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June 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Apr 8, 2011
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Curb Appeal
Big-Inch Forged Wheels

clt_08_ June_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 2/9

Updating the look of your ride is easy with a fresh set of wheels. The Boze ZE forged Apex multispoke offers the ultimate in looks in a lightweight wheel. The Apex is accented with precise ball mill cuts at each spoke and constructed in both two- and three-piece configurations from 6061-T6 forged aluminum. Wheels range in size from 18- to 24-inch diameters, are designed to fit big brake kits, and come in a variety of finishes, such as two-tone brushed satin, chrome, powdercoat, and a high luster polish.

Price: $675 & UP (each)

Boze Alloys


Arctic Upgrade
Early GM A/C Maintenance

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If your ’60s-70s early GM vehicle has a Pilot Operated Absolute (POA) valve that isn’t working properly and freezes over, your system will not cool as efficiently as it was engineered. Also, conversions from R12 to 134A require a recalibration to bypass at different pressures. Classic Auto Air can offer expert testing, reconditioning, and calibration service for early GM POA valves with a quick turnaround.

Price: $100 & UP

Classic Auto Air


Grab Gears
'10 Camaro Shifter

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New for the ’10 Camaro is the Hurst Comp Stick. The stylish console plate is CNC machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized in black. It features cutouts on both sides of the plate for the gear indicator, making it ideal for both left and righthand vehicles. The handle and stick are also made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and are anodized in a Titanium Shadow. Best of all, it requires no modification to your stock console.

Price: $220

Hurst Shifters


Cool Solution
Triple-Pass Radiators

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Summit Racing’s new furnace-brazed radiators are not only lightweight but the new design allows the coolant to pass through the radiator three times before it’s recirculated back into the engine. The triple-pass radiators measure 23/4 inches thick and 19 inches high. They also feature fully welded, heavy-duty filler necks with no gaskets, seals, or epoxy to blow out.

Price: $200 & UP

Summit Racing


Hood Rich
'10 Camaro Accessories

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Want to add a custom look to your ’10 Camaro? Showstopper Accessories offers a wide variety of custom Camaro products to add that personal touch underneath your hood. Premium covers are available for your fuse box, brake fluid reservoir, positive battery terminal, ABS controller, and wire harness. All items are custom painted as well as accented with the color and material of your choice.

Price: $250 & UP

Showstopper Accessories


Rigid Rocker
LS Shaft Mounts

clt_03_ June_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 7/9

T&D Machine Products now offers a solution when adding a power adder or high lift camshaft to your LS build. It’s a high-tech, lash adjustable, bolt-on shaft-mount roller rocker system, which includes oversized bearings, roller tips, and big adjusters with 12-point jam nuts. Rocker bodies are CNC-machined from superior alloys and the rockers are held rigidly to a one-piece stand using studs and 12-point nuts.

Price: $1,150 & UP

T&D Machine Products


Pan For Power
LS Conversion Oil Pan

clt_02_ June_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 8/9

LS swap fans can now take advantage of the Mast Motorsports cast-aluminum oil pan. It’s built with a thick pan rail and a short front pan depth to fit nearly any muscle car chassis. An OEM integrated pressure relief valve bypass is built-in along with baffles for excellent oil control. Also included are AN-10 fittings that eliminate the need for expensive adapters and even feature a driver-side oil drain, rear AN-6 port, and enlarged oil passage holes.

Price: $430 & UP

Mast Motorsports


'68-74 Nova four-Speed Conversion Kit

chp_01_ June_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 9/9

Planning on swapping out the automatic in your ’68-74 Nova for a four-speed? Ground Up’s conversion kit includes the brake and clutch pedals, Z-bar, rods, boots, cross-shaft kit, springs, bracket, and hardware to take the headache out of the swap. All pieces are exact reproductions of the OEM components for a factory-style four-speed installation. Kits are available in a variety of configurations for year and engine.

Price: $140 & up

Ground Up




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