June 2011 Chevy High Performance Bolt-Ons - Performance Gains

The Ultimate Bolt-Ons For Every Street Machine

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’55-57 12-inch Drop Spindle Disc Brake Kit

The Hookup
Where To Get It
Classic Performance Products 800.830.7657 classicperform.com

1106chp 12 O  June 2011 Chevy High Performance Bolt Ons Spindle Disc Brake 2/16

This is the most cost effective way to increase handling and reduce stopping distances for Tri-Fives. It’s a 12-inch front disc brake setup that includes a 2-inch drop spindle. Kits include loaded big piston calipers with disc pads, one-piece rotors, bearings, seals, dust caps, spindle nuts, hardware, and rubber brake hoses. This assembly will work with most 15-inch or larger disc brake wheels and does not change the car’s steering geometry.

Drag Radials

The Hookup
$168 & up
Where To Get It
Coker Tire 866.513.2743 cokertire.com

1106chp 13 O  June 2011 Chevy High Performance Bolt Ons 3/16

M&H Racemaster Drag Radials are DOT certified, allowing you to drive on the street and go directly to the track. Currently, these are available in a variety of sizes and sized for rims up to 18 inches in diameter. If you purchase the tires with a set of Coker wheels, each set will be mounted and balanced prior to shipping. CHP


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