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Features & Benefits

The black anodized finish increases resistance to stains and potential corrosion.

chp 01 O  Black Anodized Valvesprings Hieght Micrometer 2/2

Available for four-, six-, and eight-cylinder applications.

Easy-to-read white lettering against the black anodized finish.

Also available is a Beehive Valve Spring specific model.

Part Numbers

POW101204 (0.600-0.0950 inch)
POW101205 (1.400-1.800 inches)
POW101200 (1.600-2.200 inches)
POW101203 (1.600-2.200 inches Beehive)

Price (approx.)

Starts at $57

Where To Get It

Powerhouse Products

Engine builders know that it’s important to check valvespring height with any new build or combination. This almost means using a reliable tool to get the job done. To make the job easier and as accurate as possible, Powerhouse Products offers their line of Valve Spring Height Micrometers. Just install the micrometer like a valvespring and expand the tool until it seats the valve, locks, and retainer (accurate to 0.001 inch). All you have to do is install any of the micrometers just like a valvespring and then expand the tool until it fully seats the valve, locks, and retainer.




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