June 2011 Chevy High Performance Bolt-Ons - Performance Gains

The Ultimate Bolt-Ons For Every Street Machine

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Performance bolt-ons in Chevy High Performance has always been synonymous with horsepower and torque gains, but these days, we’re taking it to a whole new level. Make no mistake, we’re still horsepower aficionados and always will be; only lately, we’re absolutely excited that the general direction of car builds is heading toward complete performance platforms that can also accommodate the added power.

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Yes, we’re talking about cars that can do it all--rip down the quarter-mile with solid 11-second (if not quicker) elapse times, negotiate through a field of cones at the local autocross, all the while being able to drive cross-country or through any number of urban jungles with the air conditioner on full tilt.

Let’s admit it; we’re living in an era of motorsports bliss, where we have access to a wide variety of aftermarket manufacturers, who offer just about anything we’ve ever wanted or could dream up with a complete off-the-shelf service. The real question is how far and how aggressive do you want to go?

Over the next several pages we’re showcasing some of our personal favorites to get your street machine in motion; so check it out, there’s definitely a little something for everyone. --Henry D

G-Body Front Suspension

The Hookup
Where To Get It
UMI Performance 814.857.5400 umiperformance.com

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These new front suspensions for G-body platforms include upper and lower A-arms with polyurethane bushings, bumpstops, and 4140 chrome-moly cross-shafts. Each upper and lower ball joint holder is CNC-machined and features greasable, low-deflection Delrin bushings. Arms are 1.250-inch mandrel tubing and finished with a brilliant and durable powdercoat.

Second-Gen Camaro Suspension

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The Hookup
$1,789 (starting, front) and $1,839 (starting, rear)
Where To Get It
Chassisworks 888.388.0297 cachassisworks.com

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Chassisworks has every component necessary for a proper second-gen Camaro build. Front subframes are equipped with billet side-engine mounts, motor and mid plates, a selection of rack-and-pinions, multiple control arm sets, three different antiroll bars, spindle options (fabricated, sculpted, or billet), and coilover or air-spring VariShocks in single- or double-adjustable versions. Rears will receive Chassisworks’ g-Link with a bolt-in connector support that has an integrated mount for an adjustable position driveshaft safety loop with room for a dual 3-inch exhaust to run above the assembly. Bolt-in transmission crossmembers and subframe connectors are also available for OEM or Chassisworks front subframe and rear framerails for a rigid platform.

Pro Elite LS7 Aluminum Cylinder Heads

The Hookup
Where To Get It
Racing Head Service 877.776.4323 racingheadservice.com

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These are perfect-fit LS7 heads with a raised intake runner specifically designed for the RHS LS race and GM LSX blocks in both small and large cubic-inch configurations. A 12-degree valve angle is standard along with complete CNC-machined runners (291cc intake port, 93cc exhaust port) to optimize volume, atomization, and velocity. Weight savings can be attributed to the 355T6 aerospace-grade aluminum, which also increases strength; a 0.750-inch-thick deck surface improves high cylinder pressure. The rails have been raised 0.400 inch to allow fitment for aftermarket rockers, while the 0.100-inch raised exhaust ports allow for the use of stock or aftermarket manifolds.

Wireless Remote Coilover Adjust System

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The Hookup
$545 & up
Where To Get It
QA1 952.985.5675 qa1.net

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The system provides the ability to wirelessly tune your QA1 coilover suspension with up to 18 levels of adjustment per channel (324 possible valve combinations with a two-channel setup). This system is controlled by a remote with seven, one-touch preset adjustment setups, all of which may be modified for a custom tuned ride. Presets provide quick and precise valving changes from street to strip to road racing. Install is simple and the Remote Adjust System is even compatible with preexisting single- or double-adjustable QA1s, too.




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