January 2012 Chevy High Performance Q&A

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Lead-Foot Gramps

Q. My ’95 Z28 convertible keeps breaking transmission mounts. The engine is almost stock, and the trans has been rebuilt to Corvette LT4 specs with three extra clutch plates, a Currie 12-bolt with an Eaton posi, 3:73 ratio, running 245-50-16 tires, and an Edelbrock torque arm. The shops here and in California say I have too much torque and a heavy foot. I don’t spin my tires, as they’re not cheap, and I’ve broken five trans mounts in the 234,456 miles driven.

Any ideas would be a big help. I’m only 60 years young and can still crawl under my cars. Every one of my 15 grandchildren wants the car when I’m through with it. I’m looking at a new Camaro in the near future. What a great car GM makes!

Bob Dennis
Tooele, UT

A. Five transmission mounts in 234,456 miles is a 47,000-mile average. That doesn’t sound too bad as all the torque applied is from the rearend via your Edelbrock torque arm into that little rubber mount! If you’re killing a mount that often, you’re having quite a bit of fun with your Camaro. And we think that’s great!

The factory trans mount must give everyone a nice driving experience. For the spirited driver, you need to step up the mount. If you prefer the stock rubber mount, you can install a standard stainless steel hose clamp around the mount before you install it. This will prevent the mount from being taxed beyond its limits and ripping. The best solution is to replace the factory mount with an Energy Suspension polyurethane transmission mount (PN 3.1108G), an interlocking design with high-durometer polyurethane that will stand up to the increased torque application. You’ll have an increase in vibration transfer through the mount from the increased stiffness of the urethane. If it keeps you out from under your Camaro, it’s worth it—and preventing the transmission case from slamming into your trans tunnel is even better. The Energy Suspension application guide hasn’t been updated, and the Summit and Jeg’s applications only go up to 1992. This mount will fit into the fourth-gen Camaros and work properly. Good luck keeping mounts in your Camaro, and keep that thing in good shape—your grandchildren are waiting!

Source: Energysuspension.com


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