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Fifth-Gen Chevrolet Prodcuts - Fifth-Gen Product Showcase

Sep 27, 2011
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The Pony Car Wars is stronger than ever and the fifth-gen Camaro has already proven itself to be a fan favorite for enthusiasts of all ages. The good news is whether you’re a drag racer, corner carver, or more of a cruiser, the aftermarket support for the fifth-gens is absolutely incredible. Everything, and I mean everything, is available to fit your personality. Seriously, don’t just take my word for it, because in the next 16 pages you’re going to find the latest, must-have goodies to completely customize your fifth-gen Camaro. —Henry D.

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Huntington Engineered Alloys introduced an aggressive, thick, multi-spoke called Springdale. The Springdale takes styling cues from the classics and then steps it up with a crisp machine cut line on the face of the spokes. This adds a whole new aggressive dimension to a one-piece multi-spoke. The Springdale comes available in a clean gloss black or silver with a machine-cut face and lip. It is available in an array of sizes: 18x9, 18x10, 20x9, 20x10, 20x10.5, 22x9, 22x10.5, and 22x11.

Huntington even went a step further to make the ideal setup for the Chevrolet Camaro. Huntington created an aggressive setup for the base models as well as a custom rear sizing in the 20x10.5 and 22x11 to clear the larger brakes of the ever popular SS model. Huntington Engineered Alloys are hub-centric for a smooth, vibration-free ride, all while being capable of accepting OE TPMS sensors and OE center caps.

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Huntington Engineered Alloys


West Coast Camaro says they are the No. 1 supplier for fifth-gen Camaros. For over 25 years they have supplied Corvette enthusiasts with the highest quality of performance parts and accessories, so when it comes to Chevy performance they know what they’re talking about.

Are you transforming your fifth-gen into that 1,000hp monster or just want it to look better? West Coast Camaro has performance parts, brake packages, custom wheels, lowering kits, interior, exterior, and engine bay styling products to fit your needs. If that’s not enough, they can make you look good too—literally—as they have a large selection of apparel, from jackets to T-shirts and hats, for men, women, and children. Many of their products are exclusive to West Coast Camaro customers only. All parts come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee; they will meet or beat any advertised price on comparable products. Call for a free fifth-gen Camaro catalog.

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West Coast Camaro


Energy Suspension says they are the leader in performance polyurethane suspension components and they have a new product line of polyurethane suspension and drivetrain components for the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro.

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Is your new Camaro plagued with mushy suspension, wheel hop, and excessive body roll? Make your fifth-gen Camaro handle like the muscle car you wanted it to be. Energy Suspension bushings will dramatically improve handling, reduce wheelhop, and transfer horsepower more efficiently.

Some Energy Suspension products include: control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, differential carrier bushings, subframe mounts, and subframe inserts. Their bushings are versatile enough to be used for anything, from daily driving to hard-core racing.

Don’t suffer the effects of mushy suspension any longer. Use the QR code to find an Energy Suspension dealer. Be advised, side effects include lead foot, whiplash, and excessive smiling!

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Energy Suspension


The RS Camaro is an amazing vehicle to look at, beautiful in every way … until you put it in Drive and the ugly yellow DRL bulbs turn on. Worry about that no more with the Oracle P13 Plasma DRL Bulbs from AAC Enterprises. These LED bulbs produce a cool white hue that more closely matches the look of the HID headlights and halo rings on the RS. Not only do these bulbs look great, they put off almost no heat whatsoever and consume only 5 watts of power (as opposed to the 55-watt factory DRL) while putting out more light and have a lifetime of 100,000 hours of use. Since these bulbs put out almost no heat (80 degrees F as opposed to the 220-degree factory bulb), it will ensure that your foglights stay looking new for years without yellowing, hazing, or micro-cracking, which is often caused by prolonged use of incandescent bulbs.

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Another option is to add the DRL Harness. For just $9 you can have your DRL stay on with your headlights and halos without automatically turning off as they do from the factory, and Oracle Lighting also offers a 5202 bulb for the non-RS Camaro foglights.

AAC Enterprises


Classic Industries says they are the world’s largest distributor of GM restoration parts and accessories. They are now offering a catalog for the fifth-generation Camaro enthusiast, representing the most comprehensive selection of fifth-gen parts and accessories anywhere.

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Whether you’re looking for maximum performance, restyling parts, replacement body panels, or even products for the Camaro lifestyle, you’ll find it here, all at guaranteed low prices. Transform your fifth-gen with ground effects, spoilers, hoods, window louvers, emblems, engine dress-up parts, shift handles, interior trim kits, and floor mats. Beef up performance with a smorgasbord of exhaust systems, intakes, radiators, superchargers, underdrive pulleys, radiators, shift kits, big brake upgrades, ECU tuners, and suspension components from the most trusted brand names. They also have fifth-gen Camaro apparel, floor mats, keychains, plate frames, car covers, and more. Shop online 24/7 or call for a free catalog.

