Harbor Freight Thirteen-Drawer Roller Cabinet - Tool Bin

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Features & Benefits

-Includes two keys for the lockable drawers.
-Features heavy-duty ball bearings for smooth sliding drawers.

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-2,633-pound weight capacity.
-Comes with 5-inch casters; two are fixed while the other two have a swivel action and a brake.

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Where To Get It

Harbor Freight Tools
800.423.2567 harborfreight.com

Chances are you’re like us, always wrapping your digits around wrenches to work on your street and strip machines on the weekends. If there was ever a downside, it’s never knowing where a particular tool is. Trust us, we’re guilty of it, especially when we used a milk crate to holster our tools for years. Not anymore. Those days are long gone, and we’ve upgraded to a real toolbox and have each drawer designated for a specific tool. The cool news is, this all-steel, 13-drawer roller cabinet is modular and you can also add a top chest and a seven-drawer end cabinet when the funds allow for it.

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