Decemeber 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts

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Bolt-on Ease

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Intake manifoldinstallation kits for small-blocks

These manifold installation kits contain all the necessary components needed to replace a stock iron intake manifold with an Edelbrock aluminum manifold. These kits enable customers to get greater performance and efficiency out of their engine without the hassle of taking countless trips to the parts store to source all the components needed for the installation. There are three available options: Edelbrock Performer EPS, Performer RPM, or Performer RPM Air-Gap intake manifold kits. Each kit includes an intake manifold, intake gasket set, intake bolt kit, carburetor base gasket, RTV sealant, and a carb stud kit.

Edelbrock, LLC

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Horsepower in a Box

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GM 572 Power at 502 Prices

This new 502ci big-block produces 600-plus horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque for a few thousand dollars less than the GM 572 crate engine that is rated at 620 hp. This powerplant is assembled using a brand-new Chevrolet Performance 502ci short-block and is topped off with a pair of Edelbrock cylinder heads. Each engine is professionally dyno tuned and tested, features a pump-gas happy 9.6:1 compression ratio, and is well suited for street and/or strip.

Pace Performance

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Rolling in Style

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New black hard coat anodizes center

Built for speed, the Street Lite is engineered to be the ultimate street and strip wheel, and is now available with a Black Hard Coat Anodized center for additional style. Just like its polished brother, the Black Street Lite is SFI 15.1 certified and accepts 5/8-inch wheel studs or mag shank lug nuts and offers lightweight performance with style.

Billet Specialties Inc.

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Built to Last

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C5/6 Corvette “Front” Hub Kit

The GMR is proud to introduce the industry’s first serviceable, billet aluminum C5/C6 Front Hub. This hub was specifically designed for the classic car that sports the infamous C5/C6 suspension. These new C5/C6 hubs are lighter, stronger, and faster than the OE hub units that have quickly become known as “consumables” in the high-performance world. This all-new offering by The GMR is compatible with most popular brake manufacturers, can be installed on any C5/C6 upright/steering knuckle, and is designed specifically for the hard-core Pro Touring enthusiast, who demands the best.


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Instant Power

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LS Perimeter Plate Nitrous system for ’12 Camaro

The complete, race-ready ZEX LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System for the ’12 Chevy Camaro uses three cutting-edge technologies to provide optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution in the newest Camaro model. These new kits use Perimeter Injection Technology, utilizing 12 injection points to create a 360-degree, perfectly atomized blend of fuel and nitrous that generates maximum power without sacrificing engine safety. Cryo-Sync Technology routes the nitrous through a set of internal passages before spraying in the engine to allow the nitrous to drop to -127 degrees F, which cools the throttle body and intake manifold. Airflow Enhancement Technology injects nitrous at an optimized angle, toward the center of the intake plenum, to create a pocket of intense low pressure below the throttle body while the nitrous is sprayed. The low-pressure area enhances airflow into your engine to improve power. These three advanced technologies maximize boost potential while maintaining the safety of your Camaro’s engine. Adjustable from 100-250 hp, the system provides optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution.


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