Classic Industries


COMP Cams offers valvetrain components designed specifically to maximize the power potential of fifth-gen Camaro LS engines. To squeeze out the most power from your fifth-gen Camaro, COMP Cams introduced a new line of components engineered from the ground up to maximize LS3 and L99 horsepower and torque potential. With options available to work with the needs of applications using GM LS Active Fuel Management (AFM), Wide Lobe Separation, or Variable Valve Timing, COMP Cams has the components needed to assemble the perfect valvetrain for your fifth-gen Camaro. With camshafts, Beehive and Dual Springs, retainers, locks, seals, spring seats, and expertly matched kits, there are a wide variety of options available to easily fit your exact needs. No matter how your ’10-current Camaro engine is set up, COMP Cams technicians can help you assemble the perfect valvetrain combination for your fifth-gen Camaro application.

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Engineers at FAST teamed up with airflow specialists at RHS to develop a three-piece polymer intake manifold for rectangular port GM L99- and LS3-type engines. Extensive testing produced gains of up to 14-plus horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel over stock intakes. The new LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold features a three-piece modular design that allows easy disassembly and porting. The runners are longer and less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains. The LSXR is constructed from an advanced proprietary polymer material, which offers a host of benefits over aluminum aftermarket intakes, including lighter weight, higher strength, and improved heat dissipation. While the LSXR perfectly fits the FAST 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body, it can also be used with stock or aftermarket 90mm or 92mm throttle bodies. Other features include integrated nitrous bungs and perfect, bolt-on fitments that works with factory accessories without modification or clearance concerns.

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The strength and reliability of TCI Automotive’s StreetFighter Torque Converters are now available for GM 6L80E applications, like the ’10 Chevy Camaro. Manufactured to withstand the rigors of nitrous injection systems and other power adder options, the StreetFighter Torque Converter is a must whenever horsepower has been increased. It benefits more radically prepared street/race machines, such as those with performance cams, aftermarket carburetors, and higher compression ratios. Furnace-brazed components increase the unit’s strength, and extra-durable, heat-treated splines, sprag races, and hub will stand up to harder launches off the line. An aftermarket billet front and clutch assembly stop the chance of converter clutch slippage under heavy throttle racing requirements. With its combination of strength and driveability, the StreetFighter Torque Converter for the GM 6L80E-equipped Camaro offers excellent performance for street use as well. It also features the proprietary TCI Automotive’s HDT Coating, enabling cooler temperatures, and more efficient drivetrain operation.

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TCI Automotive


As the first nitrous system on the market specifically designed for the ’10 V-8 Chevy Camaro, this new Zex kit instantly delivers 75-175 additional horsepower. Tailored to the fifth-gen Camaro’s LS3 V-8 engine, the kit installs easily and ensures engine safety at the same time. Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure so that your engine never runs too rich or too lean while spraying. In addition, an ultra-reliable electronic TPS switch activates at wide-open throttle, perfect for the Camaro’s throttle-by-wire system. The easy-to-install Zex system is available in both classic purple and the new Blackout series. All necessary accessories come in the kit for a simple, two-hour plug-and-play installation. The Zex ’10 Chevy Camaro V-8 Nitrous Kit is the easiest way to add serious performance to your ’10 V-8 Camaro.

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Zex Innovations


Grabiak Performance Center is an authorized dealer for Edelbrock, Dynatech, Corsa, and SLP. Their GM- and ASE-certified technicians perform all of the mechanical upgrades on your vehicle. From underpullys to superchargers, cold-air intakes to the headers and exhaust systems, you’ll know the work completed on your vehicle is done with the right tools, the right way!

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Whether you’re looking to create a truly unique vehicle unlike any other or just looking to go 0-to-60 a little faster than those around you, Grabiak Performance Center will put you back in your seat … literally.

Grabiak Performance Center


Circle D Transmission, celebrating 35 years in the transmission industry, can rebuild and upgrade your 6L80E/90E into a performance beast. Their custom modifications set them apart from the competition and have paved the way for them to be the industry leader in the 6L80E/90E. Their modifications include things like their 6L80E custom billet 4-5-6 hub shaft assembly and clutch pack (pictured), upgraded 3-5-R and 2-6 clutch packs with nitride steels, and added clutch capacity. The pump and valvebody are also upgraded to CDT specs. Their shop-owned ’10 Camaro is steadily used for R&D with regards to parts development and tunes to help push your vehicle to its peak performance. Worldwide shipping is available and their special boxes help eliminate any potential shipping hazards. Billet torque converters are available at Circle D Specialties.

