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May 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts - The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

Mar 13, 2012

Get Balanced
Rattler Crankshaft Balancer For Small-Blocks

The Rattler by TCI Automotive is a pendulum absorber developed to control amplitudes of vibration and angle of crankshaft twist like no other design. Its ability to absorb rather than dampen is the key to its success. The Rattler is effective for the entire rpm range, and extends crankshaft and bearing life. The Rattler also has the ability to allow the engine to run smoother during operation, which can potentially increase valvetrain stability and life.

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TCI Automotive
888.776.9824 ·

Speed Sensitive
Sky Drive

The new Sky Drive is a sending unit that will control your electronic speedometer using GPS satellites. It will quickly turn your speedometer into the world’s most accurate speedometer possible by updating 10 times per second. With the ease of a one-time setup that can be done in your garage, calibrating with transmission signals, pulse generators, dip switches, and signal converters are not necessary. Also, this is the first and only GPS to receive approval from the NSRA Safety Program to be used as part of the speedometer system to pass their safety inspection.

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Classic Instruments
800.575.0461 ·

EFI For The Masses
Atomic EFI

Atomic EFI was designed for the car guy. It can be installed by anyone with access to basic tools and a car with a four-barrel carb. No laptop is required and the owner doesn’t need to understand how to tune a fuel map because MSD does all of that for them. In fact, they do a lot of the wiring for the user too. Instead of having countless sensors that have to be installed on the engine, Atomic EFI incorporates the TPS, MAP, IAT, and more right in the throttle body so the user never has to worry about them. The best part of the Atomic EFI system is the returnless fuel feature. MSD uses pulse width modulation technology to control the fuel pump so that you only need one line. This means most users can keep their existing fuel tank pickup and never have to modify the gas tank. A small external Power Controller is required for the fuel pump and fans, but MSD implemented CAN-Bus technology to keep wiring minimized.

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915.855.7123 ·

Perfect Fit
Clutch Alignment Tool

While plastic clutch alignment tools have been invaluable in clutch installations, they are not always exact. Ram’s new metallic device is a professional tool that ensures accuracy. In addition, it is especially useful in centering dual-disc assemblies. Because its long shaft diameter is smaller than its splined diameter, this device allows you the convenience of installing the flywheel on the engine, slipping the alignment tool into the pilot bearing, and sliding the discs onto the tool one at a time with the floater plate sandwiched in between.

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RAM Clutches
803.788.6034 ·

New Rollers
Thrashstar Wheels

Thrashstar wheels are made to specifically fit classics, muscle cars, hot rods, and classic trucks. Finishes come with your choice of black with machined lip, gold with machined lip, or silver with machined lip, and are currently available in 17x7 and 17x8 sizes.

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Showwheels Inc.
714.408.8577 ·

Billet Aluminum Taillights & Bezels For '67-69 Camaros

Machined from a solid chunk of 6061-T6 aluminum in their Southern California facility, the Eddie Motorsports bezels are a direct replacement for your stock die-cast pieces. Available in both RS and SS versions, the ’69 taillights come complete with custom lenses while ’67-68 models work with your original plastic. Eddie Motorsports also offers a replacement LED taillight to fully upgrade your Camaro’s stoplights. The bezels are sold in pairs and can be purchased with a raw machined or highly polished finish as well as a variety of Fusion-coated colors. The bezels come complete with a new sealing gasket and all of the necessary stainless steel fasteners.

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Eddie Motorsports
888.813.1293 ·

Stopping Power
Pro Drag Series Disc Brakes

Moser Engineering has designed a competition race series four-piston aluminum anodized forged billet caliper made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The anodized calipers help eliminate corrosion and preventable wear. A dual pin is used for pad retention and O-rings eliminate pad chatter. Stainless steel pistons and Teflon-coated one-piece bleeder screws are included in the design, with dual crossover ports for quicker fluid release on the outboard pistons. Another Moser feature is the caliper and rotor design that allow for 25 percent more pad contact area than other calipers, and allow for a 20 percent thicker pad than most of the competition. Each kit ships with high-quality Hawk pads.

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Moser Engineering
260.726.6689 ·



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