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May 2011 Chevy High Performance Parts - CHP Parts

Mar 15, 2011
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The A-Game
’64-72 A-Body Suspension
The geometry-corrected A-arm kit will increase handling for any A-body chassis. Upper and lower arms are constructed from DOM steel tubing and TIG welded for superior strength. Ball joint mounts are relocated for positive caster/camber gain, and feature greasable Delrin bushings. Arms also work with either factory springs or coilovers and each kit comes fully assembled and ready to install in your choice of red or black powdercoating.

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Price: $900
Umi Performance

Door Candy
Handles & Window Cranks
Upgrading with new door pulls and window cranks can modernize any muscle car cabin. The new Clayton Machine Works Pro Touring door handles and window cranks are designed to fit ’49-and-up GM splines. Each are machined from billet aluminum, powdercoated, and then remachined to create dynamic highlights and a custom look.

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Price: $115 & up
Clayton Machine Works, Inc.

Gasket Free
V-Band Transition Kit
The Deeds Engineering V-band transition kit allows for the removal of exhaust in a pinch during competition or to create a smooth, uncluttered look. V-band flanges are CNC-machined out of 1018 cold finish steel and coated to a high luster, while the bands are made from a durable 300 series stainless. We like that the flanges are so accurate that there’s no need for gaskets or sealants.

chp_03_ May_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 4/9

Price: $44 & up
Deeds Engineering

New Stance
’58-64 Impala Rear Coilover Suspension
With minimal upgrades, Impalas can become great performers. Global West’s rear coilover suspension provides adjustable ride height and more importantly, a wide spring selection for fine-tuning. This allows setting up the car for a comfortable ride or superior performance, depending on preference. Kits include an upper crossmember, rear lower arms (steel or aluminum), single- or double-adjustable shocks, street springs, brackets, and hardware.

chp_04_ May_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 5/9

Price: $1,400 & up
Global West Suspension

Digital Ignition Boxes
The 6A and 6AL ignition boxes have been redesigned with new digital control and power from the ground up. Updates include digital controls for superior spark accuracy, rotary dials for easy rev limit setting, and a locking, including a sealed locking connector that all of the wires are routed through for a cleaner install. Engineers also put all digital controls inside the box to deliver more power while still drawing less current from the vehicle’s system.

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Price: $215
MSD Ignition

Pocket Skills
Perfect Launch & Reaction Times
The Perfect Launch is a mobile Christmas tree that features a remote thumb trigger, 0.4- and 0.5-second Pro and Full trees with an adjustable delay box, bump down, and rollout. Sized at just 41/2 x 23/4 x 1 inch, it makes it easy to practice and work on your reaction times anywhere.

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Price: $63
Proform Parts

Big Business
High-Performance Cylinder Heads
RHS’s line of Pro Action cylinder heads for big-blocks are an ideal upgrade to any engine build or top end swap. Pro Action’s come bare or complete in cast iron or aluminum with your choice of 320 or 360cc intake runner packages. Clean Cast technology provides superior port-to-chamber transitions with 119cc combustion chambers throughout. Premium bronze guides with extra thick deck surfaces and redesigned water jackets are standard.

chp_07_ May_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 8/9

Price: $1,068 & UP (aluminum, complete)

Short Throw
’08 & Newer Corvette Shifter
Late-model Corvette owners won’t be disappointed with this precision-engineered and ultra-durable shifter. When compared to the factory unit, B&M’s shifter reduces throws by 33 percent and includes a high-precision spherical pivot bearing for firmer shift feel and control. The new sticks are also stainless steel, require no modification to the factory trim, and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

chp_08_ May_2011_chevy_high_performance_parts 9/9

Price: $233
B&M Racing



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