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Circle D Transmission


Boost your ’10-11 Camaro to its highest power potential with a Vortech centrifugal supercharger system. All systems include an integrated air charge cooler, billet aluminum mounting bracket assembly, Maxflow racing bypass valve, and custom roto-molded cold-air induction with a high-flow, reusable filter. All Vortech superchargers feature a technologically advanced, high-efficiency impeller and housing designed to provide maximum horsepower per pound of boost. The V-3 Si-Trim complete bolt-on system features internal supercharger lubrication (no oil lines), and boosts a stock ’10-11 Camaro SS to 625 hp. Fuel management includes high-flow OEM replacement fuel injectors, SCT programmer, and 4-inch MAF housing. MSRP is $6,950.95 (satin finish). A three-year/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty is optional. The V-7 YSi-Trim tuner kit is capable of up to 1,200 hp on vehicles with modified engines (custom tuning required). MSRP is $7,339.95 (satin finish). Cog drive upgrade assembly and fuel pump voltage booster are also available (recommended for custom-tuned applications).

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Vortech Engineering


We all love the styling of the Camaro concept car, so now you can get the look of the concept by changing your side markers to the Oracle SMD Concept-Style Sidemarkers. This includes a set of four new side markers containing high-powered LEDs. It comes with easy installation, just remove the factory side markers and pop in the LED replacements. These are available with clear or tinted lenses and painted any factory Camaro color. The “laser-like” look of these LEDs are sure to turn some heads day or night!

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Oracle Lighting now offers a full line of LED lighting accessories for the fifth-gen Camaro, including headlight halos, foglight halos, interior LEDs, LED scanners, grille lighting, afterburner taillights, and more! To learn more about these other great products, visit

AAC Enterprises


Do you want to stand out in the crowd? Give your fifth-gen a sinister new look with this black painted SS-style wheel and tire kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply. Their kit retails for $1,649.99 and features four 20x9 black SS-style wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo 275/40R20 tires, mounted and balanced for free, and shipped to your door for just $14.99. Also, check out their black billet Bow Tie emblems to finish off the look. Latemodel Restoration Supply has all you need to modify and restore your ’10-12 Camaro SS or RS.

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Latemodel Restoration Supply


Now you can give your ’10-11 Camaro a sinister look, with the Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package from PFYC. Available for both V-8 and V-6 models, this ready-to-assemble kit includes ram-air hood with heat extraction, front air dam, side skirts, and rear fascia; dovetail rear spoiler; and 4½-inch exhaust tips. Each component of the Sinister Camaro package has been crafted to complement and enhance the design of your Camaro. The ram-air hood and dovetail rear spoiler are constructed of the hand-laid fiberglass or carbon fiber (optional). The front air dam, rear fascia, and side skirts are constructed of OEM-quality, high-pressure urethane and include an aggressive GT-inspired diffuser. All parts are ready for prep and paint and include everything you’ll need to install for an OEM fit.

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For a limited time you can buy the entire package (a $2,400 value) for just $1,899, and they’ll ship it free in the continental United States.



Fifth-gen Camaros come in two high-tech flavors, LS3 and L99, but there’s only one flavor of scanning/tuning software that delivers maximum performance: FlashScan V2 from EFI Live. FlashScan allows you to monitor and data log ECM and TCM activity, check and reset diagnostic trouble codes, and custom-program engine and transmission controllers. FlashScan’s integrated scanning and tuning software simplifies tuning with its overlay capabilities. Simply highlight an area in a data log created by the scanning program, and the cells containing the values that control the conditions being monitored are highlighted in the tuning program. FlashScan V2 also includes a hand-held controller that allows “black box” scanning, tuning, and trouble-code reset without using a PC. You can find out more about FlashScan, and even download a free copy of the software, from their website.

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EFI Live

You can have the look of the ultimate fifth-gen super Camaro with a Nickey Camaro! This exclusive hood borrows style and design elements from the muscle car era. One major enhancement Nickey Chicago has made is that this hood has functional ram-air. The air is diverted to just above the stock airbox location. They are built from high-quality RTM technology by ACS, an OEM supplier, and carry a three-year limited warranty. The hoods, which have been granted a U.S. patent, come primed and not painted. Add a vintage, retro/classic style to your modern muscle car. They have several styles available, many of which will clear top-mount superchargers.

