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The Meziere Enterprises WP329 electric water pump for ’10 and ’11 Camaros and Corvettes are conservatively pegged as a 6-8hp gain over the stock GM water pump. Featuring an idler pulley to maintain stock belt routing and an optional wiring harness that plugs directly into the stock configuration fuse box, the Meziere WP 329 can be installed in an afternoon, requiring minimal tools. The advantage of switching to a Meziere electric water pump over a stock is that the impressive flow rate remains constant even when the engine is at low rpm. With an average life expectancy of 3,000 hours or 40,000-50,000 miles, this water pump offers both performance and durability. A show-quality machined and clear-anodized finish is sure to complement the engine bay of your Camaro or Corvette. Behind the full line of Meziere water pumps stands a two-year warranty.

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Meziere Enterprises


Team MRT applied its engineering knowledge and muscle car enthusiasm to develop the ’10-plus Camaro SS MRT Axle-Back Exhaust System. MRT Axle-Backs for the ’10-plus Camaro SS delivers deep, powerful sound and high-performance exhaust flow. The SS Axle-Back lets out a tough, all-American rumble that is fitting of an exhaust system born in the United States. The MRT ’10 Camaro SS Axle-Back features construction from the finest 304 stainless steel, making it lightweight and durable. Installation of the exhaust is simple and drill-free. The MRT Axle-Back clamps on directly in place of the factory axle-back. The GFX version of the ’10 Camaro SS Axle-Back Exhaust accommodates the square tips on the Ground Effects Kit offered by GM Performance Parts.

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It only takes about 45 minutes, a few hand tools, and less than $300 to make your ’10-11 Camaro really look and sound great, according to Pypes Exhaust. Their Camaro Pype Bomb employs unique, louvered-core, resonated, dual-wall 304 stainless tips to give your car an incredible muscle car sound without the popping noise associated with other manufacturers’ kits. The most amazing aspect of this system is the fact that it dramatically improves the sound of your Camaro and virtually eliminates any drone … even under full throttle in Sixth gear at 1,500 rpm. The ease of installation and the Pype Bomb’s killer sound make it one of Pype Exhaust’s most popular systems for adding a whole lot of bang for just a few bucks and a little bit of time. The system is completely street legal and will not void your factory warranty.

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Pypes Exhaust


ATI Performance Products offers a wide line of Super Dampers for Z-body V-6 and LS3 V-8 engines in your new Camaro. The damper shown is PN 918629, and is a lightweight 2024 billet aluminum assembly with a steel hub. All OEM belt locations are held for an easy install but with horsepower gains of 10 percent underdrive; the OEM size is PN 918628. Factory dampers and non-dampened pulleys offer no protection to modified engines. If you have more power or turn more rpm than OEM you’re unprotected! The Super Damper comes with laser-etched timing marks and exceeds SFI 18.1 safety certification.

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Celebrating 50 years in the motorsport industry, ATI Performance Products is located in Baltimore, and specializes in producing high-performance products for street and strip applications. ATI Performance Products has earned a reputation for its cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, American-made quality, and testing under race conditions.

ATI Performance Products


The Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) 9½-inch Camaro differential assembly was developed in conjunction with American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) to fit the fifth-gen Camaro. LPE’s 8-second quarter-mile, 1,250 rear-wheel horsepower, 4,200-pound, nitrous oxide–injected LS9 MT Camaro was used for product validation. The differential assembly is designed to use the GM 9½-inch ring gears found in many ¾-ton trucks. This provides for a high-torque capacity; low noise ring gear set that is available in a broad range of ratios.

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Some of important features of the LPE 9½-inch Camaro differential assembly are that the housing is cast from 356 aluminum and CNC-machined to OEM specifications, the housing has a unique integral bearing cap cover designed to minimize gear deflection, and a Tracrite GT helical gear limited-slip differential.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering



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