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June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts - The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

Apr 18, 2012
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Get Mounted

Motor mounts & frame adapters

chp 01 O  June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Mounts 2/8

Chassisworks’ billet aluminum motor mounts and steel frame adapters enable direct bolt-in installation of Chevrolet V-8 and modern LS engines in ’67-69 Camaros and ’68-74 Novas with stock subframes. The mounts feature durable polyurethane bushings and maintain correct engine position and drivetrain angle. Satin and polished finishes are available for complete mount and adapter sets. To complement their engine mounts, direct-fit tubular crossmember sets are also available to mount over a dozen popular automatic or manual transmissions.

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Inc.
888.388.0249 ·

Go Green

Eagle One eco-friendly EnviroShine line

chp 02 O  June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Cleaner 3/8

Eagle One has gone green with new EnviroShine, the first line of eco-friendly appearance care products to be available at auto parts retailers nationwide.

This “green” line includes All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Tire Shine, Car Wash and Glass Cleaner made with environmentally safe ingredients that are nontoxic, biodegradable, and free of harsh solvents. The products were developed with the latest technology to provide unbeatable performance and results in eco-friendly formulas.

Eagle One
800.432.4531 ·

Now you see it, now you Don’t

Hidden Wiper Motor

chp 03 June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Wiper Motor 4/8

You can now eliminate the unsightly wiper motor from your Camaro’s firewall and place it, out of sight, inside the air plenum. Pacific Western Design’s latest state-of-the-art Raingear Systems for ’67-69 Camaros and Firebirds will do just that. Then, you can fill the wiper motor hole in the firewall or use the supplied block-off plate. Finish that engine compartment the way you want while keeping your Camaro safe and legal.

Pacific Western Design
800.686.1955 ·

Seat Time

Corbeau GTSII

chp 04 June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Seat 5/8

The GTSII is the perfect seat for the daily driver who is just looking for a sportier seat. This heavily padded seat gives you a stock look with a sporty edge. The GTSII is known for its incredible comfort and good looks. Standard features include: ergonomic design, high-density injection-molded foam, integrated kidney, shoulder, and thigh support, infinite recline with a fingertip-controlled lever, and harness belt capability. The GTSII is available in cloth, micro suede, leather/micro suede combo, and 100 percent leather materials. Corbeau has a full line of custom brackets to make installation quick and easy.

Corbeau Seats
801.255.3737 ·

Perfect fit

Xtreme Antiroll Bar for Third- and Fourth-Gen F-Bodies

chp 05 O  June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Anti Roll Bar 6/8

Reduce torque steer and improve launch traction in your ’82-02 F-body with an Xtreme Antiroll Bar from BMR Suspension. This newly redesigned 13/8-inch tubular rear sway bar features two adjustment locations that range from 1,013 to 1,632 percent stiffer than the OE sway bar. This kit includes a lightweight antiroll bar, bolt-in axle-mounting braces, bolt-in frame mounting braces, high-durometer polyurethane mounting bushings, and double-adjustable spherical bearing endlinks. A BMR Xtreme Antiroll bar (XSB001) will decrease body roll and dramatically increase the launch stability in your third- and fourth-gen Camaro or Firebird. These are currently available in your choice of red and black hammer-tone powdercoat finishes.

BMR Suspension
813.986.9302 ·

Controlled Environment

DCC Series Digital Climate Control System Designed for Vintage Air Gen-IV Systems

chp 06 O  June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Thermometer 7/8

Created to interface directly with a Gen-IV A/C system, the DCC Series provides the convenience of full climate control. Similar to other Dakota Digital instruments, the DCC Series offers a full-character vacuum fluorescent digital readout to match VFD Digital Instrument Systems, or an LCD display matching the popular new VHX Hybrid Analog/Digital Instrument Systems. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are available, with the unit sized to match the Vintage Air controller for a simple migration. Installation is nearly effortless with the addition of a series of temp sensors, while plugging directly into the Gen-IV wiring.

Dakota Digital
800.852.3228 ·

Stopping Power

Multipurpose Motor Treatment

chp 07 June 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Stp 8/8

Whether it’s your car, truck, boat, lawn mower, snow blower, chainsaw, ATV, or other motorized equipment, regular oil and fuel system care is important for engines used every day and for engines used less frequently. It’s great for the fuel system, crankcase and intake; and helps to clean engine deposits and fight friction, clean fuel injectors and intake valves. Used regularly, it can help to protect and maintain all of your gas and diesel engines.




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