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Fifth-Gen Camaro Products - 2012 Fifth-Gen Product Showcase

Customize it Your Way!

Sep 25, 2012
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Fifth-gen Camaros are hot and if you have any doubt, just hit up your weekly grudge night sessions or any number of local autocross events. We think you’ll agree that The General’s latest addition to the muscle car wars has spawned a resurgence of Camaro enthusiasm, including a whole new generation of gearheads.

While most know that the fifth-gens are great rides right out of the box, let’s admit it; the fun factor goes up exponentially with the help of the aftermarket. So whatever your poison may be, from basic bolt-on items to a complete suspension install or engine upgrades, we’ve put together the ultimate fifth-gen product showcase to help customize your late-model hot rod. And once your ride is set up to your liking, be sure to take a drive and enjoy the ride. —Henry D.

TSW Alloy Wheels, an industry leader in the development of innovative and striking staggered aftermarket wheels, introduced a beautifully crafted forward five-spoke called the Rivage that pushes the limit of one-piece style. The Rivage emulates the sweeping down slope, Turn 8 curve at the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. The Rivage comes in two brilliant finishes: gloss black with milled spokes that encompass each spoke, and Hyper Silver.

The Rivage is available in an array of staggered sizes: 17x8, 18x8, 18x9.5, 19x8, 19x9.5, 20x8.5, and 20x10. The wheel is made for five-lug passenger cars and small SUVs. Both high and low offsets are available from 20 to 53 mm. As with all TSW wheels, the Rivage is hub-centric for a smooth, vibration-free ride. The Rivage is built to TSW’s strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight.

TSW Alloy Wheels


The special look of the ultimate fifth-generation Nickey Super Camaro can be yours with a purchase of a Nickey Stinger hood. This exclusive hood borrows style and design elements from the muscle car era. One major enhancement Nickey Chicago has made is that the hood has fully functional Ram Air. The air is diverted right above the stock airbox location. They are built from high-quality RTM technology by ACS, an OEM supplier, and carry a three-year limited warranty. The hoods, which have been granted a U.S. patent, come primed not painted and add a vintage, retro/classic style to your modern muscle Camaro. They have several styles available, many of which will clear top-mount superchargers.

Nickey Chicago


Circle D Transmission, still advancing with 36 years of experience in the transmission industry, is ready to turn your 6L80/90 into a performance beast. Their continued development in custom modifications and billet upgrades makes your choice an easy one.

Coming soon is a CDT custom output carrier with billet spline upgrade to eliminate the OE spline failure in high-horsepower vehicles. Other CDT modifications include Circle D’s custom billet 4-5-6 hub shaft assembly and HD clutch pack, upgraded 3-5-R and 2-6 clutch packs with nitride-treated steels and added clutch capacity. The pump and valvebody are also upgraded to exclusive CDT specs. Their fifth-generation shop Camaro is steadily used for R&D of parts and tunes so that they are able to push your vehicle to its peak performance. With their custom packaging, they ship worldwide with confidence.

Circle D Transmission


Fifth-gen Camaros come in three high-tech flavors (LS3, L99, and LSA), but there’s only one flavor of scanning/tuning software that delivers maximum performance: the FlashScan V2 Rom EFILive. FlashScan allows you to monitor data log ECM and TCM activity, check and reset diagnostic trouble codes, and custom-program engine and transmission controllers. FlashScan’s integrated scanning and tuning software simplifies tuning with its overlay capabilities. Simply highlight an area in a data log created by the scanning program, and the cells containing the values that control the conditions being monitored are highlighted in the tuning program. FlashScan V2 controller allows “black box” scanning, tuning, and trouble-code reset without using a PC. You can find out more about FlashScan, and even download a free copy of the software, from their website.


Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) carries an SFI Spec 1.2 certified twin-disc kit for the LS1 Chevy Corvette. The kit offers 875 lb-ft of torque capacity. It has twice the surface area for better wear, high heat capacity, and long life. This includes a proprietary precision ground floater lift system, which allows for adjustment to compensate for wear. The kit also offers a choice of three different clamp load designs for unparalleled performance and moderate pedal effort. ACT carries a complete line of clutch kits for your entire Corvette needs.