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Nickey Chicago


The Meziere Enterprises WP329 electric water pump for ’10 and ’11 Camaros and Corvettes are conservatively pegged as a 6-8hp gain over the stock GM water pump. Featuring an idler pulley to maintain stock belt routing and an optional wiring harness that plugs directly into the stock configuration fuse box, the Meziere WP 329 can be installed in an afternoon, requiring minimal tools. The advantage of switching to a Meziere electric water pump over a stock is that the impressive flow rate remains constant even when the engine is at low rpm. With an average life expectancy of 3,000 hours or 40,000-50,000 miles, this water pump offers both performance and durability. A show-quality machined and clear-anodized finish is sure to complement the engine bay of your Camaro or Corvette. Behind the full line of Meziere water pumps stands a two-year warranty.

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Meziere Enterprises


Team MRT applied its engineering knowledge and muscle car enthusiasm to develop the ’10-plus Camaro SS MRT Axle-Back Exhaust System. MRT Axle-Backs for the ’10-plus Camaro SS delivers deep, powerful sound and high-performance exhaust flow. The SS Axle-Back lets out a tough, all-American rumble that is fitting of an exhaust system born in the United States. The MRT ’10 Camaro SS Axle-Back features construction from the finest 304 stainless steel, making it lightweight and durable. Installation of the exhaust is simple and drill-free. The MRT Axle-Back clamps on directly in place of the factory axle-back. The GFX version of the ’10 Camaro SS Axle-Back Exhaust accommodates the square tips on the Ground Effects Kit offered by GM Performance Parts.

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It only takes about 45 minutes, a few hand tools, and less than $300 to make your ’10-11 Camaro really look and sound great, according to Pypes Exhaust. Their Camaro Pype Bomb employs unique, louvered-core, resonated, dual-wall 304 stainless tips to give your car an incredible muscle car sound without the popping noise associated with other manufacturers’ kits. The most amazing aspect of this system is the fact that it dramatically improves the sound of your Camaro and virtually eliminates any drone … even under full throttle in Sixth gear at 1,500 rpm. The ease of installation and the Pype Bomb’s killer sound make it one of Pype Exhaust’s most popular systems for adding a whole lot of bang for just a few bucks and a little bit of time. The system is completely street legal and will not void your factory warranty.

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Pypes Exhaust


ATI Performance Products offers a wide line of Super Dampers for Z-body V-6 and LS3 V-8 engines in your new Camaro. The damper shown is PN 918629, and is a lightweight 2024 billet aluminum assembly with a steel hub. All OEM belt locations are held for an easy install but with horsepower gains of 10 percent underdrive; the OEM size is PN 918628. Factory dampers and non-dampened pulleys offer no protection to modified engines. If you have more power or turn more rpm than OEM you’re unprotected! The Super Damper comes with laser-etched timing marks and exceeds SFI 18.1 safety certification.

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Celebrating 50 years in the motorsport industry, ATI Performance Products is located in Baltimore, and specializes in producing high-performance products for street and strip applications. ATI Performance Products has earned a reputation for its cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, American-made quality, and testing under race conditions.

ATI Performance Products


The Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) 9½-inch Camaro differential assembly was developed in conjunction with American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) to fit the fifth-gen Camaro. LPE’s 8-second quarter-mile, 1,250 rear-wheel horsepower, 4,200-pound, nitrous oxide–injected LS9 MT Camaro was used for product validation. The differential assembly is designed to use the GM 9½-inch ring gears found in many ¾-ton trucks. This provides for a high-torque capacity; low noise ring gear set that is available in a broad range of ratios.

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Some of important features of the LPE 9½-inch Camaro differential assembly are that the housing is cast from 356 aluminum and CNC-machined to OEM specifications, the housing has a unique integral bearing cap cover designed to minimize gear deflection, and a Tracrite GT helical gear limited-slip differential.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering


UMI Performance says they are raising the standard of quality performance products by offering a wide variety of suspension products for classic and modern day muscle cars. UMI Performance spotlights the ’10-12 Camaro rear trailing arms/toe rod kit. This kit helps maintain caster and camber settings for the rear tires as well as improved traction, eliminates the dreaded wheel hop, and increases rearend stability. The UMI ’10-12 Camaro rear suspension kit (PN 251520) is available in a high-quality powdercoat finish of red or black. This kit is a direct bolt-in setup and installation time is less than two hours using basic hand tools. Best of all… UMI Performance products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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UMI Performance


Anvil Auto just introduced these real carbon-fiber doorsill plates for fifth-gen Camaros. Their easy “peel and stick” installation make them one of the quickest custom upgrades you can do to your new Camaro. They are available with optional aluminum inserts for more contrast as well as allowing the ability to custom engrave the plates with your own design (inquire by sending an email to Anvil at: If you aren’t into flash, then the plain carbon-fiber plates provide a clean, stealthy look at a lower cost. Don’t be fooled by “fake” printed carbon-fiber looking parts, go for the real thing from Anvil.

