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September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts

Jul 7, 2011

Side To Side

chp 01 O  September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Wiper Control 2/8

Wiper Motor Control Module

Activate wipers with a Low/High Speed Control Module that controls two-speed motors with a momentary ground activation and allows an intermittent swipe when the ground switch is held down. The module also controls the Park function of the wiper to prevent excessive wear on the motor and incorporates a locking wedge to integrate an existing accessory module. Control modules also come with mounting bracket and detailed instructions.

Price: $90

American Autowire

800.482.9473 ·

Advanced Control

chp 02 September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Dual Bosch Wideband Ecms 3/8

Dual Bosch Wideband ECMs

The 120-pin hardware is the newest addition to Mast’s lineup of the most advanced ECMs for Gen IV LS engines. The M-120 ECM features Bank to Bank active wideband feedback control, which allows for easier in-application tuning and the most accurate calibrations. All of Mast’s M-90 ECMs’ advanced functions are retained including wideband knock, VVT control, full sequential fuel injection, and drive-by-wire throttle control. The ECM also adds active boost solenoid control for GM LSA and LS9 engine applications. The M-120 ECM is available with preprogrammed calibrations in both Calibrated and Performance packages.

Price: $2,300

Mast Motorsports

936.560.2218 ·

Turn for the Better

chp 03 September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Rack And Pinion 4/8

Power Rack-and-Pinion

Classic Performance Products introduces its all-new power rack-and-pinion for Mustang II–type independent front suspension. CPP’s power rack features AN fitting adapters and comes complete with hardware. These are completely new, so there’s no need to worry about rebuilt cores, stripped fittings, or bent tie rods.

Price: $300

Classic Performance Products

800.830.7657 ·

Perfect Fit

chp 04 O  September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Caliper 5/8

Replacement Calipers

Wilwood introduces its new bolt-on, forged billet D154 replacement caliper for ’68-present GM vehicles that were originally equipped with iron piston calipers. Calipers are specifically designed to mount in the stock location, with stock-sized rotors, using regular OEM-type or aftermarket compound replacement pads. Calipers are made from a forged aluminum body, and include stainless steel pistons for their slow heat transfer properties and high-corrosion resistance, with high-temperature seals for controlled piston retraction. Available options include a single piston 2.50-inch diameter as well as two two-piston configurations, and are available in black or red powdercoat.

Price: $180

Wilwood Engineering

805.388.1188 •

Rear Lid

chp 05 September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Currie Rearend 6/8

9-Inch Cover Housing

Currie’s Track 9 bolt-on cover housing center can be custom built for nearly any application. It’s ideal for GM muscle car enthusiasts who want to keep a relatively stock appearance to their rearend, while gaining all of the strength and versatility benefits of a 9-inch. Units are stamped out of heavy gauge steel and feature CNC flanges on front and back, and accept 3-inch tube for easy mounting. Cover options are steel, chromed steel, and cast aluminum.

Price: $500

Currie Enterprises

714.367.2220 ·

Dazzling Finish

chp 06 O  September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Golden Shine 7/8

Wheel Cleaner

Set your standards high with the Golden Shine Car Care Line’s Brilliant Wheel Cleaner. It quickly and safely cleans wheels with no harsh chemicals and won’t damage clearcoating, painted, or anodized finishes. To use, simply spray on, then lightly agitate and rinse away the built-up dirt and brake dust for an amazing look—that’s it!

Price: $10

California Car Cover

800.423.5525 ·

Modern Feel

chp 07 O  September 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts Steering Conversion 8/8

’62-66 Nova II Steering Conversion

This conversion box is a remanufactured modern quick ratio power steering gearbox that has undergone extensive modifications to fit with no modifications to the shock tower. This box mounts directly to the stock steering linkage and requires the steering column to be shortened approximately 3 inches for clearance. The Borgeson box is for floor shift applications only; however, any style stock steering column can be modified to fit. Replacement vibration isolating steering column shafts are available for a complete bolt-in installation.

Price: $550 & up

Borgeson Universal

860.482.8283 ·



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