Advanced Clutch Technology


Prothane introduced their exclusive “Bullet Design” motor mounts for fifth-generation (’10 and later) Camaros. They are fully machined, 6061-T6 billet aluminum, fitted with polyurethane inserts. These inserts have been developed, tested, and proven to absorb shock, vibration, and torque of ultrahigh-performance Camaro engines. Their new fifth-gen Camaro V-8 motor mounts are precision manufactured for an exact fit to replace the inferior OEM rubber units.

Stock rubber components are subject to rot and deterioration due to exposure to petroleum-based lubricants and the elements. All Prothane products utilize specially formulated polyurethane that is impervious to oil, grease, and other fluids that disintegrate stock rubber parts. These exact-fit replacements provide superior overall performance and durability. Prothane offers a comprehensive line of suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts, radiator isolators, bumpstops, and driveline couplers.



Snow Performance has developed a new Stage-3 Boost Cooler (PN 20160) water/methanol injection system for the ’09 and up Camaro that features the most sophisticated digital two-dimensional controller available for more versatility and smooth power under all conditions. Special mapping provides correct injection in normally aspirated as well as boosted applications and is especially applicable to positive displacement supercharged, fast spooling turbo, and naturally aspirated fuel-injected applications where high/low-rpm boost precludes the use of a boost-modulated system. Other features include: a custom parts list, instructions, and photos for this vehicle for easy installation; quick setup; increased injection accuracy; smooth power; and powerful savings.

It’s designed as a chemical intercooler for increased air density, timing, and power, and can also be used in naturally aspirated, boosted, and nitrous applications to “add octane”. The system injects a fine mist of water/methanol into the intake tract providing anti-detonation. It comes with everything needed for installation, including a water/methanol-specific, 300-psi, high-pressure/high-volume pump and specially designed nozzles to atomize the mixture completely. Installation takes just two to three hours. MSRP: $599.

Snow Performance


Big Worm Graphix now has lens protection and light tint kits for the new Camaro ZL1. The product is available in clear or four different shades of tint. The 12-mil-thick material protects lights from rock damage and yellowing. It installs easily with an adhesive backing and conforms to the curve of the lights. In addition to the ZL1, they also have pre-cut kits available for all ’10 and newer Camaros. Big Worm Graphix has a full line of vinyl graphics for the new Camaros, including over 10 different stripe kits, gills, emblem overlays, and more, available in 20 standard colors.

Big Worm Graphix

Are you tired of the yellowish DRL bulbs in your Camaro RS foglights? Do you wish they were a cool white color like the headlights? Well, ACC Enterprises has the solution for you.

The Oracle P13W Plasma LED bulbs are a safe, easy way to upgrade the look of your fifth-generation Camaro daytime running lights. Just remove the halogen P13W bulb and plug in the Plasma LED. There is no need for ballasts, inverters, or resistors, just plug-and-play!

The Plasma LED bulbs boast 6 watts of LED power, which is not only brighter than the factory DRL bulb but is a cool white hue with just a hint of blue for that “HID” look. These LED bulbs put off less than half the heat of the original halogen bulbs, which will keep your lenses clear and untarnished for years longer.

Another great advantage of these bulbs is the optional DRL adapter. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you turn on your halos or headlights your foglights (DRL lights) turn off? This simple adapter allows your halos and headlights to be on at the same time as your LED plasma bulbs.

AAC Enterprises


Oracle Lighting Technologies introduces their new line of SMD Halos for the fifth-generation Camaro, featuring Surface Mount Technology 3528 LEDs made by Bridgelux LED (made in the United States). These new SMD rings are brilliantly bright, extremely durable, and last for 50,000 hours of continuous use (they should outlive your car!). Each Oracle Halo Ring contains hundreds of high-powered, surface-mount LEDs and fit both RS and non-RS Camaro models. Oracle Halo Kits are available for just about any vehicle application and if Oracle does not already make a kit for your car they will build one for you if you ship your headlights to them! This new Oracle Halo Kit is available in white, red, green, blue, orange (Amber), and ColorShift (color changing) to fit any vehicle theme. White and Amber are road legal and can be used as an additional DRL light, other colors are reserved for “show” use only. Since these kits are designed to install directly into your existing factory headlights the kit includes everything you need and detailed installation instructions as well as an installation video guide.