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Anvil Auto


What are you looking for in a camshaft?

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(A) Excellent peak power

(B) Choppy idle

(C) Tire-frying torque

(D) Good driveability

(E) All of the above

If you chose E, Thunder Racing would like to introduce you to their newest line of custom camshafts designed to do just that. Thunder Racing’s powerful new TruTorq camshafts for Gen III and IV LSX engines have been tested to produce up to 500 rear-wheel horsepower and have some of the broadest torque curves ever seen. These cams are designed for stock-stroke cathedral or rectangular port cylinder heads, and with five levels of power-making, idle-loping, tire-frying daily driver cams to choose from, we’re sure there will be one to bring out the TRuTorq in your car too.

Thunder Racing


Retro your ride with RetroUSA’s accessories featuring Chrome-Tech, chrome film laminated to TPO, the gold standard in automotive plastic. The results are an extremely durable, lightweight, easy-to-install product. Unlike the chrome of the old, RetroUSA claims their Chrome-Tech products will never rust, crack, chip, or peel. While the technology is new, the look is classic. RetroUSA’s Chrome-Tech bumpers, hood vents, quarter moldings, and rocker moldings complete the nostalgic look of Chevrolet’s reborn ponycar. Al RetroUSA accessories are easily installed in a matter of minutes using 3M Attachment Tapes with no modifications required.

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To make your car really stand out at the next cruise night, Showstopper Accessories now offers LED side marker lights. OEM side marker housings are used to create a unique look yet retain a stock appearance. These are painted to match any OEM color with an LED strip left at the top to follow the natural lines of the fifth-gen Camaro. Tinted or orange lenses are available to accent your style, and the best part is you can install these in 15 minutes. Simply plug and play.

chp 30 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Side Marker 30/52

Showstopper Accessories


While weight is important, Forgeline focuses on strength and wheel stiffness as their main goal. Their newest competition wheel, the GA3R, has a street load rating of 2,100 pounds. This massive rating is required on true competition wheels because the G-load a race tire can generate cuts that load rating in half. The load a wheel sees under racing conditions is substantially greater than on the street. Race tires pull over 1.5 g’s. Add ground effects and the load just keeps rising, so race wheels need to be designed and tested to meet these conditions. Selecting a wheel for racing that has a street-use load rating can result in catastrophic wheel failure. All Forgeline competition wheels have both street and race load ratings to allow for proper use. The GA3R is available in 18, 19, and 20 inches for the Camaro in virtually any width and offset, and can clear even the largest aftermarket brake kits.

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Do you want to get rid of that mushy, high-engaging stock clutch? RAM Clutches offers complete systems for the fifth-gen Camaro that include their smooth driving Force 9½ (pictured) and 10½ dual disc clutches, as well as an adjustable replacement hydraulic slave system that affords improved pedal feel and, with the addition of the RAM pedal adjustment system, complete control over pedal engagement position. Force dual disc clutches offer peak holding power levels up to 1,300 lb-ft and are available with organic or metallic friction materials based on intended use. These clutch systems are the choice of many of today’s top Camaro installers for their silky smooth engagement on the street and extreme holding power at the track.

chp 31 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Clutch 32/52

RAM Clutches


Eddie Motorsports now offers a complete line of dress-up parts for fifth-generation Camaros. Not to be confused with cheap imported metal products, all of Eddie Motorsports’ aluminum parts are true billet, machined from the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum in the United States at their facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Their product line includes engine cowl and cap kits, strut tower covers, pedal covers, sill plates, hood vents, side vent inserts, interior knobs, and much more. Check their website for new additions to their rapidly expanding product line.

chp 32 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Dress Up Parts 33/52

Eddie Motorsports


Pfadt Race Engineering brings racing experience, engineering focus, and daily driver enthusiasm to the fifth-gen Camaro community with a lineup of suspension and powertrain products that offer the highest performance results and ease of installation. The Pfadt product line offers the Camaro enthusiast lowering springs, engine mounts, differential mounts, and sway bars that are aimed at street performance users as well as adjustable coilover kits, suspension arms, chassis bracing, and full bushing packages for the ultimate in looks and performance. Pfadt has also forged a strong relationship with the GM Performance Parts Division to offer GMPP licensed suspension components to take your Camaro from original equipment to lethal performance machine without compromising any serious street ride qualities. Taking your Camaro to the next level in handling and curb appeal is now a suspension change away with Pfadt Race Engineering.

