Chevrolet Bolt-On Upgrades - Bolt-On Bonanza

Compilation of High-Performance Goodies

Jake Amatisto Jul 25, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Hustle & Flow

Air flow Research’s 385cc BBC Heads

If you want big, bolt-on power from a set of cylinder heads, look no further than Air Flow Research. At the bottom of the list of AFR’s big-block heads is the 385cc castings. With larger and larger engines becoming the norm in not only racing, but on the street as well, the folks at AFR developed a head to cater to those 555 and 600-plus cubic-inch engines. As AFR’s highest flowing big-block head, they claim their 385cc heads flow up nearly 440 cfm at usable lift points, and enough exhaust flow to still maintain over 75 percent of that number at 0.800 lift (335 cfm at 0.800 lift), according to AFR’s website. These heads make big power at 7,800 to 8,500 rpm, although titanium valves are recommended over 8,000. Of course, to fully utilize the hurricane airflow you’ll need a large camshaft, somewhere in the 0.780 to 0.850 range, which, if you’re in the market for heads that flow over 400 cfm in the first place, you probably knew already.

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PN: 2020
Price: $3,600

What We Would Do:
Potent, out-of-the-box components like these behemoths from AFR would be perfect for a mail-order 1,000hp build. We would probably just pick up the phone and order a high-compression 632ci short-block from a reputable engine builder, stab a proper camshaft in it, and top it with these trick pieces. We wouldn’t even need to spray or boost it … at first.

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Air flow Research

Transformation Catalyst

Roadster Shop’s Fast Track Chassis System for Second-Gen Camaros

Need a reason to completely transform your ’71 Camaro with a rotted frame into a modern-day Pro Touring street machine? You no longer have to worry about that salt-eaten frame and worn suspension; Roadster Shop offers a whole brand-new chassis system that’s specifically designed with high performance in mind. The Fast Track Chassis System is built with a sturdy CNC-cut, fully boxed framerails that eliminates flex associated with aggressive driving. Because of the frame’s unique design, it allows the builder to lower the floor of the car, maximizing headroom and interior space, while still allowing for 3-inch exhaust. The Fast Track IFS front clip incorporates modern components such as a new power rack-and-pinion, C6 Corvette spindles, Z06 hubs, and splined sway bars. A narrow chassis design allows for 10-inch-wide front wheels and 275-series tires, along with a staggering 12-inch-wide rear wheel and 345 tire. This setup also provides one of the lowest ride heights (4 to 5 inches) and the Fast Track frame comes fitted with a heavy-duty 9-inch rearend and 31-spline axles. You could also couple this chassis with a Roadster Shop Fast Track independent rear suspension setup for those who really want to carve the snot out of the tarmac.

1209chp 10 O  Chevrolet Bolt On Upgrades 4/17

PN: Call
Price: $15,500

What We Would Do:
With a second-gen chassis ready to roll, we would weld in a decent chrome-moly ’cage, drop in a built LS powerplant, and hit up the local autocross and open track events. We can already picture it: steamrollers all around and an immaculate, functional modern drivetrain for motivation. How do you think Porsche guys would feel if an early Camaro schooled them through the curves?

Roadster Shop


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