AAC Enterprises


We all love the styling of the Camaro concept car, now you can get the look of the concept by changing your side markers to the Oracle SMD Concept Style Sidemarkers. This includes a set of four new side markers containing high-powered Bridgelux LEDs (made in the United States). Easy installation, just remove the factory side markers and pop in the LED replacements. The total installation takes only 10 minutes to complete. These are available with clear or tinted lenses and painted any factory Camaro color. The “laser-like” look of these LED side markers is sure to turn some heads, day or night!

AAC Enterprises


Give your fifth-gen Camaro convertible the performance style it deserves with the Classic Design Concepts iSportBar. This styling bar adds definition to the Camaro’s side profile for a sporty, professional appearance. The LED dome light fixed in the underside of the bar is used to illuminate your Camaro’s interior. Each iSportBar is hand-wrapped in factory-grained vinyl for a perfect match. Whether it’s daytime driving or evening cruises, the iSportBar is the perfect addition to any fifth-gen Camaro convertible with its performance styling and convenient LED dome light!

Classic Design Concepts


Designed for maximum performance fifth-gen Camaros, the Hotchkis Sport Suspension Total Vehicle System (TVS) is a tuned, balanced, complete suspension solution for the fifth-gen Camaro. Born on the track and engineered for razor-sharp handling performance, the fifth-gen TVS system improves steering response and stability, and eliminates understeer and subframe movement for precise driver control.

The system includes a strong, lightweight Strut Tower Brace designed to clear Magnuson superchargers. To improve vehicle feel and offer a more aggressive stance, 1-inch lowered coil sport springs with performance rates are utilized. To control body roll, Hotchkis Adjustable Competition Sway Bars allow you to tune the car’s response to throttle steer and driver input. The Hotchkis Chassis Max Undercar Brace ties the rear subframe to the unibody, reducing wheel hop and subframe movement. All necessary hardware and complete installation instructions are included.

Hotchkis Performance


With the revival of the Camaro, Rocket Racing Wheels wanted the newer-era enthusiasts to have a classic line of wheels that would complement the timeless look and feel of the original. The Rocket Booster series delivers big style and performance from the first- to the fifth-generation Camaro without breaking the bank! Choose from chrome, black, and their very popular Hyper Shot finish. The wait for custom wheels for your Camaro is over! Ride a Rocket.

Rocket Racing Wheels

Are you looking for a true cold-air intake system for your Camaro? Like you, Cold Air Inductions got tired of the same old plastic cold-air intakes sucking in hot air from the engine bay. That’s why they design products that are proven to keep your intake air flowing cooler and faster. They offer an enclosed and insulated airbox with an easily removable lid, which features a clear view window for simple filter inspection. According to Cold Air Inductions, they are the only company that ceramic coats its intake tubes to reduce performance-hindering heat soak, and they design their own eight-layer, lifetime-use air filters, which maximizes performance and protects your engine. Benefits include increased horsepower, torque, throttle response, and even fuel economy! All of their intakes are made in the United States, backed with a lifetime warranty, and are available for V-6, V-8, and supercharged Camaros in either a “near chrome” or “textured black” finish.

Cold Air Inductions Inc.


Pypes Performance Exhaust delivers real muscle car sound to new Camaros!

Pypes Performance Exhaust delivers real muscle car sound to new Camaros. Got 45 minutes and some basic hand tools? The new Camaro Pype Bomb Axle-Back Exhaust System from Pypes will make your fifth-gen Camaro sound the way it should sound … like a real muscle car! The Pype Bomb utilizes unique, louvered core, resonated, dual-wall 304 stainless tips to give you that incredible muscle car sound without the popping sound that is associated with other exhaust kits. There is no drone! This axle-back system is specifically designed for the ’10 and newer Camaro and Camaro convertible. It is constructed of 16-gauge, mandrel-bent, 304 stainless steel and features a pair of oversized 41/2-inch double-wall tips and all the hardware necessary to hang the system. The system is also available in a powdercoated black finish.

