June 2012 Chevy High Performance Q&A

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Kevin McClelland Apr 23, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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To upgrade the brakes, these spindles allow you to either use the 12-inch Police package rotors from the B-cars, or the third-gen Camaro 1LE brake package 12-inch rotors. The Camaro rotors are the easiest route as they are a direct bolt-on. On the 12-inch B-car rotors you must re-drill the lug stud holes to the proper 4.75-inch bolt circle to match your Monty wheels. You will also want to pick up the brake calipers from your donor B-car. This package of spindles and rotors will increase the track width of the front by 3/8 inch on each side.

For more information, contact Hotchkis. They can fill you in on the finer points of the installation, and recommended alignment settings for your type of driving. Enjoy your new handling, and most importantly, the “wow” factor!

Source: hotchkis.net

Shifty Business

Thank you for the valuable information you provide every month on Performance Q&A. I need your help selecting an automatic transmission shifter that will fit my car. I have a ’96 Chevy Camaro Z28 with a Gen II 5.7L engine. The transmission is a 4L60E, and I want to preserve the console. Does the B&M shifter PN 80692 fit, or does TCI make one that fits without removing the console cover? Thanks for your help.

Rafael Hernandez Raymond
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thanks for the great question. No, the B&M shifter you listed will not fit your Gen IV Camaro. The shifter you listed fits the ’82-92 Gen III platform. After looking around for a while, I think I’ve figured out why no one makes a direct replacement performance shifter for your application. It’s all about the electronic-controlled transmission and that the computer shifts the car! The interface of the factory Park/Neutral switch in the factory shifter must be retained for the computer to be happy. Also, the shift cable that runs down to the trans in your car moves a simple manual valve in the trans, and applies the parking paw to keep the car in place while parked. You would have thought that by now one of the manufacturers would have stepped up and produced a nice shifter that replaces the mundane factory shifter. They could have integrated the factory Park/Neutral switch to keep the computer happy, and given you a nice performance feel with positive detents. Wish I had better news.

Source: bmracing.com

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