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Modern-Day Looks

Victor Series Water Pumps With Black-Coated Finish

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These water pumps feature a black powdercoating with a finely textured surface for a pleasing and unique appearance. The coating also gives these water pumps a durable protective layer that will keep them looking great for many years. Match with Edelbrock black powdercoated air cleaners, valve covers, carburetors, and intake manifolds for a complete new and unique look for any engine bay.

Edelbrock LLC
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New Mixer

625 Street Demon Carburetor

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The introduction of an all-new carburetor, especially in this millennium, has become increasingly rare. But Demon Carburetion has done just that. Named the 625 Street Demon, it is engineered for hot rods with stock to mildly modified engines. Its cast-aluminum construction exhibits smooth and flowing contours and in operation it accommodates either square or spreadbore intake manifolds without adapters. It’s an easy replacement for any street four-barrel. Street Demons are available in three forms: all-aluminum tumble-burnished, tumble-burnished with polymer fuel bowl, and all-aluminum hand-polished.

Demon Carburetion
270.438.2039 ·

Launch Harder

Adjustable Trailing Arms for ’10-12 Camaros

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Superior to the factory stamped-steel arms, these Adjustable Trailing Arms are constructed from 1.25-inch DOM steel and 3/16-inch CNC laser-cut mounting plates. Factory trailing arms can cause wheelhop, inconsistent handling, and decreased braking ability under load. The BMR Adjustable Trailing Arms (TCA033) utilize low friction, and Teflon-lined spherical rod ends to eliminate bind and provide length adjustment. When used in conjunction with other adjustable rear suspension links (control arms and toe rods), the BMR Adjustable Trailing Arms allow a wider range of alignment settings for various racing applications. Installation time is only two to three hours and available in black hammertone or red powdercoat.

BMR Suspension
813.986.9302 ·

Solid Foundation

GT-Sport chassis for a ’64-67 A-body

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Art Morrison’s engineers have designed the chassis with inner-angled framerails to fit as far under the body envelope as possible, reducing the amount of frame visible from under the car, providing optimum ground clearance. The lower vehicle CG will also contribute to improved handling. A special suspension package has been developed for the chassis, optimizing camber angle, roll center, and caster angle that delivers exceptional corner carving ability with “0” bumpsteer, all the while providing a comfortable ride. This has been accomplished by using a computer-designed, C6 spindle-based IFS with tubular steel control arms and a triangulated four-bar rear suspension. Adjustable coilover springs are employed at all four corners and custom antisway bars installed front and rear. Mounts for small-block, big-block, and LS-series engines are offered, and most any popular automatic or stick shift transmission can be employed. A 9-inch rear handles the power.

Art Morrison Enterprises
800.929.7188 ·

Perfect Timing

Hi-Tech Belt Drive Systems

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Designed for use in serious BBC and SBC street performance and racing applications turning high rpm with high compression, COMP Cams Hi-Tech Belt Drive Systems feature an infinitely adjustable Vernier sprocket for absolute timing accuracy and a unique belt idler system that reduces flap throughout the rpm range. These beltdrive systems are designed to absorb crankshaft harmonics to keep the valvetrain stable and running optimally, and utilize a unique camshaft thrust adjustment system without shims. Double lip seals are included for long life and maximum crankcase vacuum, while different diameter idles are available for racers with align-bored blocks. An Xtreme Duty Hi Tech Belt Drive System is also available which features a 11/4-inch Goodyear-designed belt to handle the extreme cylinder pressures commonly found with nitrous and blower applications. The 11/4-inch belt and gears, in conjunction with COMP Cams’ unique belt idler system, resist belt failure that can lead to complete engine destruction.

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