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Oracle Lighting Technologies introduces their new line of SMD Halos for the fifth-generation Camaro, featuring Surface Mount Technology 3528 LEDs made by Bridgelux LED (made in the United States). These new SMD rings are brilliantly bright, extremely durable, and last for 50,000 hours of continuous use (they should outlive your car!). Each Oracle Halo Ring contains hundreds of high-powered, surface-mount LEDs and fit both RS and non-RS Camaro models. Oracle Halo Kits are available for just about any vehicle application and if Oracle does not already make a kit for your car they will build one for you if you ship your headlights to them! This new Oracle Halo Kit is available in white, red, green, blue, orange (Amber), and ColorShift (color changing) to fit any vehicle theme. White and Amber are road legal and can be used as an additional DRL light, other colors are reserved for “show” use only. Since these kits are designed to install directly into your existing factory headlights the kit includes everything you need and detailed installation instructions as well as an installation video guide.

AAC Enterprises


We all love the styling of the Camaro concept car, now you can get the look of the concept by changing your side markers to the Oracle SMD Concept Style Sidemarkers. This includes a set of four new side markers containing high-powered Bridgelux LEDs (made in the United States). Easy installation, just remove the factory side markers and pop in the LED replacements. The total installation takes only 10 minutes to complete. These are available with clear or tinted lenses and painted any factory Camaro color. The “laser-like” look of these LED side markers is sure to turn some heads, day or night!

AAC Enterprises


Give your fifth-gen Camaro convertible the performance style it deserves with the Classic Design Concepts iSportBar. This styling bar adds definition to the Camaro’s side profile for a sporty, professional appearance. The LED dome light fixed in the underside of the bar is used to illuminate your Camaro’s interior. Each iSportBar is hand-wrapped in factory-grained vinyl for a perfect match. Whether it’s daytime driving or evening cruises, the iSportBar is the perfect addition to any fifth-gen Camaro convertible with its performance styling and convenient LED dome light!

Classic Design Concepts


Designed for maximum performance fifth-gen Camaros, the Hotchkis Sport Suspension Total Vehicle System (TVS) is a tuned, balanced, complete suspension solution for the fifth-gen Camaro. Born on the track and engineered for razor-sharp handling performance, the fifth-gen TVS system improves steering response and stability, and eliminates understeer and subframe movement for precise driver control.

The system includes a strong, lightweight Strut Tower Brace designed to clear Magnuson superchargers. To improve vehicle feel and offer a more aggressive stance, 1-inch lowered coil sport springs with performance rates are utilized. To control body roll, Hotchkis Adjustable Competition Sway Bars allow you to tune the car’s response to throttle steer and driver input. The Hotchkis Chassis Max Undercar Brace ties the rear subframe to the unibody, reducing wheel hop and subframe movement. All necessary hardware and complete installation instructions are included.

Hotchkis Performance


With the revival of the Camaro, Rocket Racing Wheels wanted the newer-era enthusiasts to have a classic line of wheels that would complement the timeless look and feel of the original. The Rocket Booster series delivers big style and performance from the first- to the fifth-generation Camaro without breaking the bank! Choose from chrome, black, and their very popular Hyper Shot finish. The wait for custom wheels for your Camaro is over! Ride a Rocket.

Rocket Racing Wheels




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