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’56 Chevrolet Bel Air Stainless Side Moldings

Even with the popularity of the Tri-Fives there are still some quality parts that are hard to locate like the stainless side trim. Thanks to Danchuk, now you can order brand new pieces for all cars, four-door models included. These moldings are made from top quality stainless steel using class-A tooling. Both the tooling and the moldings are manufactured right in the company’s Santa Ana, California, facility so they can be sure every piece is the best and a perfect fit.

Danchuk Manufacturing 1956 Chevy Bel Air Side 2/45

Danchuk Manufacturing Inc.

Canalog-MS Gauge Adapter

The Canalog-MS is designed for customers swapping modern EFI motors into their muscle cars. The unit plugs into the new motor’s EFI computer thru the OBD2 port. It has eight configurable outputs to operate mechanical gauges or the factory dash. Canalog-MS even has an output so you can install a check engine light. It also has the option to connect to your smart phone for diagnostics, logging, and more.

E Motion Products Canalog Ms Gauge 3/45

E-Motion Products

Quick Connect Adapter Fitting

Earl’s Performance Plumbing’s Quick Connect fitting utilizing dual O-ring seals, OE-style stainless internal snap retainer and redundant clip for extreme safety. Adapts the OE Fuel Connections to -6 AN plumbing. Great for engine swap scenarios.

Earls Quick Connect Adapter 4/45


Street Demon Carburetor

Demon Fuel Systems is now making a 625 cfm carb designed for street use. The Street Demon features two 1 3/8-inch primary throttle bores, which contain triple–stack boost venturii. Two of the boosters are suspended across the bores in the conventional way; the third is integrated into the throttle bore walls. This design should produce superior fuel emulsification, to present crisp throttle response, drivability, and increase fuel economy. At the bottom of the secondary bores a goggle valve (GVS) resides. This device delivers over twice the airflow of the primary bores that can be both felt and heard. Its optimized calibration and dual mounting pattern make it run–ready for a large variety of engines and vehicles.

Demon Carburetion Street Demon 625 5/45

Demon Carburetion

Billet Aluminum Exterior Door Handles

These custom billet aluminum one-piece door handles are a direct replacement for the stock pot-metal parts. Available in a variety of finishes, the handles are machined from a solid chunk of 6061T6 aluminum in the USA. They are not only pretty to look at; they are a lot tougher than the pot-metal ones. They are offered for Camaro, Chevelle, Nova and Tri-Fives.

Eddie Motorsports Billet Aluminum Exterior Door 6/45

Eddie Motorsports

EZ-EFI 2.0

Next generation self-tuning EFI with ignition control offers a refined, higher flowing throttle body and greater tuning optimization for any engine up to 1,200 hp. Its eight-injector, die-cast throttle body includes ignition timing control and is able to run E98, E85 and E15 ethanol blend fuels. Other features include; improved inlet design, secondary shaft throttle stop adjustment, integrated fuel pulse damper, needle bearing supported shafts, integrated fuel rail, and a color touch screen hand-held with on-board diagnostics. The EZ- EFI 2.0 is 100-percent designed and engineered by FAST and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Fast Ez Efi 2 7/45


Power Rack-and-Pinion Cradle

A direct bolt-in steering system that utilizes a power rack-and-pinion engineered specifically for the ’69-’74 Nova. The power rack-and-pinion provides a quick steering ratio with full turning radius, installs easily (within hours) using the existing chassis hole locations, and is available with or without steering column.

Flaming River Power Rack Pinion 8/45

Flaming River Industries Inc.

Terminator EFI System

Holley’s new Terminator EFI is a self-tuning, maintenance-free system that requires no computer experience to use or tune. System features include annular discharge fuel ring, self-tuning ECU, serviceable sensors integrated into throttle body, connections for TH350 and 700R4, and other tranny linkages, fits any square (Holley 4150TM) flanged intake, 80 lb/hr injectors support 250-600hp engines, provides ignition timing control, fully potted and sealed ECU. This is the same venturii inlet design that powers every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car.

