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Compilation of High-Performance Goodies

Jake Amatisto Jul 25, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Quick Slayer

Quick Fuel Technology’s Street Slayer Carburetor

Can we interest anyone in a brand-new carburetor for $300? Quick Fuel Technology’s line of Street Slayer carburetors is an affordable way to increase the performance of any ride. At 650 or 750 cfm with a vacuum secondary, they cover most of the real-world street machine combos out there, but the Street Slayer carbs aren’t bland, stripped-down pieces; they are handbuilt, and unlike most carburetors, QFT’s are aluminum. Other features include a CNC’d secondary metering plate with changeable jets, they even come with changeable idle air and high-speed air bleeds for those who want to really dial it in. The QuickSet adjustment mechanism on the vacuum secondary can be adjusted externally, without having to change diaphragms.

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PN: SL-600-VS (650 cfm),
SL-750-VS (750 cfm)
Price: $300

What We Would Do:
You would be surprised how much better an old muscle car will run with a carburetor that wasn’t found in the back of a van at the boneyard. A lot of times when we pick up a new project car, the carburetor is typically in terrible shape, so we usually swap on something affordable like QFT’s Street Slayer to make them run properly. This would be the go-to part the next time we drag a basket case back from the High Desert or somewhere else that wreaks havoc on carburetion systems.

Quick Fuel Technology

Today’s T-Ram

Holley’s Modular LS Hi-Ram

The word modular has been synonymous with the Ford Mustang engine for so long that we almost forgot it applies to other things. The modular in this case is referring to Holley’s Hi-Ram for LS engines, which is a modifiable tunnel ram-style intake manifold that covers a wide array of different engine builds. If you want to run dual-quads, they have a top for that. If you want to run a throttle body on the back or the front of it, they have a top for that too. The LS engine platform can be built to any performance level and with Holley’s Hi-Ram, you’re covered no matter what you decide to build. There are even blank tops for those who want to run injection stacks or some other wild induction, and Holley even has a flange that allows you to make your own sheetmetal top.

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PN: 300-213 (base only)
Price: $650

What We Would Do:
We have always liked the look and high-rpm performance of a cast-aluminum tunnel-ram. It seems, however, they have gotten a bad rap in recent years, mostly because there haven’t been any new designs (a lot of what you see available for small- and big-blocks was developed in the ’80s and ’90s). We would plumb approximately four stages of nitrous on this baddie (the runners are certainly long enough) and set it on some wicked screamer-of-an-LS engine, then abuse it with a progressive N20 controller and a clutch.


In the Loop

Moroso Performance’s Fifth-Gen Driveshaft Safety Loop

With how easy it is to make the newest-generation Camaro superfast, we’re surprised we haven’t seen too many driveshaft mishaps at the strip. Investing in this simple, bolt-on driveshaft loop can save you not only embarrassment at the track, but it can also prevent you from pole-vaulting your fifth-gen onto its roof. Moroso designed it to contain the driveshaft in the event of a front U-joint failure and the loop itself (the bracket stays bolted in place) is removable, making pulling a driveshaft a snap.

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PNs: 62640, C3174 and 62641, C3175
Price: $150

What We Would Do:
First of all, we would buy an all-black ’12 SS Camaro, put a supercharger on it, maybe some gears and slicks, and become a weekly regular again at our local eighth-mile dragstrip. Of course, we’d run Moroso’s loop mostly because, knowing our luck, we’d launch the shaft on the first run.

Moroso Performance Products


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