Chevrolet Bolt-On Upgrades - Bolt-On Bonanza

Compilation of High-Performance Goodies

Jake Amatisto Jul 25, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Strange Brew

Strange Engineering’s Adjustable Steel Coilovers for Camaros

If you’re a hard-core drag racer or even a weekend warrior, Strange Engineering has the suspension components that will provide you with the consistency and adjustability it takes to build a solid Chevy performer. If you drag race a third- or fifth-gen Camaro, Strange’s new coilovers will definitely help plant the tires. These double-adjustable (compression, rebound) struts can be tuned at the track using easy-to-find knobs, and can even adjust ride height.

1209chp 14 O  Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades 2/17

PN: S2061
Price: $500 each

What We Would Do:
If you have ever raced a car with a strong engine and worn-out stock suspension, then you can appreciate a set of quality struts and coils. The adjustability and ride height adjustment would work perfect for our imaginary black-on-black ’12 Camaro we’ve been talking about in this piece.

Strange Engineering

Hunting Heads

Brodix Cylinder Heads’ Head Hunter 23-Degree SBC Heads

Because the 23-degree valve angle of standard small-block heads can limit how aggressive engine builders can get with piston design and airflow potential, companies like Brodix have set out to build 23-degree heads that will flow more like 18-degree heads. Three different Head Hunter heads are available from Brodix, and all feature oval-shaped intake ports: the 229cc heads flow upwards of 325 cfm, the 225cc raised intake ports flow over 335 cfm, and the 234cc ports flow over 345 cfm.

1209chp 15 Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades Sbc Heads 3/17

Price: $2,700

What We Would Do:
These heads make us want to construct a sky-high rpm de-stroked 350 with about 16:1 compression, a lot of gear, and a clutchless five-speed. Don’t know why, we just do.

Brodix Cylinder Heads


Performance Online’s 19-Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank for ’49-54 Chevys

If you are a gearhead who loves to drive his ’50s street machine all over the country, chances are your stock gas tank’s limited capacity will have you pulling over frequently. The folks at Performance Online have come up with a solution to the stock piece and now offer a trick aluminum tank that holds 19 gallons of fuel, which is enough to feed your car’s healthy powerplant with room to spare. They mount in the factory location, are fully baffled, and according to, require minimal modifications to install. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, these tanks are lighter than most factory units. The tank kit includes the aluminum fuel tank, spare tire cover panel, and all the needed hardware. This piece requires removal of a spare tire bucket, so you’ll need to relocate your spare if you’re road tripping.

1209chp 16 O  Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades 4/17

PN: AGT4954
Price: $540

What We Would Do:
A gas tank upgrade seems like it would be an afterthought for most casual car builders, so if you have a ’50s project, you should probably take a look at what’s holding your fuel. We would definitely ditch the spare tire well for more fuel, and judging by how large the trunks are in the ’49-54 platforms, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Performance Online


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