December 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts - The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

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Big Air

Small-Block 245NPP Cylinder Heads

AFR is proud to release their latest small-block 245NPP (no pushrod pinch) cylinder head. These are the highest flowing 23-degree heads they’ve ever produced and ideal for 700-plus horsepower combinations for the street. The 245s are available with two chamber sizes out of the box (70 and 80 cc) and feature 2.125-inch intake valves and 1.600-inch exhaust valves, with 60/40 valve spacing, and come equipped with PAC (PN 1225) roller dual valvesprings

1112chp 02 O  Decemeber 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Cylinder Heads 2/8

Price: $2,499
Air Flow Research
877.892.8844 ·

Easy View

Billet Aluminum oil Filter

Billet Connection’s new filter assembly allows you to inspect the filter element without draining or leaking any oil, unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings, and without losing any oil out of the oil system. This can be done in seconds after the engine is shut off, even when filtering nontransparent fluids like engine oil. This helps determine if the contaminants and particles are from normal use or from bearings or other components excessively wearing in the engine. This filter also allows a visual inspection of the oil pumping through the filter to determine the condition of the oil

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Price: $495 & up
Billet Connection
509.467.7584 ·

Factory Clean

’55-57 Fan Shroud

Danchuk offers reproduction ’55-57 Chevy fan shrouds in steel. These shrouds are made of thick, top quality steel, powdercoated black and available for V-8s in three different configurations: stock V-8 position, V-8 with six-cylinder core support, and V-8 with stock core support, but using conversion brackets to locate the radiator to the six-cylinder position.

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Price: $100
Danchuk Manufacturing
800.854.6911 ·

Get Shorty

Shorty ’57 Chevy Tilt Steering Column

Flaming River introduces its all-new “Shorty” ’57 Chevy Tilt Steering Column, the shortest you can find with a 63/8-inch shroud. These all-new columns feature a 2-inch tube diameter and bolt directly into the existing dash bezel, just like the original. Each column includes a billet aluminum dress-up kit (tilt lever, turn signal lever, and hazard knob), as well as GM wiring and a cancelling cam. These columns are available in a Floor Shift or Column Shift design with the option of a paintable mill finish or polished stainless finish. Column Shifts come complete with a Neutral safety switch as well as a removable shifter arm with 12 locating positions. All columns are made in the United States and backed with a three-year warranty and lifetime serviceability.

1112chp 04 O  Decemeber 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Steering Column 5/8

Price: $470 & up
Flaming River
440.824.2168 ·


Custom-Fit Ball-End Rear Antiroll Bar

The newest innovation in rear-suspension control is Chassisworks’ ball-end antiroll bar with integrated framerail mounts. The unique design provides maximum exhaust clearance by placing the antiroll bar close against the vehicle’s underbody with no bulky mounts placed along the framerail. Billet bushing housings screw in from the outside of each framerail to capture the ball ends of the bar with low-friction polymer bearings. The antiroll bar assembly includes a 7/8-inch road handling or 11/4-inch drag race, heat-treated torsion bar with splined ends and billet aluminum arms. Each arm features a single split to ease installation fit, and to clamp down upon the spline when tightened. A socket-head fastener applies pressure to the spline, creating a play-free joint while also fitting into a groove machined at the end of the bar. This locking joint prevents the arms from sliding, even under extreme force. Billet arms connect to the chassis mounts by adjustable-length steel endlink assemblies with 3/8-inch shank 4130-body rod ends for the ultimate in strength.

1112chp 05 Decemeber 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Anti Roll Bar 6/8

Price: $459
888.388.0249 ·




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