chp 33 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Springs 34/52

Pfadt Race Engineering


Gforce Engineering introduced the bolt-in fabricated 9-inch IRS rearend for the ’10-plus Camaro. Their fabricated 9-inch rear is a direct bolt solution and replaces the entire OEM drivetrain from the transmission back. With the Gforce Engineering fabricated 9-inch IRS you can forget about broken differential gears, axles, and driveshafts. Their components are designed to handle well over 1,000 hp with no problems. Their kits also come with their proven anti-wheel hop axle technology, stopping wheel hop dead in its tracks.

chp 34 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Rearend 35/52

The Gforce Engineering fabricated 9-inch IRS rear comes with fully fabricated bolt-in 9-inch housing, featuring 3⁄8-inch-thick faceplates and 3⁄16-inch thick covers; heavy-duty BMR bushings that will provide a much more solid feel then the OEM bushings; 300m inner axle stubs; 300m anti-wheel hop axles; 4340 outer wheel stubs designed to clear OEM control arms as well as aftermarket control arms; and it comes standard with a 4-inch aluminum 1,000hp driveshaft (carbon fiber is optional).

Gforce Engineering


Transform your ride with Razzi Ground Effects Packages. They aren’t soft and rubbery like other ground effects packages that are made out of urethane plastic (which are very hard to paint and difficult to install). The Aero-Flex ABS Ground Effects Packages are more rigid, like fiberglass but don’t crack like fiberglass parts do. Also, parts made out of fiberglass are usually very poor fitting when compared to Aero-Flex parts. Razzi’s parts are commonly referred to as the “best fitting” parts in the ground effects industry, according to MS Performance. Aero-Flex isn’t a urethane or fiberglass material. The accurate description of Aero-Flex is that it is a “co-extruded ABS composite plastic” material—a very high-tech plastic. Cost: unpainted $725, painted $1,125.

chp 35 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Two Camaros 36/52

MS Performance


“The most powerful, biggest, baddest, best-looking, highest horsepower potential … and coolest” PD Camaro supercharger kits are now available from Kenne Bell. These huge 2.8L, 3.6L, or 4.2L superchargers, coupled to the exclusive Kenne Bell Mammoth 4½-inch inlet system, dwarfs the competition. Since only cool, dense, outside-the-engine-compartment ram-air is inhaled, these kits produce another 30-50 hp over others. Short, low-restriction high-rpm runners guarantee maximum midrange and top-end horsepower. Optional (patent pending) liquid cooled is available for all kits. It has up to a 1,500hp rating with top-mount rear inlet for maximum efficiency. The exposed design supercharger allows cooler operation. No covers, manifolds, or intercoolers to heat-soak the supercharger, so you won’t mistake this beast for an intake manifold, and all kits fit under the stock hood—that means huge horsepower potential. All components are over engineered to support up to 1,500 hp.

chp 36 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Kenne Bell Supercharger 37/52

Kenne Bell


Going fast—literally and figuratively. Founded in 1925, Berger Chevrolet is celebrating over four decades of modifying and selling special Camaros with a limited-edition ’11 Berger SS Camaro. Fourth-generation Berger family president, Matt Berger, says, “Last year’s introduction of the finest and most exciting Camaro Chevrolet has ever produced has renewed our enthusiasm for one of the most famous muscle cars of all time. The response to our ’10 Berger SS was outstanding.” Berger continues. “The Chevrolet Camaro has always been a very special car to all of us at Berger as well as our fellow Bow Tie enthusiasts. We have now been selling, upgrading, and building factory- and Berger-edition Camaros since the car’s debut in 1967.” Each car is sequentially numbered; the cost for the Berger package starts at $21,730, plus the price of the ’11 Camaro SS.

chp 37 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Green Camaro 38/52

Berger Chevrolet


Boost your ’10-11 Camaro SS to tire-shredding horsepower and torque with a Lysholm 2300 Twin-Screw Supercharger System. The complete bolt-on system boosts stock vehicles to 580 hp and 541 lb-ft of torque at the redline. Fuel management includes a programmer, fuel rails, high-flow fuel injectors, and braided stainless steel fuel hoses. MSRP is $6,950.95, which includes an optional three-year/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.

chp 38 O  Fifth Gen Chevrolet Products Supercharger 39/52

The Lysholm 2300 is capable of supporting more than 700 hp on modified vehicles with custom tuning. A tuner kit is available for customers supplying their own tuning and fuel components. MSRP is $6,295.95.

Systems include an integrated air/water charge cooler, high-flow cast aluminum air inlet, integrated bypass valve and actuator, and roto-molded airbox to retain OEM hydrocarbon trap (required for 50-state smog certification). The Lysholm 2300 with included six-rib pulley produces 7-9 psi at the redline. The twin-screw design provides maximum low-end torque, and far greater efficiency and horsepower gains compared to roots-type blowers.



