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February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

Dec 9, 2011
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Ultimate Rollers

Weld Racing’s latest addition is the RT-S line of forged wheels; the S71, which is a traditional “Weld-Star” design, and the S74, a sophisticated multi-spoke design. Wheel sizes range from 15x3.5 up to 20x17.5 (S74 available in 18- and 20-inch only.) These are forged from primary aluminum alloys in the United States; they are lighter, stronger, and polish to a brilliant shine, resisting oxidation better than other alloys. These are the perfect wheels for today’s powerful hot rods and street machines.

Price: $226 & up (each wheel)
Weld Racing
800.788.9353 ·

Sweet Tunes

Universal Exhaust Cut Out

The Raceland Exhaust Cut Out will allow vehicle owners the ability to control their exhaust system with the simple click of a button. When installed, the exhaust bypass system allows vehicle owners to reroute their exhaust flow to avoid power-restricting mufflers or resonators to enhance performance as well as the sound of their vehicle. The supplied wireless remote activates an electric flapper valve in the bypass system. With the flapper closed, the exhaust gases flow normal, as the factory intended. When the remote is used to open the flapper the exhaust gases are then allowed to either bypass the exhaust restriction or immediately exit the vehicle. The Exhaust Cut Out is constructed of stainless steel with heat-wrapped electrics to ensure many years of performance to come. These are currently offered in 21/2- or 3-inch diameters and will work on any automobile, SUV, or truck.

chp 03 O  February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Exhaust Cut Out 4/9

Price: $139 (each)
801.365.1440 ·

Small-Block Power

Pro Elite 23-Degree CNC-Ported Aluminum Heads

These revolutionary cylinder heads are designed using the RHS exclusive Clean Cast Technology to deliver superior port-to-chamber transitions for greater airflow. The CNC-ported 228cc intake and 82cc exhaust runners optimize volume, atomization, and velocity, while the 69cc combustion chambers are CNC-ported to relieve valve shrouding that occurs in “as-cast” chambers when the edge of a valve is in close proximity to the combustion chamber wall. CNC-machining the combustion chamber also improves the airflow efficiency of the cylinder heads. The 2.055-/1.600-inch intake/exhaust valve seats allow for superior airflow, thereby significantly increasing horsepower. In addition, these 23-degree SBC heads feature a refined water jacket for better water flow that reduces engine hot spots while an extra-thick deck allows angle milling and improves head gasket retention in boost and nitrous applications.

chp 04 O  February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Racing Head Service 5/9

Price: $1,780 (Pair) Racing Head Service 877.776.4323 ·

That New Again Feeling

Steering Shaft Couplers

If it’s time to rebuild or modify your steering system, then it is time to replace those worn factory steering shaft couplers (or rag joints) with Classic Performance Products’ rag joints. It’s an easy way to regain that “factory new” feel with CPP’s couplers, which are made of forged steel and broached to precise factory specifications. Available in 3/4-30, 3/4-36, and 13/16-36.

chp 05 February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Couplers 6/9

Price: $39 & Up
Classic Performance Products, Inc.
800.830.7657 ·

Ultra Clean

LS Coil Covers

Holley’s LS Coil Covers are made of an ultra-lightweight glass-filled nylon composite material, feature OEM-style snap-on mounting, and can be painted to match your color scheme. Holley’s LS Coil Covers are designed to fit LS engines that use LS3-style coils, brackets, and valve covers but may be adapted to other LS engines. Trimming may be required depending on your particular application. Installation is otherwise simple, requires only a few basic handtools, and comes with all of the hardware necessary to mount them, including an oil fill adapter and cap.

chp 07 O  February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Coilovers 7/9

Price: $161
Holley Performance Products
800.holley.1 ·

Better Braking

Premium Brake Calipers

MBM Brakes has teamed with Wilwood Engineering to release a new line of high-quality dual-piston calipers. Made of durable and lightweight aluminum, these calipers add an even higher level of performance to MBM’s large selection of disc brake conversion kits. These are available in your choice of red or black.

chp 06 O  February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Brakes 8/9

Price: $350 (pair)
MBM Brakes, Steering & Suspension
800.231.4125 ·

Custom Looks

’67-68 Camaro Front Valance

This ’67-68 front valance with integrated grille opening and ’69-style running light recesses is molded from a custom-built pattern supplied by It’s available in paint-grade fiberglass, carbon fiber/fiberglass, and 100 percent carbon-fiber price points. Carbon-fiber versions can be had in either high gloss or satin finishes. All versions bolt on without modifications to the car.

chp 08 February 2012 Chevy High Performance Parts Frontend 9/9

Price: $375 & Up
Anvil Auto
888.723.8882 ·



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