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February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts

Great fit

chp 01 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Ls1 Exhaust 2/8

LS Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds

Speedway Motors has developed a better option: stainless steel Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds. Made of high-grade stainless steel, Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds combine the reduced noise level and low maintenance of a cast manifold with the excellent flow characteristics and dramatic performance gains of a tube header. Large 13/4-inch primary ports and 3-inch outlets deliver fantastic flow and horsepower gains. Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds are made from durable and corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel, which delivers an extremely strong casting that polishes brighter than other forms of stainless. Tru-Ram Stainless Steel LS1 Manifolds are available beautifully polished or unpolished, and have standard three-bolt header flanges. Each pair includes gaskets and stainless steel hardware.

Speedway Motors

800.979.0122 •

Get Rockin’

chp 03 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Ultra Pro Magnum 3/8

Ultra Pro Magnum Rockers

The new Ultra Pro Magnum Roller Rocker Arms not only live up to the lofty standards of the original Pro Magnums, but they also take stud-mount rocker performance, stability, and value to a whole new level. The modern arched, weblike design delivers increased strength and rigidity, while still reducing the moment of inertia and optimizing the dynamic balance.


800.999.0853 •

Clutch It

chp 02 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Optimum Srtm Ls 4/8

Optimum-SRTM LS Clutch

Quarter Master brings race-winning clutch technology to the street with new 10.4-inch two-disc LS clutches. These clutches deliver a nearly stock pedal feel and are capable of handling 1,400 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. They are currently offered for the C5 and C6 Corvette, Gen V Camaro, Pontiac G8, and ’09-and-newer Cadillac CTS-V, with more applications to come. Both the race and street versions feature a spring designed to require only a 10 percent increase in pedal effort over stock, with stock-type modulation control. The street version features sprung hub and marcel-type discs with organic rag-type friction for smooth engagement. A vented floater plate and grooved friction surfaces provide better cooling as well. Featuring aircraft-grade bolts and hardware with an all-billet construction, each clutch is completely rebuildable and can be used with OE hydraulic bearing systems or Quarter Master Tri-Lite II Hydraulic Release Bearings.

Quarter Master

888.258.8241 •

Modern Braking

chp 04 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Modern 5/8

C5 Spindle Kits

CPP’s brand-new C5 Corvette spindles and brake kits are in stock and ready to ship. These are direct bolt-ons for the Chevelle, Camaro, and Nova (early kit uses original steering arms). The C5 brake kit utilizes a C5 bearing hub assembly, as well as C5 brakes or aftermarket alternatives (a direct fit for Baer, Brembo, and Wilwood C5 applications). The early AFX body tall spindle helps with improved geometry by giving a better camber change during suspension movement. These late-model C5 spindles are the first of their kind, and exclusive to CPP. Available for ’64-77 Chevelles, ’67-81 Camaros, and ’68-79 Novas.

Classic Performance Products Inc.

800.830.7657 •

OEM Styling

chp 05 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Oem Styling Ls Accessory Drive 6/8

LS Accessory Drive kits

These bracket kits are available with Corvette, F-body, or truck drive offsets, with or without A/C, and can be used with any water pump or balancer offsets. They come with an OEM-quality natural finish for clean looks and durability, but can easily be painted, coated, or plated. Holley’s kits come with all the necessary brackets and hardware needed for a complete installation, and allow you to choose the source for supplemental accessories and components that may have been supplied on the donor engine or host vehicle. Whether sourcing from the salvage yard, the local auto parts store, your GM parts dealer, or Holley, you pick the accessories that match your needs and budget. Holley makes it easy to choose the right components in three steps. Step one is to determine your belt alignment based on your crank pulley position with Holley’s easy-to-use fitment guide. Step two is to choose the Holley accessory drive brackets that you need (A/C, alternator, and power steering, or both). Step three is to see which Holley installation kit your setup requires to line up your accessories with your crank pulley position.

Holley Performance Products

800.HOLLEY.1 •

Road Hugger

chp 05 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Chevrolet Fast Track 7/8

’55-57 Chevrolet Fast Track Chassis

The ’55-57 Chevrolet is indisputably one of the most iconic hot rods of all time; the new ’55-57 Fast Track chassis will live up to your driving, handling, and ride quality expectations, regardless of whether you are lead footing an open road course at high speeds or with the cruise control set touring the states. Based on ultramodern suspension geometry and built with the highest quality materials by true American craftsmen, the new Fast Track chassis delivers.

Roadster Shop

847.949.7637 •

High Voltage

chp 06 O  February 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts 140amp 8/8

New 140-amp Alternators

All Billet Specialties Tru Trac Serpentine systems are now equipped with Powermaster 140-amp alternators. Previously supplied with 105 amps, the new 140-amp spec allows the alternator to easily operate within the demands of today’s modern electrical accessories. Every Tru Trac system also features their exclusive Billet Aluminum Tensioner engineered specifically for each application to ensure consistent tension and reliability.

Billet Specialties Inc.

877.240.4187 •



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