Holley Terminator Efi 9/45

Holley Performance Products

LS Engine Mounts and Crossmember for Second-Gen Camaro

There was a running theme with a lot of products at SEMA, which was the LS swap. Hooker makes these direct fit LS engine swap engine mount brackets (zinc plated) and transmission crossmembers (powdercoated) for second-generation F-bodies. This takes all the guesswork out of installing an LS and Hooker also offers matching headers to complete the swap.

Hooker Ls Engine 10/45


The H Sport Wheel

Hotchkis Sport Suspension has been in the suspension game for a long time. The company is always looking for ways to get the most out of the handling capabilities of vehicles, and now it is expanding into the wheel market. Hotchkis Performance Wheels are manufactured to be lighter than stock and have the perfect backspacing for low slung fifth-gen Camaros. Shown here is the H Sport, but more designs are coming soon.

Hotchkis Sport Suspension H Sport 11/45

Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Sidedraft EFI Systems

The new Inglese Sidedraft EFI system offers unique styling, modern EFI benefits and bolt-on fitment for engines using a single or dual plane 4150 flange four-barrel intake.

Inglese Sidedraft Efi 12/45

The Inglese Sidedraft EFI systems combine proven FAST electronic fuel injection technology with Inglese side draft styling. Designed to work with any FAST EFI system, it gives customers an alternative to buying a full eight-stack system by adapting to an existing conventional four barrel-intake manifold. These adaptor manifolds feature all necessary components including integrated sensors, fuel rails and linkage, and easily bolt on to any engine using a single or dual plane 4150 flange four-barrel intake.


Direct Fit Brake and Clutch Pedal Arms

If you are looking to upgrade the pedals in your Tri-Five, then check out these babies from Lokar. These billet aluminum pedal arms are a direct replacement for the stock steel units and feature bronze pivot bushings for extended wear. Pedal pads are included and once installed will give the car a high-end appearance with zero custom fabrication.

Lokar Direct Fit Brake Clutch Pedal 13/45

Lokar Inc.

MT Street Comp

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels is proud to introduce the new Street Comp ultra-high performance tire. This newly developed tire utilizes Mickey Thompson’s race tire technology in a street tire that’s perfect for late model Camaro’s and muscle cars with bigger diameter rims. The Street Comp has a UTQG 300, AA, A treadwear rating and a unique tread design for performance and responsive handling in both wet and dry conditions. The Street Comp is available for 17-, 18-, 19-, and 20-inch wheel diameters.

Mickey Thompson Mt Street 14/45

Mickey Thompson
800/700 -0394

Professional Paint Restoration System

Mothers has a new kit that takes the guess work out of picking the correct products to restore your paint job. This kit is designed to be used with a machine buffer to remove scratches, oxidation, water spots, and severe swirl marks. In the box you get a 12-ounce bottle of Rubbing Compound and a 12-ounce bottle of Finishing polish. These two products are designed to work hand in hand to product that slick shine you have come to expect from Mothers products.

Mothers Professional Paint Restoration 15/45


Atomic Wiredless LS

Want to do an LS swap but don’t want to hassle with adapting and tuning the OE-style fuel injection system? Check out MSD’s Atomic LS EFI system. The system features integrated fuel rails and ECU with patent pending Wiredless technology, which eliminates the wiring harness. The MSD Atomic EFI LS systems work with return-style or returnless fuel systems, accept mechanical or electronic throttle controls, and automatically recognize 24- or 58-tooth crank trigger wheels. The Master Kits include the fuel rail assemblies with electronics, fuel injectors, wiring harness, power module, handheld programmer, and a wideband oxygen sensor.

Msd Performance Atomic Wireless 16/45

MSD Performance

6-Speed 4L80E Valve Body

The Powertrain Control Solutions six-speed 4L80E valve body enables the 4L80E to operate as a five-speed or six-speed, and provides electronically controlled engine braking. The PCS engineers studied every inch of the stock 4L80E, until a design was reached that produced factory shift quality in every gear. While the engineers were studying the valve body, they also added a solenoid enabling electronically controlled engine braking, which greatly increases the performance and driving experience when using paddle shifters to downshift. The PCS valve body kit contains a 100-percent factory new valve body, solenoids, plates, gaskets, and internal harness.

Powertrain Control Solutions 6 Speed 4l80e Valve 17/45

Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS)


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