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While weight is important, Forgeline focuses on strength and wheel stiffness as their main goal. Their newest competition wheel, the GA3R, has a street load rating of 2,100 pounds. This massive rating is required on true competition wheels because the G-load a race tire can generate cuts that load rating in half. The load a wheel sees under racing conditions is substantially greater than on the street. Race tires pull over 1.5 g’s. Add ground effects and the load just keeps rising, so race wheels need to be designed and tested to meet these conditions. Selecting a wheel for racing that has a street-use load rating can result in catastrophic wheel failure. All Forgeline competition wheels have both street and race load ratings to allow for proper use. The GA3R is available in 18, 19, and 20 inches for the Camaro in virtually any width and offset, and can clear even the largest aftermarket brake kits.

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Do you want to get rid of that mushy, high-engaging stock clutch? RAM Clutches offers complete systems for the fifth-gen Camaro that include their smooth driving Force 9½ (pictured) and 10½ dual disc clutches, as well as an adjustable replacement hydraulic slave system that affords improved pedal feel and, with the addition of the RAM pedal adjustment system, complete control over pedal engagement position. Force dual disc clutches offer peak holding power levels up to 1,300 lb-ft and are available with organic or metallic friction materials based on intended use. These clutch systems are the choice of many of today’s top Camaro installers for their silky smooth engagement on the street and extreme holding power at the track.

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RAM Clutches


Eddie Motorsports now offers a complete line of dress-up parts for fifth-generation Camaros. Not to be confused with cheap imported metal products, all of Eddie Motorsports’ aluminum parts are true billet, machined from the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum in the United States at their facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Their product line includes engine cowl and cap kits, strut tower covers, pedal covers, sill plates, hood vents, side vent inserts, interior knobs, and much more. Check their website for new additions to their rapidly expanding product line.

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Eddie Motorsports


Pfadt Race Engineering brings racing experience, engineering focus, and daily driver enthusiasm to the fifth-gen Camaro community with a lineup of suspension and powertrain products that offer the highest performance results and ease of installation. The Pfadt product line offers the Camaro enthusiast lowering springs, engine mounts, differential mounts, and sway bars that are aimed at street performance users as well as adjustable coilover kits, suspension arms, chassis bracing, and full bushing packages for the ultimate in looks and performance. Pfadt has also forged a strong relationship with the GM Performance Parts Division to offer GMPP licensed suspension components to take your Camaro from original equipment to lethal performance machine without compromising any serious street ride qualities. Taking your Camaro to the next level in handling and curb appeal is now a suspension change away with Pfadt Race Engineering.

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Pfadt Race Engineering


Gforce Engineering introduced the bolt-in fabricated 9-inch IRS rearend for the ’10-plus Camaro. Their fabricated 9-inch rear is a direct bolt solution and replaces the entire OEM drivetrain from the transmission back. With the Gforce Engineering fabricated 9-inch IRS you can forget about broken differential gears, axles, and driveshafts. Their components are designed to handle well over 1,000 hp with no problems. Their kits also come with their proven anti-wheel hop axle technology, stopping wheel hop dead in its tracks.

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The Gforce Engineering fabricated 9-inch IRS rear comes with fully fabricated bolt-in 9-inch housing, featuring 3⁄8-inch-thick faceplates and 3⁄16-inch thick covers; heavy-duty BMR bushings that will provide a much more solid feel then the OEM bushings; 300m inner axle stubs; 300m anti-wheel hop axles; 4340 outer wheel stubs designed to clear OEM control arms as well as aftermarket control arms; and it comes standard with a 4-inch aluminum 1,000hp driveshaft (carbon fiber is optional).

Gforce Engineering



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