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The strength and reliability of TCI Automotive’s StreetFighter Torque Converters are now available for GM 6L80E applications, like the ’10 Chevy Camaro. Manufactured to withstand the rigors of nitrous injection systems and other power adder options, the StreetFighter Torque Converter is a must whenever horsepower has been increased. It benefits more radically prepared street/race machines, such as those with performance cams, aftermarket carburetors, and higher compression ratios. Furnace-brazed components increase the unit’s strength, and extra-durable, heat-treated splines, sprag races, and hub will stand up to harder launches off the line. An aftermarket billet front and clutch assembly stop the chance of converter clutch slippage under heavy throttle racing requirements. With its combination of strength and driveability, the StreetFighter Torque Converter for the GM 6L80E-equipped Camaro offers excellent performance for street use as well. It also features the proprietary TCI Automotive’s HDT Coating, enabling cooler temperatures, and more efficient drivetrain operation.

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TCI Automotive


As the first nitrous system on the market specifically designed for the ’10 V-8 Chevy Camaro, this new Zex kit instantly delivers 75-175 additional horsepower. Tailored to the fifth-gen Camaro’s LS3 V-8 engine, the kit installs easily and ensures engine safety at the same time. Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure so that your engine never runs too rich or too lean while spraying. In addition, an ultra-reliable electronic TPS switch activates at wide-open throttle, perfect for the Camaro’s throttle-by-wire system. The easy-to-install Zex system is available in both classic purple and the new Blackout series. All necessary accessories come in the kit for a simple, two-hour plug-and-play installation. The Zex ’10 Chevy Camaro V-8 Nitrous Kit is the easiest way to add serious performance to your ’10 V-8 Camaro.

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Zex Innovations


Grabiak Performance Center is an authorized dealer for Edelbrock, Dynatech, Corsa, and SLP. Their GM- and ASE-certified technicians perform all of the mechanical upgrades on your vehicle. From underpullys to superchargers, cold-air intakes to the headers and exhaust systems, you’ll know the work completed on your vehicle is done with the right tools, the right way!

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Whether you’re looking to create a truly unique vehicle unlike any other or just looking to go 0-to-60 a little faster than those around you, Grabiak Performance Center will put you back in your seat … literally.

Grabiak Performance Center


Circle D Transmission, celebrating 35 years in the transmission industry, can rebuild and upgrade your 6L80E/90E into a performance beast. Their custom modifications set them apart from the competition and have paved the way for them to be the industry leader in the 6L80E/90E. Their modifications include things like their 6L80E custom billet 4-5-6 hub shaft assembly and clutch pack (pictured), upgraded 3-5-R and 2-6 clutch packs with nitride steels, and added clutch capacity. The pump and valvebody are also upgraded to CDT specs. Their shop-owned ’10 Camaro is steadily used for R&D with regards to parts development and tunes to help push your vehicle to its peak performance. Worldwide shipping is available and their special boxes help eliminate any potential shipping hazards. Billet torque converters are available at Circle D Specialties.

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Circle D Transmission


Boost your ’10-11 Camaro to its highest power potential with a Vortech centrifugal supercharger system. All systems include an integrated air charge cooler, billet aluminum mounting bracket assembly, Maxflow racing bypass valve, and custom roto-molded cold-air induction with a high-flow, reusable filter. All Vortech superchargers feature a technologically advanced, high-efficiency impeller and housing designed to provide maximum horsepower per pound of boost. The V-3 Si-Trim complete bolt-on system features internal supercharger lubrication (no oil lines), and boosts a stock ’10-11 Camaro SS to 625 hp. Fuel management includes high-flow OEM replacement fuel injectors, SCT programmer, and 4-inch MAF housing. MSRP is $6,950.95 (satin finish). A three-year/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty is optional. The V-7 YSi-Trim tuner kit is capable of up to 1,200 hp on vehicles with modified engines (custom tuning required). MSRP is $7,339.95 (satin finish). Cog drive upgrade assembly and fuel pump voltage booster are also available (recommended for custom-tuned applications).

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Vortech Engineering



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