Pypes Performance Exhaust


Pypes’ fifth-gen Camaro after-cat system is a serious difference maker!

When these modern muscle cars hit the streets, Pypes jumped at the chance to get their hands on one of them. After hearing the stock sound, they decided to design their own exhaust system to improve the performance and sound. They chose to add an X-Pipe to their system to balance the two sides of the exhaust and increase flow. They also replaced the stock resonators with a pair of their M-80 mufflers. That allowed them to delete the massive stock mufflers and add a better quality tip to this mid-muffler, after-cat system.

Constructed using 16-gauge, mandrel-bent, 304 stainless steel, this system will deliver years of great looks and performance. The kit includes an X-pipe, all required tubing, a pair of their M-80 mufflers and oversized 41/2-inch, double-walled, polished tips, along with all the hardware necessary to ensure a true bolt-on installation.

Pypes Performance Exhaust


Pypes’ Long-Tube Headers for the ’10 and newer Camaro add flow and punch to your exhaust!

Add some punch to your fifth-gen Camaro by installing these killer Long-Tube Headers from Pypes Performance Exhaust. They’ve made their reputation delivering high-performance exhaust systems for classic and late-model muscle cars and these Camaro headers represent some of their finest work. Horsepower gains of 25-30 hp are not uncommon!

Specs: Primary tube diameter, 13/4 inches; Collector diameter, 21/2 inches; T304 stainless steel construction. These headers connect to factory or Pypes after-cat exhausts without any modification. As with all of their products, high-quality gaskets and hardware are included with each pair of headers. It’s all about flow, and these new Long Tube Camaro Headers from Pypes deliver in a big way.

Pypes Performance Exhaust


The fifth-generation Camaro is a tough muscular car whose prowess is near impossible to match. Stepping up to the challenge, MRT’s team of engineers achieved the impossible by designing a high-caliber, badass rear window louver for the ’10-12 Camaro. The smooth, seamless design of the MRT Rear Window Louver produces a tight, flowing arc that accentuates the muscular curvature of the Camaro’s rear window. Not willing to drill into your Camaro? Neither are they. MRT Window Louvers come ready to install with absolutely no drilling, manufactured in the highest-grade aluminum and powdercoated in a sleek Satin Black. MRT Rear Window Louvers also feature a one-piece all-aluminum hinged design with prop rod to ensure functionally. Give your Camaro the killer look that puts your ride at the head of the pack with American-made MRT Rear Window Louvers.



AMSOIL Inc. Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil delivers extraordinary lubrication in all types of automotive gasoline engines. Signature Series oils exceed the higher performance demands of modern engines, withstanding the stress of higher horsepower, higher heat, and complicated emissions control systems. Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is engineered to outperform competitive conventional and synthetic motor oils to deliver long-lasting performance and protection.

The benefits include: extended drain intervals, maximized fuel economy, reduced engine wear, reduced oil consumption and emissions, and excellent extreme temperature performance. Available in five viscosities, 5W-30 meets or exceeds API SN (Resource Conserving), SM ILSAC GF-5, GF-4; ACEA A5/B5, A1/B1; Ford WSS-M2C946-A, WSS-M2C929-A; Chrysler MS-6395; GM dexos1 (supersedes LL-A-025, 6094M and 4718M) fortified with detergents that exceed dexos1 sulfated ash specifications.

AMSOIL Inc. is the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, producing the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972.



Protect your late-model Camaro with the only crankshaft damper designed exclusively for high-performance Chevy engines, the ATI Super Damper. Stock equipment on Lingenfelter and Redline Camaros, these dampers are available for the ’10 and newer V-6 and LS3 Camaros as well as the 2012+ ZL1.

The 2010+ V-6 dampers are available with 25 percent (PN 918638) or 10 percent (PN 918637) underdrive or an OEM replacement size (PN 918636). LS3 units include an A/C pulley for the OEM diameter (PN 918628) or 10 percent underdrive (PN 918629). For the ZL1 unit (PN 918854), there are two supercharger pulley options available: 5 percent OD (PN 916105) or 10 percent OD (PN 916106).

