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Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) carries an SFI Spec 1.2 certified twin-disc kit for the LS1 Chevy Corvette. The kit offers 875 lb-ft of torque capacity. It has twice the surface area for better wear, high heat capacity, and long life. This includes a proprietary precision ground floater lift system, which allows for adjustment to compensate for wear. The kit also offers a choice of three different clamp load designs for unparalleled performance and moderate pedal effort. ACT carries a complete line of clutch kits for your entire Corvette needs.

Advanced Clutch Technology


Prothane introduced their exclusive “Bullet Design” motor mounts for fifth-generation (’10 and later) Camaros. They are fully machined, 6061-T6 billet aluminum, fitted with polyurethane inserts. These inserts have been developed, tested, and proven to absorb shock, vibration, and torque of ultrahigh-performance Camaro engines. Their new fifth-gen Camaro V-8 motor mounts are precision manufactured for an exact fit to replace the inferior OEM rubber units.

Stock rubber components are subject to rot and deterioration due to exposure to petroleum-based lubricants and the elements. All Prothane products utilize specially formulated polyurethane that is impervious to oil, grease, and other fluids that disintegrate stock rubber parts. These exact-fit replacements provide superior overall performance and durability. Prothane offers a comprehensive line of suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts, radiator isolators, bumpstops, and driveline couplers.



Snow Performance has developed a new Stage-3 Boost Cooler (PN 20160) water/methanol injection system for the ’09 and up Camaro that features the most sophisticated digital two-dimensional controller available for more versatility and smooth power under all conditions. Special mapping provides correct injection in normally aspirated as well as boosted applications and is especially applicable to positive displacement supercharged, fast spooling turbo, and naturally aspirated fuel-injected applications where high/low-rpm boost precludes the use of a boost-modulated system. Other features include: a custom parts list, instructions, and photos for this vehicle for easy installation; quick setup; increased injection accuracy; smooth power; and powerful savings.

It’s designed as a chemical intercooler for increased air density, timing, and power, and can also be used in naturally aspirated, boosted, and nitrous applications to “add octane”. The system injects a fine mist of water/methanol into the intake tract providing anti-detonation. It comes with everything needed for installation, including a water/methanol-specific, 300-psi, high-pressure/high-volume pump and specially designed nozzles to atomize the mixture completely. Installation takes just two to three hours. MSRP: $599.

Snow Performance


Big Worm Graphix now has lens protection and light tint kits for the new Camaro ZL1. The product is available in clear or four different shades of tint. The 12-mil-thick material protects lights from rock damage and yellowing. It installs easily with an adhesive backing and conforms to the curve of the lights. In addition to the ZL1, they also have pre-cut kits available for all ’10 and newer Camaros. Big Worm Graphix has a full line of vinyl graphics for the new Camaros, including over 10 different stripe kits, gills, emblem overlays, and more, available in 20 standard colors.

Big Worm Graphix

Are you tired of the yellowish DRL bulbs in your Camaro RS foglights? Do you wish they were a cool white color like the headlights? Well, ACC Enterprises has the solution for you.

The Oracle P13W Plasma LED bulbs are a safe, easy way to upgrade the look of your fifth-generation Camaro daytime running lights. Just remove the halogen P13W bulb and plug in the Plasma LED. There is no need for ballasts, inverters, or resistors, just plug-and-play!

The Plasma LED bulbs boast 6 watts of LED power, which is not only brighter than the factory DRL bulb but is a cool white hue with just a hint of blue for that “HID” look. These LED bulbs put off less than half the heat of the original halogen bulbs, which will keep your lenses clear and untarnished for years longer.

Another great advantage of these bulbs is the optional DRL adapter. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you turn on your halos or headlights your foglights (DRL lights) turn off? This simple adapter allows your halos and headlights to be on at the same time as your LED plasma bulbs.

AAC Enterprises





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