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The SEMA show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It attracts the industry’s hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. This freight train of a show keeps chugging down the tracks, bringing all the newest parts and products for the automotive aftermarket. While the show is not open to the general public, it is open to industry and media people, and is now the largest trade show in the United States. Since most of you can’t take the time to trek all the way to Las Vegas and wander the miles of booths, we do it for you. We take notes and talk to the company pitchmen all in an attempt to find the hidden treasures buried in the over 2,000 new products on display. Instead of taking any more time please sit back and enjoy the best products we found at the 2012 SEMA show.

’67-’69 Camaro Stealth Fuel Tank

Engine swaps and aftermarket EFI conversions are becoming incredibly popular, and thanks to Aeromotive’s new Stealth tank, the task has gotten simpler. The Stealth tanks are stock-appearing and come complete with universal 0-90 Ohm fuel sending unit, 340 LPH at 40 psi Stealth Fuel Pump, pre-pump filter, a billet aluminum, and black anodized hanger assembly. They come with all the necessary ports and returns needed to plumb the system. All this is preassembled, powdercoated, and flow and pressure tested by Aeromotive, with a full one-year warranty.

Aeromotive 1967 1969 Camaro Stealth Fuel 2/45


’53-’62 Corvette Classic Update Wiring System

This new kit is a complete wiring system specifically for the modified/pro-touring Corvette. It will handle upgrades like electric fans, aftermarket A/C, gauges, powertrain combos, etc. Like many of American Autowire’s other Classic Update kits, this one includes new ignition/lighting/dimmer switches, as well as new tail lamp sockets and headlight bucket harnesses.

American Autowire 1953 1962 Corvette Classic Update 3/45

American Autowire

White Lightning Magnum shifter

The T56 transmission is finding its way into more and more classic Bow Ties and one thing that can make the using it much better is a proper shifter throw, location and feel. The White Lightning Magnum shifter from American Powertrain is a short throw unit that has a clockable shifter stub and adjustable spring bias to let you fine tune the position and feel. It features all billet construction, and offers over 60 shift positions.

American Powertrain White Lightning Magnum 4/45

American Powertrain

Dominator Octane Boost

To make sure you can get all the performance out of your high-performance ride, you need to feed it a diet of high-octane fuel. Let’s face it: pump gas octane ratings and consistency are marginal at best. AMSOIL Dominator Octane Boost increases engine response and power in all two- and four-cycle gasoline-fueled engines. AMSOIL claims that just one treatment reduces engine knock, improves ignition and helps fuel burn cleaner. Dominator Octane Boost is also excellent as a lead substitute for collector automobiles. Dominator Octane Boost is available in individual 12-ounce bottles or in a convenient six-pack.

Amsoil Dominator Octane 5/45


Turbo 400 SuperCase

When it comes to pushing a lot of power through an automatic transmission, a Powerglide is typically used. ATI is looking to change that with the company’s new Turbo 400 SuperCase. The new cast aluminum Turbo 400 SuperCase was designed in-house, cast in the USA, and machined at ATI on a four-axis horizontal CNC machine. It features improved fluid pathways to assure better performance, SFI approval so it does not require any additional shields, has a removable bellhousing that bolts directly to the transmission case instead of the pump, and has been engineered to accept all internal Powerglide or Turbo 400 components.

Ati Performance Products Turbo 400 6/45

ATI Performance Products

GT Series Instruments

The newest instruments to come out of the Auto Meter think tank are, as the company puts it, “Part street fighter, and part stealth fighter, all Auto Meter.” The GT Series line of instruments have all the features of other gauges, like digitally controlled stepper motors, solid state sensors, and air core movements. The killer looks come via a true carbon fiber face with through the dial lighting and bright white pointer. They come in 2-1/16-inch for the gauges and 3-3/8-inch for Tach and Speedo in either full or short sweep movements.

Auto Meter Gt Series 7/45

Auto Meter

High-Capacity Trans Pan

B&M has added the six-speed transmission in the new Camaro to the company’s line of cast aluminum transmission pans. The new pan adds extra fluid capacity to the Camaro’s automatic transmission, while the aluminum construction and cast fins add cooling capacity for smoother operation under high-stress operation. All B&M Transmission Pans feature built-in drain plugs and mounting hardware.

B M Racing High Capacity Trans 8/45

B&M Racing & Performance

’68-’69 Camaro Billet Hood Vents

Billet Specialties’ ’68-’69 Camaro SS hood vents are precision 3D machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and feature stainless steel mesh grills for a high tech look. Multiple drain holes have been drilled to keep your engine dry. These are high quality pieces that are made in the USA.

Billet Specialties 1968 1969 Camaro Hood 9/45

Billet Specialties

gStreet Frame System

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks has come up with an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to a full chassis. Chris unveiled the new gStreet frame system underneath a ’69 Camaro. The gStreet frame system is a bumper-to-bumper chassis solution for high-horsepower, big-tire, pro-touring first-gen Camaro projects and is now available as an off-the-shelf item. The chassis will accept 305 wide front tires and 345 in the rear with room to grow when tires become available. Other features include double-A-arm front suspension with rack-and-pinion steering, highly adjustable geometry, canted four-link or torque arm with watts link rear suspension. It is available in full-frame, firewall-back, and back-half configurations. See the company’s web site for full details.

Chris Alston Chssisworks Gstreet Frame 10/45

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

Authentic 57 Series Instruments

The Authentic 57 series from Classic Instruments is a new design with graphics reminiscent of original ’57 Chevy car gauges. Even though the gauges have a classic look, they are stuffed full of modern technology and features. They are all electronic, come with all sending units, and have a five-year warranty.

Classic Instruments 57 Authentic Series 11/45

Classic Instruments

Four-Pattern Camshafts

Comp Cams’ new four-pattern hydraulic roller camshafts are designed to accommodate the differences in runner lengths to avoid valves closing at the wrong times for a large increase in both area under the curve and stability at high rpm. The four-pattern hydraulic roller cams are 100-percent CNC-ground from steel billet cores, feature cast iron distributor gears, and utilize a series of lobes with over 0.600-inch valve lift and stability up to 7,500 rpm, all while providing more consistent cylinder-to-cylinder torque. The cams also feature a tight lobe separation for both excellent performance and a throaty sound. They’re available for big- and small-block Chevy engines in both carbureted or fuel injected applications.

Comp Performance Four Pattern 12/45

COMP Performance Group

Muscle Car C5 Spindles

This blended design upright is a direct bolt on for GM A, F, and X body vehicles and allows the use of C5 brake assemblies. By using the C5 bearing assembly caliper piston push back is eliminated. Since the taller spindle moves the upper arm, it also improves negative camber gain under suspension load. These are a tall spindle and stock height that fit ’70-’81 F-body, ’73-’77 A-body, ’75-’79 X-body.

Cpp Muscle Car Cs 13/45

Classic Performance Products Inc.

E Series Pistons

DSS Racing is introducing its new E Series piston, designed to directly compete with low-cost, foreign-produced forged pistons. These U.S.A. forged and machined pistons feature U.S.A. produced 4032 alloy, light weight design, precision honed piston pin bores, heavy duty piston pins, full floating or press fit compatible, double true arc pin locks, forged oil drain backs, forged side reliefs, double valve notches, and diamond turned skirts. Available in bore sizes 4.000, 4.030, 4.040, and 4.060.

Dss Racing E Series 14/45

D.S.S. Racing




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