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Big flow

Super Victor II Intake Manifolds for Big-Block Engines With Rectangular-Port Heads

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The Edelbrock Super Victor II is a new single-plane intake manifold designed for use with large cubic-inch big-block Chevrolet competition engines using the latest in rectangular-port cylinder head designs. It’s ideal for any 1,000-plus horsepower drag race standard-deck (9.8-inch) engine with high airflow demands. It also features an extra-large carburetor outer flange with a 5x5-inch opening for high-flow carburetors and throttle stop applications. This intake manifold also utilizes new modern casting techniques to create smooth, thin, and extended divider walls for optimal out-of-the-box performance. This also allows for an improved runner design, resulting in 5.0 square inches of runner area in the plenum. Three additional versions are also available: PN 2895 features thicker flanges resulting in an 0.080-inch increase in port exit height over standard designs, PN 2898 has been machined to increase the port exits by 0.250 inch for raised-port cylinder heads, and PN 2897 is available with the same features for tall-deck (10.2-inch) applications and some high-runner standard deck applications as well. Both PN 2897 and PN 2898 feature 5.38 square inches of runner area at the plenum.

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Improved Handling

Art Morrison Four-Bar Kit

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The suspension experts at Art Morrison Enterprises have developed a kit that allows builders to adapt a highly effective, adjustable four-bar rear suspension to a wide variety of vehicles. Notable benefits of this setup from AME include the use of “Johnny Joint” lubricated rod ends that provide the articulation and “tightness” of competition spherical bearings for precise housing control, adjustable coilover shocks, and the ability to “tune” the roll stiffness through the adjustable antisway bar. AME’s new four-bar package is great for true high-performance street applications. The Johnny Joints are lubricated to provide necessary harmonic dampening and quiet operation. Shock and sway bar adjustability allow the suspension to be set up as taut as desired. Included in the AME package are four “Big Tube” bars with Johnny Joints and mounting brackets, rearend housing mounts, crossmember and coilover mounts, a pair of Strange adjustable coilover shocks, an antisway bar with mounts and adjusting links, plus all required hardware.

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