All ATI Super Dampers are black zinc chromate finished and come with laser-engraved 360-degree timing marks. They are tunable, rebuildable, and provide balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations through all rpm ranges. Exceeds SFI 18.1 Safety Certification, for competition use.

ATI Performance Products


Are you tired of looking at your bland factory headlights? Do you wish there was a product out there that combined the latest styles as well as functionality at night? These headlights are just right for you (pictured: PN PRO-YD-CCAM2010-CCFL-BK for the ’10-12 Chevy Camaro). They come equipped with Dual Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) halo and LED strips. These lights offer the latest in aesthetic styling as well as greater visibility for you and for others. They also use the latest technology in projector lighting, guaranteed to light up even the darkest of roads.

“Like” Spyder Auto on Facebook to keep up with their new product updates, events, and releases.

Spyder Auto


Is your Camaro experiencing rubber bushing and body mount fatigue? Energy Suspension, the world’s leading manufacturer in performance polyurethane, will cure your fifth-gen Camaro’s excessive body roll, poor handling, and wheel-hop with their line of polyurethane suspension and drivetrain components. Energy Suspension’s offerings include front and rear control arm bushings, front and rear sway bar bushings, rear differential carrier bushings, subframe inserts, and mounts. Sold separately, each component is specifically designed to complement this modern muscle car’s ride quality yet firm enough to handle performance driving while transferring power more efficiently on the street or the track. OE rubber bushings are soft and do wear out so don’t short-shift on your suspension, make your Camaro more energy efficient. Available in black or red.

Energy Suspension


From the drawing board to the mill, Rushforth Wheels puts a major emphasis on design, function, and customer service from fitment to follow-through. The Rushforth Wheels team is dedicated to giving you a unique, high-quality product with an excellent customer service experience, all while still being competitively priced and made entirely in the United States. Rushforth Wheels start with 6061-T6 aluminum forgings, which means they’re light and very strong and can hold up to years of miles, whether on your daily driver or your track day machine.

Great design, precision engineering, aerospace materials, custom fitments, and complete customer service make Rushforth Wheels the total package.

Rushforth Wheels


West Coast Camaro says they are the No. 1 supplier for fifth-gen Camaros. For over 25 years they have supplied Corvette enthusiasts with the highest quality of performance parts and accessories, so when it comes to Chevy performance they know what they’re talking about.

Are you transforming your fifth-gen into that 1,000hp monster or just want it to look better? West Coast Camaro has performance parts, brake packages, custom wheels, lowering kits, interior, exterior, and engine bay styling products to fit your needs. If that’s not enough, they can make you look good too—literally—as they have a large selection of apparel, from jackets to T-shirts and hats, for men, women, and children. Many of their products are exclusive to West Coast Camaro customers only. All parts come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee; they will meet or beat any advertised price on comparable products. Call for a free fifth-gen Camaro catalog.

West Coast Camaro


Phastek Performance is the Camaro aftermarket authority with their online Camaro Superstore that has everything you need for your new ’10-12 Camaro SS/RS/LS/LT and new ZL1. Visit their website for everything from performance to styling—cold-air intakes, headers, exhausts, superchargers, turbo kits, tuning and ECU programming, as well as exterior styling, interior upgrades, underhood accessories, lighting upgrades, suspension kits, engine parts, brake kits, wheels, Camaro apparel, and many other parts and accessories, and it’s all available online!

Phastek Performance


Detroit Speed (DSE) is known for their performance and ride quality of early Camaros. Now you, too, can have Detroit Speed technology underneath your fifth-generation Camaro. The Performance Handling Kit includes front and rear drop springs and a front antiroll bar with an adjustable rear antiroll bar. The Drop Springs lower the ride height to give your car a more aggressive stance. The increased spring rates provide improved performance handling while retaining excellent ride quality. They are a direct replacement to the factory fifth-generation Camaro springs. The DSE Drop Springs retain the factory isolators. The front and rear antiroll bars have a larger diameter than the OEM bars with an increased rate for improved performance handling. The antiroll bars are powdercoated gloss black. The antiroll bars also include split lock collars that positively locate the antiroll bar in the correct location. The antiroll bar bushings are also black for a clean uniform finish.

