Chevrolet Bolt-On Upgrades - Bolt-On Bonanza

Compilation of High-Performance Goodies

Jake Amatisto Jul 25, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Easy Breathing

Church Boys Racing’s ’62-67 Nova LSx Mid-Length Swap Headers

Church Boys Racing is making it even easier to install a modern LS engine in your shoebox Nova. These stainless steel mid-length headers are masterfully constructed from 16-gauge stainless steel and heavy-duty, 3/8-inch flanges to prevent warping. While being able to fit nearly any steering configuration, these headers are completely TIG welded and feature a smoothly formed 3-inch collector with the O2 bungs already installed.

1209chp 11 O  Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades 2/17

PN: Call
Price: $660

What We Would Do:
Simple, we’d put them in a Nova street machine. There’s something about seeing an LS under the hood of an old muscle car that puts a devilish smile on our faces, and with Church Boys mid-lengths, you can now drop a modern small-block into your Nova with ease. These are great headers for the street because they can provide more power than a shorty-style, without the fitment issues of full-length headers.

Church Boys Racing

Imp Shoes

Classic Performance Products’ Chevy Fullsize Disc Brakes

If you have a fullsize Chevy, and you want a great stance with increased braking power, Classic Performance Products offers an affordable way to lower your car, while giving your vehicle better stoppage. The kit works with even 14-inch wheels and includes drop spindles, rotors, loaded calipers, caliper mounting brackets, and all the hardware needed for install. For those with big camshafts, you also have the option of a 7-, 8-, or 9-inch brake booster; the master cylinder and proportioning valve are included as well.

1209chp 12 Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades Brakes 3/17

PN: 6570CBK-D
Price: $700

What We Would Do:
This is the kind of bolt-on we enjoy installing: relatively little work for a big payoff. If we were to increase the power output in a heavy, fullsized car like an Impala or Monte Carlo, we would definitely improve the braking. Dropping the car down is a definite plus, too.

Classic Performance Products

Easy Axle

Moser Engineering’s Muscle Pak Complete Rearend for A-Bodies

Moser Engineering’s Muscle Pak line of complete rearends are oftentimes the right way to go if you’re looking for a beefier rear axle, but don’t want to source individual parts. Moser’s 12-bolts (also offers 9-inch and Dana 60 rears, as well) are designed and manufactured in the United States using Moser Engineering-owned casting boxes. New housing, with OEM-located mounting provisions, seamless steel tubing, custom alloy axles (30-, 33-, or 35-spline), bearings, studs, seals, heavy-duty retainer plates, new housing ends, differential, pinion yoke, ring-and-pinion, rear cover, and Eaton Posi differential—basically the whole shebang in a crate.

1209chp 13 Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades Rearend 4/17

Price: $3,100

What We Would Do:
There’s something about getting a product in a giant wooden crate that makes any gearhead smile from ear to ear. After taking the time and money to build a rearend from scratch a few years ago, we now understand why Moser’s Muscle Pak rearends are so popular. This would go great under our imaginary ’80 Malibu, you know the one.

Moser Engineering


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