June 2011 Chevy High Performance Q&A

Love It When a Plan Comes Together, Part II

Kevin McClelland May 3, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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On top of your steering gear there is an aluminum cover that is retained by 43/8-inch screws, and right in the middle of this cover is a nut and a slotted adjuster. This adjuster moves the relationship to the worm and sector gear in the steering box. You can try to loosen and turn the adjuster clockwise to engage the gears tighter together. The only problem with this is when you turn the wheel either left or right off center the gears will bind. You have picked up slop on center because of wear. Finding another 16:1 quick-ratio box is virtually impossible these days. However, Lee Manufacturing has the parts and know-how to rebuild your factory box correctly. It’ll cost a few bucks because the parts are becoming very rare, but it can be done.

Source: lee-powersteering.com

Gen III meets Gen IV

Q: Chevy High Performance articles have helped me install an Impala SS LT1 out of a ’96 into an ’88 Chevy Stepside short-box pickup. I have used a number of the advertisers for parts as well as information.

I have just purchased an L92, 6.2L engine with only 40,000 miles on it out of a Cadillac Escalade. I have also purchased the ’08 Corvette cam and complete LS3 intake assembly because the L76 is no longer available. When I bought the engine, I also received the ECM and wire harness.

Currently, I’m in the process of acquiring an ’87 Camaro, and I’d like to know a couple of things about the swap. How would I go about using the electronic throttle body? Is the current TPI L98 350ci fuel pump usable or will I have to upgrade to a better in-tank pump? I know the LS3 is a returnless fuel system and the current system is a return fuel system, so any suggestions in this matter would be helpful. Will I need to buy an adjustable tranny crossmember even though I am using the 700-R4/4L60 automatic that comes with the car? Who can I get to reprogram the ECM for the new cam and intake with throttle body and injectors from the LS3, or can the original injectors be used from the Escalade?

I have gone through all of my back issues for LS swap articles, in particular the Nov. ’03 "Transplant Triumph." It explains a lot of the issues that I will come across. I’ll be doing most of the work myself and any information that you can help me out with would be greatly appreciated.

Shawn Clenighan
Windsor, ON, Canada

A: Third-generation Camaros are a fun platform to play with. In 1992, the last year of production, GM built what it called the Heritage Edition. It was basically an RS Camaro with a Corvette L98 and ZF six-speed. These were factory-built toys that had the 1LE brakes and suspension package. When we were playing with cars for Chevrolet, we got one before it was sent off to the crusher (no VIN, you know). We installed a highly modified LT1, which cranked out 440 hp at the time. This car was an absolute blast to drive and ran 12.30s in the quarter on 87-octane gas. The magazine editors beat this car to an inch of its life, but they couldn’t kill it. If we only could have saved it from the crusher!


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