Detroit Speed Inc.


“The most powerful, biggest, baddest, best-looking, highest horsepower potential... and coolest” PD Camaro supercharger kits are now available from Kenne Bell with a Liquid Cooled (patent pending) option. These huge 2.8L, 3.6L, or 4.2L superchargers, coupled to the exclusive Kenne Bell Mammoth 41/2-inch inlet system, dwarf the competition. Since only cool, dense, outside-the-engine-compartment ram air is inhaled, these kits produce another 30-50 hp over others. Short, low-restriction, high-rpm runners guarantee maximum midrange and top-end horsepower. Rear inlet guarantees maximum airflow to the supercharger. The rear inlet design guarantees minimum airflow restriction to the supercharger. The exposed “top mount” concept means no covers, manifolds, or intercoolers to heat-soak the supercharger. And you won’t mistake this beast for an intake manifold. All kits fit under the stock hood—that means huge horsepower potential. Every component is over engineered to support up to 1,500 hp.

Kenne Bell


Before the Stealth System, if you wanted to make some real power with your fifth-gen, your only fuel system options were voltage boosters and expensive twin-pump systems.

But Aeromotive has changed that. Similar to the successful Corvette Stealth System, the new Camaro System is a complete drop-in, single fuel pump assembly for ’10 and later Camaros. The system provides a single A1000 or Eliminator Fuel Pump capable of supporting big horsepower (up to 1,400-plus horsepower) and it drops right into your factory tank. It still incorporates the factory jet siphon system, includes an integral 100-micron pre-pump filter, and an ORB-08 return line port. With a true return-style system installed in your Camaro, you can support the power you’re making without the worry of the siphon system while maintaining your factory fuel tank—all while saving you money!

Aeromotive Inc.


Convenient, high-performance SoundGate factory audio upgrade kits from Kicker provide a solution for consumers who seek high-end sound created specifically for the fifth-gen Camaro, but installed quickly (less than 90 minutes) with little modification. They consist of high-end subwoofer and amplifier upgrades, mounted in definitive locations that give the listener immediate satisfaction with intensified sound and a factory look. Kicker Upgrade Kits for the Camaro consist of a rugged 10-inch subwoofer in an OEM-quality, made-to-fit enclosure, a low-power-draw, integrated bass amplifier (200 watts), and a multi-channel DSP amp to enhance the existing factory speakers (optional). Each Kicker component has been precisely tuned and balanced to match the superior Camaro performance. The upgrades cosmetically integrate for a clean, factory-installed look. The upgrades are currently available for most ’10-12 Camaros, new or previously owned. Kicker factory upgrades are now available at select authorized Kicker dealers nationwide.



COMP Cams offers valvetrain components designed specifically to maximize the power potential of fifth-gen Camaro LS engines. To squeeze out the most power from your fifth-gen Camaro, COMP Cams introduced a new line of components engineered from the ground up to maximize LS3 and L99 horsepower and torque potential. With options available to work with the needs of applications using GM LS Active Fuel Management (AFM), Wide Lobe Separation, or Variable Valve Timing, COMP Cams has the components needed to assemble the perfect valvetrain for your fifth-gen Camaro. With camshafts, Beehive and Dual Springs, retainers, locks, seals, spring seats, and expertly matched kits, there are a wide variety of options available to easily fit your exact needs. No matter how your ’10-current Camaro engine is set up, COMP Cams technicians can help you assemble the perfect valvetrain combination for your fifth-gen Camaro application.



The strength and reliability of TCI Automotive’s StreetFighter Torque Converters are now available for GM 6L80E applications, like the ’10 Chevy Camaro. Manufactured to withstand the rigors of nitrous injection systems and other power adder options, the StreetFighter Torque Converter is a must whenever horsepower has been increased. It benefits more radically prepared street/race machines, such as those with performance cams, aftermarket carburetors, and higher compression ratios. Furnace-brazed components increase the unit’s strength, and extra-durable, heat-treated splines, sprag races, and hub will stand up to harder launches off the line. An aftermarket billet front and clutch assembly stop the chance of converter clutch slippage under heavy throttle racing requirements. With its combination of strength and driveability, the StreetFighter Torque Converter for the GM 6L80E-equipped Camaro offers excellent performance for street use as well. It also features the proprietary TCI Automotive’s HDT Coating, enabling cooler temperatures, and more efficient drivetrain operation.