Street Trends has been the ultimate source for late-model Chevrolet Caprices and Impalas for over a decade. Now they are aiming at the ’10-plus Camaro. Street Trends is a one-stop shop for all of your fifth-gen needs. From air ride suspensions to custom floor mats, superchargers, and big brake kits they have you covered. Call or email them for special package pricing.

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Street Trends Inc.


Are you looking for a quality modification for your beloved Camaro? Sparks Emblems and Speaker Rings are manufactured from a solid block of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, which is machined on state-of-the-art vertical machining centers. Go from gold to bold with Sparks Stock Grille, Heritage Grille and Trunk Emblems. All emblems are 3-D milled, providing a perfect fit, and are available in both polished and powdercoated finishes with multiple color paint fill options.

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Sparks Speaker Rings are a simple way to add some subtle pop to your interior. Take your choice of polished, black, RS, or SS and enjoy one of the little extras that make a very big difference. Sparks prides itself in having the highest quality products with uncompromising craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Sparks Restorations


Introducing the Granatelli Twin Turbo System for the ’10-11 LS3 and L99 fifth-gen Camaro. These systems deliver uncompromising power and state-of-the-art engineering in a 100 percent complete bolt-on kit. Kits feature Precision Turbo 62mm billet compressor wheels and 65mm V-band turbine wheels. Offered with self-cooling journal bearing, ball bearing upgrades are optional. The entire mounting pipe comes pre-assembled at the factory and installs in under an hour using their V-band to V-band connections. Capable of up to 1,300 hp, it’s as docile as 600 at only 5½ pounds of boost. The front mount 3½x30x9 inches air to air intercooler cores are incredibly efficient and the hand-fabricated 6061-T6 sheetmetal aluminum end tanks give it a super-tough look. The system even includes a huge 50mm TiAL Sport bypass valve, post throttle body toe smooth driving manors. Silver powdercoating is the standard finish but a wide variety of custom powdercoated colors are available.

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Granatelli Motorsports


Whether it’s for the LS3 in fifth-gen Camaros or any older engine combo, ARP has what you need to reliably increase power and upgrade appearance. Anyone employing power adders needs the extra strength of ARP’s 200,000-psi head studs to ensure optimum sealing and prevent blown head gaskets. Likewise, ARP main studs provide bottom-end security. Beautiful and rugged polished stainless steel fasteners are available for valve covers, coil packs, headers, the intake manifold, valley cover, front cover, water pump, thermostat housing, and more, or you can get everything in ARP’s convenient (and money-saving) Engine and Accessory Fastener Kit, which is also available in black oxide finished 8740 chromoly. When you put it all together, use new ARP Ultra-Torque fastener lubricant. Call or go online for free ARP catalog.

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Are you getting hassled by tech at your local track? Whether you’re looking for a five-point or want to upgrade to a six-point, RPM Roll Bar has the highest quality, best looking and fitting bar in the industry. If it’s for “show” or “go” you’re covered from 11.49 to 10.0. Are you planning on going quicker than 10.0? RPM Roll Bar can provide you with a cage extension kit that will make you compliant down to 8.50. Gain better e.t.’s with a more rigid chassis and look good at the same time. This bar fits like a weld-in cage, keeping in mind the comfort of the driver. The factory seats remain completely functional and follow the factory lines that the car manufacturer intended. Let your imagination go with color-match snakeskin, carbon fiber, or go hard-core with color-match skulls. The possibilities are endless with the trademarked Hydro Skin technology developed for the high-impact sporting and the first in the automotive industry. Specify whether you want lightweight chromoly or mild steel, five- or six-point, and the make/model of your vehicle. Priced from $1,195. Available exclusively at

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RPM Rollbars


Detroit Speed (DSE) is known for performance and ride quality for early Camaros, and now you can have DSE technology underneath your fifth-generation Camaro. The Performance Handling Kit includes front and rear Drop Springs and a front antiroll bar with an adjustable rear antiroll bar. The Drop Springs lower the ride height to give your car a more aggressive stance. The increased spring rates provide improved performance handling while retaining excellent ride quality. They are a direct replacement to the factory fifth-generation Camaro springs. The DSE Drop Springs retain the factory isolators.

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The front and rear antiroll bars have a larger diameter than the OEM bars with an increased rate for improved performance handling. They are powdercoated gloss black. The antiroll bars also include split-lock collars that positively locate the antiroll bar in the correct location. The antiroll bar bushings are also black for a clean uniform finish.

Detroit Speed


Nickey Chicago says they are the original supercar headquaters. They are converting Camaros to be just like the ’67 all over again. Reserve a position for a ’12 fifth-generation, 45th anniversary Super Camaro today. Three stages are offered: From mild to wild, starting at 500 hp up to and over 1,000 hp, superchargers and twin-turbo packages are also available. They will custom-build a Nickey Super Camaro just for you. Nickey feels it’s the leader and innovator regarding fifth-generation Super Camaros, from turnkey to all the special parts needed to build your very own, so why settle for an imitation when you can have an original?

