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Sean Haggai Sep 27, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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As with most upgrades, complete bolt-on exhaust systems are a great way to induce more ponies from the stock engine. Other popular engine upgrades include complete top end kits, camshafts, larger fuel injectors, and even cold air kits. Since the C4 Corvette relies on computer-controlled engines, the door for more performance is also available. Plug-in PROM chips and handheld programmers can retune the car’s computer for more performance by changing the fuel/timing, shift points, firmness, and even the rev limiter. Should the factory suspension not satisfy, most Corvette-specific aftermarket companies offer anything from simple bolt-ons to complete road-race ready versions. CHP

Years Models
’84-96 Corvette two-door coupe, Targa, convertible
expect to pay
eBay price: $580-$20,000


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