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Are you looking for a quality modification for your beloved Camaro? Sparks Emblems and Speaker Rings are manufactured from a solid block of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, which is machined on state-of-the-art vertical machining centers. Go from gold to bold with Sparks Stock Grille, Heritage Grille and Trunk Emblems. All emblems are 3-D milled, providing a perfect fit, and are available in both polished and powdercoated finishes with multiple color paint fill options.

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Sparks Speaker Rings are a simple way to add some subtle pop to your interior. Take your choice of polished, black, RS, or SS and enjoy one of the little extras that make a very big difference. Sparks prides itself in having the highest quality products with uncompromising craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Sparks Restorations


Introducing the Granatelli Twin Turbo System for the ’10-11 LS3 and L99 fifth-gen Camaro. These systems deliver uncompromising power and state-of-the-art engineering in a 100 percent complete bolt-on kit. Kits feature Precision Turbo 62mm billet compressor wheels and 65mm V-band turbine wheels. Offered with self-cooling journal bearing, ball bearing upgrades are optional. The entire mounting pipe comes pre-assembled at the factory and installs in under an hour using their V-band to V-band connections. Capable of up to 1,300 hp, it’s as docile as 600 at only 5½ pounds of boost. The front mount 3½x30x9 inches air to air intercooler cores are incredibly efficient and the hand-fabricated 6061-T6 sheetmetal aluminum end tanks give it a super-tough look. The system even includes a huge 50mm TiAL Sport bypass valve, post throttle body toe smooth driving manors. Silver powdercoating is the standard finish but a wide variety of custom powdercoated colors are available.

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Granatelli Motorsports


Whether it’s for the LS3 in fifth-gen Camaros or any older engine combo, ARP has what you need to reliably increase power and upgrade appearance. Anyone employing power adders needs the extra strength of ARP’s 200,000-psi head studs to ensure optimum sealing and prevent blown head gaskets. Likewise, ARP main studs provide bottom-end security. Beautiful and rugged polished stainless steel fasteners are available for valve covers, coil packs, headers, the intake manifold, valley cover, front cover, water pump, thermostat housing, and more, or you can get everything in ARP’s convenient (and money-saving) Engine and Accessory Fastener Kit, which is also available in black oxide finished 8740 chromoly. When you put it all together, use new ARP Ultra-Torque fastener lubricant. Call or go online for free ARP catalog.

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Are you getting hassled by tech at your local track? Whether you’re looking for a five-point or want to upgrade to a six-point, RPM Roll Bar has the highest quality, best looking and fitting bar in the industry. If it’s for “show” or “go” you’re covered from 11.49 to 10.0. Are you planning on going quicker than 10.0? RPM Roll Bar can provide you with a cage extension kit that will make you compliant down to 8.50. Gain better e.t.’s with a more rigid chassis and look good at the same time. This bar fits like a weld-in cage, keeping in mind the comfort of the driver. The factory seats remain completely functional and follow the factory lines that the car manufacturer intended. Let your imagination go with color-match snakeskin, carbon fiber, or go hard-core with color-match skulls. The possibilities are endless with the trademarked Hydro Skin technology developed for the high-impact sporting and the first in the automotive industry. Specify whether you want lightweight chromoly or mild steel, five- or six-point, and the make/model of your vehicle. Priced from $1,195. Available exclusively at

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RPM Rollbars



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