April 2011 Chevy High Performance Q&A

Fuelish Pleasures

Kevin McClelland Mar 8, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Finally, we’re assuming you have an exhaust and fuel system to support the power level of your mighty Mouse. If you have any deficiencies in these areas, you’re not going to achieve your performance goals. Good luck, and send us a photo of your Monte with the wheels hanging when you get it worked out.

Source: competitionengineering.com, moroso.com

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Q: I have tried all my available resources and need help. My truck is an ’81 Chevy C20 two-wheel drive with 454, a TH400 trans, and 4.10:1 gears at the rear that I use to pull trailers around a lot. It is all factory, with only 46,000 miles on it, with factory cruise and A/C. The cruise doesn’t work right all the time and the A/C has an idle compensator that is vacuum controlled by an electrical solenoid. This has a relay connected into this circuit that seems to not be working right. I need to trace this out and find the problem but just need the drawings. The local Chevy dealer told me it’s too old for that technical of a drawing, and the Chilton’s manual I have doesn’t help either. I need complete electrical drawing and vacuum drawings for cruise control and A/C.
Brent Pew
Via email

A: Finding the information you need can be really tough at times. Helm’s Incorporated is the source for the GM factory repair and service manuals. They are the bomb! We’ve got a pretty good library of these manuals from years of working in dealerships and ordering when buying used GM products. They are invaluable when running into issues like yours. Now the bad news: Helm’s has discontinued printing of the manuals for your truck! However, a quick search of eBay Motors came up with at least 10 sets of used and N.O.S. (new old stock) of the factory service, unit repair, and wiring diagram manuals for your ’81 C20. Go to eBay Motors and search under manuals and literature and use 1981 Chevy truck as your search. Over 50 listings came up, and there were at least 10 hits of the books you need. Also, they were very affordable.

As soon as you pick up a new or used GM vehicle, order the factory manuals to support your new ride. Helm’s can help you out with that, and if they are out of circulation, use the power of the web. Good luck tracing wires!

Sources: eBayMotors.com, helminc.com

Technical questions for Kevin McClelland can be sent to him at chevyhi@sorc.com.


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