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Nickey Chicago


The Definition of Dyad is: Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair; or combining power of two. The Centerforce Dyad (patent pending) is a fully dampened clutch system developed for vehicles with extreme power levels. It has new multi-disc floating disc and drive disc design with smooth engagement and light pedal effort. It has a high-torque capacity of up to 1,300 ft-lb at the flywheel, with greater longevity, high-quality ARP fasteners, excellent driver control, and a specification card included.

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The Dyad Drive System’s multi-disc clutch design has been developed to meet the needs of modern high-end vehicles. Today’s technology has allowed for engine torque levels to exceed 750 lb-ft of torque and still be driven every day. Drivers need a clutch that can offer with smooth engagement, quiet operation, light pedal, and high-end holding capacity.



Ace Custom Steering announced their newest performance-oriented custom steering wheel for the fifth-gen Camaro. The Camaro Rally Performance Steering Wheel transforms the interior appearance for Camaro owners, giving them larger, more comfortable, and higher performance feeling grip for their wheel. Owners can customize their steering wheel with a variety of color options. The body of the steering wheel, accents, and even thread colors are chosen by the owner to fit their specific tastes. Ace Custom Steering wheels are handcrafted from OEM quality parts and materials in the United States, and are backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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The Camaro Rally Performance Steering Wheel is available for immediate order. Owners will select their colors and build materials on the website before their wheel is actually built. After it’s shipped, the owner simply returns their original wheel to Ace Custom Steering within 30 days, causing the owner no downtime for their vehicles.

Ace Custom Steering


Adding significant horsepower and torque to any LS-series engine can be accomplished with complete reliability thanks to big-inch custom rotating assemblies available from renown engine components manufacturer Manley Performance. The nucleus of the factory-matched assembly is a lightweight 4340 alloy forged steel crankshaft available in 4.000- and 4.100-inch strokes that can boost displacement up to 439 ci, depending on bore size. Manley’s premium grade Platinum Series pistons are available in five sizes, from 3.905 to 4.130 inches and with compression ratios ranging from 8.1:1 (for use with power-adders) up to 12.4:1 depending on combustion chamber volume. The stroker assemblies include Manley race-proven 4340 forged steel connecting rods in either H-beam or I-beam configurations. Completing the package are Total Seal piston rings and Clevite bearings (H-series rod and P-series main). As an extra benefit, purchasing the assembly package will provide significant savings over obtaining the components individually. It’s a win-win deal.

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Manley Performance


Since 1969 VFN has been one of the industry leaders in aftermarket lightweight fiberglass components for race cars and street cars, specializing in designs that really complement the shape of the vehicle. VFN already makes a complete full fiberglass ’10-12 Camaro drag race body for the track, and has some very cool offerings for the street car scene as well. VFN offers the retro-styled Stingray Version and L-88 hoods as well as the fourth-generation inspired Sunoco hoods that VFN is well known for.

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VFN Fiberglass


Huntington Engineered Alloys has an all-new take on innovative and striking staggered aftermarket wheels for modern muscle cars. Huntington Alloys introduces a stout five-spoke called the Bolsa. The Bolsa, styled like a classic but with modern flavor, will stand out in the crowd with its setback hub and nice stylized groove down the center. The Bolsa comes available in a clean gloss black or silver with machine-cut face and lip. The Bolsa is available in an array of sizes 18x9, 18x10, 20x9, 20x10, 20x10.5, 22x9, 22x10.5, or 22x11. At Huntington, they set out to design a custom application for the modern muscle cars, for example, Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Chargers, and Dodge Challengers. Huntington Engineered Alloys are hub-centric for a smooth, vibration-free ride, all while being capable of accepting OE TPMS sensors, OE center caps. The Springdale is built to strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight.

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Huntington Engineered Alloys


BBK Performance says they are the leading manufacturer of late-model EFI performance upgrades, so it was a sure bet that the BBK R&D team would waste no time offering performance upgrades for the hot new ’10-11 Camaro models. From there popular cold-air intake systems to a full line of performance headers are available in both tuned-length and full-length versions. It’s hard to beat the performance, quality, and value of these latest BBK offerings. The best part is these upgrades can be installed easily by any enthusiast and will net 12 to 40 rear-wheel horsepower to their favorite RS or SS Camaro as these BBK items are available for the V-6 and V-8 automatic and standard applications. For more information on the full line of over 500 BBK performance products as well as installation and dyno videos on these latest Camaro offerings, visit their website.

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BBK Performance




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