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Free Camshaft Selection Software

The new COMP Cams CamQuest allows both PC and Mac users to select the perfect camshaft by answering 10 application-specific questions with the program’s simple drop-down menus. The easy-to-use, online program (no download required) then suggests the top matching camshafts based on your application and performance desires; the built-in virtual dyno will even calculate your engine’s estimated horsepower and torque. Even more impressive, it’s printable and the CamQuest is still completely free and available via the COMP Cams website.

Price: no charge

COMP cams

800.999.0853 • compcams.com


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Universal Wiring Kit For 700-R4 and 200-4R

This easy-to-install system from TCI allows automatic activation of the torque converter clutch in Fourth gear under stable engine operation, and disengages the clutch when accelerating or downshifting. The Universal Lock-Up Wiring Kit is needed when installing a GM 700-R4 or 200-4R transmission in a noncomputer-controlled application such as a street rod or muscle car, or when removing the factory computer in pre-’93 applications. It’s constructed from OEM connectors and oil-resistant wire with everything required including the gasket, wiring harness, vacuum switch, Fourth gear pressure switch, splice connectors, and mounting screw.

Price: $90

TCI Automotive

888.776.9824 • tciauto.com

Basic Handler

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Fifth-Gen Camaro Suspension Kit

BMR’s Level 1 handling kit (HPP018) for ’10-11 Camaros consists of a front and rear sway bar kit with 1-inch lowering springs. The front and rear sway bar is cold formed from lightweight tubular DOM steel and has an outside diameter of 29mm for the front and 25mm for the rear. Each sway bar features three adjustment locations and integrated thrust washers to prevent horizontal movement. BMR springs are constructed from high-tensile silicone chromium spring wire, come with a lifetime warranty against spring sag, and are available in your choice of red or black powdercoat finish.

Price: $539

BMR Fabrication

813.986.8055 • bmrsuspension.com

Mass Appeal

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Self-Tuning EFI System

Holley has three different levels of fuel injection kits from their Avenger bolt-on-and-go systems to deliver up to 600 hp, the HP kit for mild street cars, all the way to their full tilt Dominator systems for race cars. Dominator kits add an electronic transmission control, drive-by-wire throttle-body setup, rev limiters, and more. Each system includes Holley’s revolutionary self-tuning fueling strategies to take away tuning fears for novice users and help save time for those with more experience.

Price: $899 & up


270.782.2900 • holley.com


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Component Drive Systems

Chassisworks has designed a bolt-on selection of billet-aluminum geardrives for single or dual configurations of ProCharger, Vortech, and Paxton superchargers for small-block, big-block, or LS-series engines. These drive systems increase reliability by eliminating side loads on the crank and supercharger. Gearsets can be configured to overdrive or underdrive the supercharger, enabling maximum output at lower engine rpm or reducing output for more street-friendly power levels. All drive units include integral timing pointer, crank trigger mount, oil level sight glass, and gearcase vent.

Price: $3,300 & up


800.722.2269 • cachassisworks.com

Crowning Jewel

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LS Compatible Series Cylinder Heads

LS-style replacement cylinder heads are available through Brodix in two different styles. The BR7 is an out-of-the-box version with 71cc combustion chambers, blended bowls, and matched intake ports. The STS BR7 is a 100 percent CNC-ported version that flows over 380 cfm. Both utilize a 12-degree valve angle with 2.205-/1.614-inch intake/exhaust valve combination. To make this upgrade a cinch, both versions will also accept all of the standard LS components, too.

Price: $1,078 & up


479.394.1075 • brodix.com




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