and allow the individual components to be replaced if they become worn or damaged. The kit also included tapered Timken wheel bearings and ½x3-inch wheel studs.

Timken Wheel 7/18

13. To the Chassisworks' hats we secured the Wilwood 14-inch rotors using the supplied 12-point Grade 8 fasteners. The 1.25-inch thick rotors are directional-vaned, slotted, and finished in Wilwood's black e-coat. To create more surface area and maximize cooling, 36 individual “I”-shaped passages are cast internally into the rotor. The passages are also curved to increase airflow compared to standard straight vented rotor designs.

Wilwood 14 Inch Brake 8/18

14. Once Track Rat is ready to hit the road, we'll install these double-adjustable VariShock QuickSet-2 coilovers. They feature sophisticated shock valving with all-new, American-made components. One knob sets bump (compression) while the other sets rebound (extension). Internally, they have Deflective Disk Valving to eliminate spring fatigue, and the piston rods are made from 5⁄8-inch centerless-ground, hard-chrome steel. The design of the lower ring doesn't require a lock nut; instead two ball locks that press into the grooves on the reservoir body lock it in place. Our starting point for testing will be the 2.5-inch ID, 9-inch-long 550-pound VariSprings.

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15. The Chassisworks spindles utilize a radial-mount caliper, so the first step in getting the caliper in place was bolting the billet mount to the spindle.

Ca Chassisworks Spindle Radial Mount 10/18

16. Using the supplied shims, we got the Wilwood W6A radial-mount six-piston calipers centered on the rotors. We then used more shims to get the edge of the pad lined up with the edge of the rotor. Once lined up perfectly, we installed the BP20 pads and secured the bridge bolts.

Wilwood W6a Radial Mount 6 Pison 11/18

17. With the actual subframe assembled we were able to check out some of the other features. One that really caught our attention was the super nice billet engine mounts. Most subframes we've seen use a two-part deal with an adapter plate bolted to the engine block, and typically a small-block mount to the frame. It works, but the Chassisworks' deal is nicer. For easier engine installation, the passenger-side mount on the frame used slightly oversized slots to account for minor chassis variances. Chassisworks' subframes also allow for the use of small- or big-block motor plates and mid plates in addition to standard side-mount brackets.

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