TCI Automotive


Engineers at FAST teamed up with airflow specialists at RHS to develop a three-piece polymer intake manifold for rectangular port GM L99- and LS3-type engines. Extensive testing produced gains of up to 14-plus horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel over stock intakes. The new LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold features a three-piece modular design that allows easy disassembly and porting. The runners are longer and less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains. The LSXR is constructed from an advanced proprietary polymer material, which offers a host of benefits over aluminum aftermarket intakes, including lighter weight, higher strength, and improved heat dissipation. While the LSXR perfectly fits the FAST 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body, it can also be used with stock or aftermarket 90mm or 92mm throttle bodies. Other features include integrated nitrous bungs and perfect, bolt-on fitments that works with factory accessories without modification or clearance concerns.



Quarter Master LS Street Clutches bring proven, race-winning technology to street applications. The clutches feature a 10.4-inch, twin-disc configuration that utilize a proprietary organic friction compound with a dual sprung hub to ensure streetability without compromising torque capacity and performance. Built to withstand 1,000 lb-ft of torque and 1,400 hp, these LS-style clutches can handle even the most radically prepared street machines. Gas-slotted clutch surfaces and a ventilated floater plate offer advanced cooling properties, while a lightweight flywheel design optimizes a moment of inertia. With street use in mind, the clutch was created with a noise, rattle, and chatter-free design, indistinguishable from OEM stock clutch pedal and actuation. Featuring an optimized cover design based on FEA evaluation, a flex-reducing modular leg design and custom aircraft spec hardware, these clutches are the ultimate in strength and reliability. Based on years of professional racing experience and engineering, this new line of street clutches for C5 and C6 Corvette, fifth-gen Camaro, and Pontiac G8 applications does not use OEM parts, unlike competitors who build clutch kits based on OEM or existing components.

Quarter Master


Monster Lug, a new brand for domestic performance vehicles from Mackin Industries, offers racing lug nuts manufactured out of SCM435 steel. This durable and hard steel lug features an open-end design for racing studs along with a knurled end for grip during install/removal. These lugs are offered in a variety of colors to suit the taste of each performance vehicle owner. Monster Lug will also offer lock kits, closed end caps, and new designs shortly.

Dealer inquiries invited.

Mackin Industries


Retro your ride with Retro USA’s accessories, featuring Chrome-Tech, chrome film laminated to TPO, the gold standard in automotive plastic. The results are an extremely durable, lightweight, easy-to-install product. Unlike the chrome of the old, Retro USA claims their Chrome-Tech products will never rust, crack, chip, or peel. While the technology is new, the look is classic. Retro USA’s Chrome-Tech bumpers, hood vents, quarter moldings, and rocker moldings complete the nostalgic look of Chevrolet’s reborn ponycar. All Retro USA accessories are easily installed in a matter of minutes using 3M Attachment Tapes, with no modifications required.

Retro USA says their best selling product, Quarter Moldings, or Shark Gills—their name back in the day—is now available in black and chrome, all chrome, or paintable.

Retro USA


Flex-a-lite introduces its new Flex-a-fit radiator and electric fan combination for ’10-11 V-8 Camaros. This radiator offers three times more cooling surface and twice the core thickness compared to the stock radiator for significantly better cooling. The two-row, 1-inch radiator is all-aluminum and hand welded for better construction than the original composite. The electric fan comes pre-mounted from the factory and utilizes the original fan connections. This kit includes all brackets and hardware for the radiator as well as the radiator cap. An optional kit (PN 4116C) adds a Flex-a-lite transmission cooler with mounting hardware to the original frame for better automatic transmission cooling. The radiator is available by itself (PN 56418) or with radiator and fan combination (PN 56488) and includes a dual Flex-a-lite X-Treme S-Blade 3,000-cfm electric fan (PN 480).

