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Chevrolet Camaro Test - High Noon

We put the STI Killer to the test and find out if it really lives up to all of the hype

Justin Cesler Apr 19, 2011
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When we first introduced the STI Killer, we set out to build a Camaro that would "be a total road course domination machine." We told you it had to "be faster on an autocross course, road course, and a dragstrip" when compared to a Subaru STI and it would have to do all of those things while "getting better gas mileage, out braking, and out accelerating" the STI. Basically, it had to be better in every way, and we wouldn’t stop until it was. Many people thought we were crazy, including some of the very shops we worked with on the build. When they heard what we were doing, and what we were doing it with, the common response was "...oh, wow! Those STI’s are pretty fast on a road course. You’ve got your work cut out for you..." And you know what? They were right, but we know you believed in it just as we did, so we just kept grinding, welding, modifying and bolting, hoping that on game day we would have what it took.

gmhtp 01 O  Chevrolet Camaro Test Camaro Vs 2/16

Honestly, it’s hard to believe it has been over a year since we started working on the STI Killer, but looking back on past stories, it has provided us (and hopefully you) with a ton of great information and tech. If you remember, the Killer started as a rolling pile of junk, with mismatched body parts, no drivetrain or interior and, to be frank, it just needed a lot of help. Over the last year, we have built our Camaro with just one goal in mind--to beat the STI in an all out track battle. For those of you who have followed from the start, you have seen everything from the initial teardown to the very last suspension tweak and hopefully taken some of that knowledge and applied it to your own ride.

Anyway, we know you’re not here to reminisce--you’re here for results! If you have already let your eyes wonder towards the pictures and graphs on the following pages, you know that we have tons of data, but lets jump straight to the point. In head-to-head competition, the STI Killer lived up to its name, taking first place in all but one event, proving that, not only can the F-body platform be a solid handler, even against some of the best modern sports cars in our segment, but that the STI Killer certainly lives up to its name. That’s right, the STI Killer came out on top in head-to-head competition, besting not only the all-wheel drive, turbocharged STI, but also a plethora of other great cars, like a C6 Z51 Corvette, an LS2 GTO, and a stock 2010 Camaro SS. Not bad for a bolt-on fourth-gen with a couple of well placed suspension items, some big brakes, and a majority of OEM-supplied parts lifted from other GM cars.

So, is this the end for the STI Killer? Absolutely not! In fact, this is really just the beginning. As you will see, the time difference between the STI Killer and the STI was very close and we don’t like being close! In the following months, we’re going to turn up the wick on our project and take it from an OE-based combination to something much more radical. Of course, we still plan to keep it street friendly and well appointed, but we’re going to bring in the big guns to help us go from STI Killer to Z06 Killer. Can we do it? Well, you’re going to have to wait and see... but for now, check out the results from our STI Killer versus STI test. We have some data that may be very interesting to anyone looking to upgrade their F-body’s handling.


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