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October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

Aug 17, 2011
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Top Hat

LS Hi-Ram Modular Intake System

chp 01 O  October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Hi Ram Intake 2/9

The Holley cast-aluminum Modular Hi-Ram Intake System fits GM LS3/L92 engines and eliminates the need for a fabricated sheetmetal intake for high-performance applications. The modular design base will accept a forward-mount throttle body style, dual 4150 or dual 4500 carburetors, including a blank top that can be machined for any induction style. Runner length and a tapered cross-section are designed to perform well for high-revving naturally aspirated or forced-induction engines in the 6.0-7.0L and larger range.

Price: $500 & Up
270.782.2900 ·

Featherweight F-Body

’69 Camaro Aluminum Body Panels

chp 03 October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Panels 3/9

All-new ’69 Camaro aluminum body panels are now available at Classic Industries. These OE-style body panels drastically reduce weight and improve performance. Complete kits include left and right fenders, hood, decklid, header panel, valance panel, and both front and rear bumpers. Aluminum body panel sets are also available in an anodized finish or EDP coated and with either a 2- or 4-inch cowl induction-style hood.

Price: $3,000 & Up
Classic Industries
800.854.1280 ·

Rearin’ to go!

Independent Rear Suspension

chp 02 O  October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Irs 4/9

From Tri-Fives to A-bodies and everything in between, Roadster Shop’s independent rear suspension is a serious performer. Roadster Shop’s new IRS uses exclusive Fast Track geometry and allows for a 58.75-inch rear track width. Delrin bushings are included with 660 bronze-oiled sleeves for zero reflection, along with 4041 pre-hardened control arm mounts and all Grade 8 hardware. The rear also utilizes stock, externally mounted C5-/C6-style brakes, splined rear sway bar with adjustable endlinks, choice of Afco Pro Touring performance coilovers, and available in multiple configurations to suit all performance needs.

Price: $7,800 & Up
Roadster Shop
847.949.7637 ·

Strong Point

Fifth-Gen Camaro Differential Bushing Kit

chp 04 O  October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Bushing Kit 5/9

The BMR Rear Cradle/Differential Bushing Kit minimizes rear cradle movement and provides additional rigidity for the differential to ensure maximum power transmission to the wheels. Manufactured from low-deflection polyurethane, this kit includes the BMR “street version” differential bushing kit and rear cradle insert bushings. For ease, the rear cradle bushings are added without removing the cradle from the vehicle for easy installation.

Price: $230
BMR Suspension
813.986.9302 ·

Cleaning Tools

Wheel Cleaner for any Finish

chp 06 O  October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Mothers 6/9

Mothers introduces a full line of easy-to-use, spray on, hose-off cleaners for every wheel finish. Each special formula penetrates, dissolves, and suspends all types of brake dust, grease, dirt, and grime, making rinsing a snap. The Mothers line includes cleaners for polished aluminum, chrome plating, roughcast aluminum, or even factory/OEM wheels. What’s more, cleaners come in convenient 24-ounce spray bottles and even work great on tires, too, including whitewalls.

Price: $8 (each)
714.891.3364 ·

Light it up

LED Flush-Mount Back-Up Lights

chp 05 October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Light Kit 7/9

For improved vision, Watson’s now offer their Double-D LED flush-mount taillight kit with LED bright white clusters. Kits include an aluminum housing with two strips of 50, super-bright red LEDs per light. Each strip is split and wired separately so they can be customized with a personal touch. Kits will work with integral turn/brake systems or vehicles with separate turn signals. The clear lenses with diffuser are a 1/2-inch wide by 151/4 inch in length.  Mounting hardware and dual intensity convertors are included.

Price: $375
Watson’s Streetworks
860.859.0513 ·

Extreme Engineering

LS7 CNC Splayed Valve Cylinder Heads

chp 07 O  October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Cylinder Head 8/9

LS7 CNC splayed valve cylinder heads from Mast Motorsports use completely redesigned valve locations to produce greater flow numbers at a lower valve lift. This, combined with the improved air/fuel mixture tumble characteristics of the splayed valve positions, results in Mast’s most efficient cylinder head design to date. The splayed valve six-bolt cylinder heads are designed for any new Gen IV LS engine with 4.125-inch or larger bore. This cylinder head accepts Gen IV LS7 rocker arms and intake manifolds without modification. Cylinder heads come standard with 2.200-/1.650-inch intake/exhaust valves and 68cc combustion chamber.

Price: Call
Mast Motorsports
936.560.2218 ·

The Cover-Up

69'-72' Chevelle Steering Column Plates

chp 08 O  October 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Plates 9/9

Remove the hole from the firewall and wobble from the steering column with reproduction steering column plates. Inline Tubes’ plates are factory-exact, bolt in place, and are supplied with the round seal and foam gasket (offered at extra cost) for a complete installation. These plates were unique from the factory and no matter which version of the original plate is needed, Inline Tube has the correct style for your specific application.

Price: $40
Inline Tube
800.385.9452 ·



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