Flex-a-fit radiators are manufactured in the United States with a two-row, all-aluminum core hand-welded to the side tanks with patented “T” channels to dissipate heat more efficiently. Radiator mounting brackets are included for direct bolt-in fit to the stock location, and the “T” channel provides a more secure attachment for these mounting brackets. To watch an installation video on this product visit:



Halo Super Cars’ reverse tilt hood kit is the first of its kind and is now available directly from the manufacturer. This bolt-on kit uses all factory mounti ng locations, eight self-tapping screws, and comes with everything you need for installation in your garage. Basic hand tools, a few hours time, and some minor trimming of the factory latch cover panel are needed. All brackets are CNC laser cut, bent, welded, and assembled in-house in Benton Harbor, Michigan. As well as the CNC-machined release cable slider blocks that allow you to use your factory hood release lever while opening both latches at the same time. High-quality gas struts keep the hood stable even in high winds. With a retail price of $549 this kit is hands-down one of the most attention-grabbing mods you can do for the money.

Halo Super Cars


Eddie Motorsports offers a complete line of dress-up and performance parts for ’67 to ’11 Camaros. Not to be confused with cheap imported metal parts, all of Eddie’s aluminum parts are True Billet, machined from the highest quality 6061 aluminum in the United States at the Eddie Motorsports facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The Eddie Motorsports Camaro product line includes billet hood and trunk hinges, serpentine pulley systems, billet taillights, and much more. Call for a free catalog today.

Eddie Motorsports


Now you can give your ’10-11 Camaro a sinister look, with the Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package from PFYC. Available for both V-8 and V-6 models, this ready-to-assemble kit includes ram-air hood with heat extraction, front air dam, side skirts, and rear fascia; dovetail rear spoiler; and 41/2-inch exhaust tips. Each component of the Sinister Camaro package has been crafted to complement and enhance the design of your Camaro. The ram-air hood and dovetail rear spoiler are constructed of the hand-laid fiberglass or carbon fiber (optional). The front air dam, rear fascia, and side skirts are constructed of OEM-quality, high-pressure urethane and include an aggressive GT-inspired diffuser. All parts are ready for prep and paint and include everything you’ll need to install for an OEM fit.

For a limited time you can buy the entire package (a $2,400 value) for just $1,969.



The Granatelli Motor Sports 1G Gen5 Camaro Suspension Bracing System will dramatically increase handling.

Connect key points of the whole undercarriage: The 1G suspension kit creates a full frame, greatly increasing handling.

More power to the ground: Reduced chassis flexing and twisting releases hidden horsepower.

Proven by GMS: On a 200-foot skid pad, yielded 0.984g clockwise, 1.03g counterclockwise.

100 percent complete: From front to back the 1G kit comes with all the necessary pieces to turn your fifth-gen Camaro into a corner carver.

Unbeatable ride and handling: Specially designed for faster response.

Performance for everyone: Fits V-8 and V-6 models.

Customized to fit your needs: These are the part numbers that create a 1G package and are available separately: 500071 Gen5 Camaro Sub-Frame Connector Kit, 500072 Gen5 Camaro K-Member Support Bracket, 500073 Gen5 Camaro Butterfly Sub-Frame Connector Kit, 500074 Gen5 Camaro Rear Sub-Frame Connector Kit, and 500075 Gen5 Camaro G-Load Brace.

Granatelli Motor Sports


Nickey Chicago, the “Original Super Car Headquarters”, is converting Camaros just like 1967 all over again. Reserve a position for a ’13 fifth-generation Nickey Super Camaro today. Conversions also include the new GM ZL1 Camaro. Three stages are offered, from mild to wild, starting at 500 hp, up to over 1,000 hp.

Superchargers and twin-turbo packages are available. They will custom build a Nickey Super Camaro just for you. Nickey is a leader and innovator regarding the fifth-generation Camaro. Everything from turnkey cars to all the special parts in order to build your own are available through Nickey. Why settle for imitations when you can own an original?

Nickey Chicago




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